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  1. I am in! I happened to get back into mapping these past couple weeks and it would be really fun to have a goal for the month.
  2. KillbotMKV

    Volcano Base - A one-shot super spy level

    @plums Ah, I know exactly what happened! You're right - I was adding some detail because I noticed players getting lost on their way to the wall switch and I mixed up some tags. Thank you for your feedback! Setting up a new file now.
  3. KillbotMKV

    Volcano Base - A one-shot super spy level

    @CamperLv You got what I was going for in the first room - definitely looking for the player to answer it with infighting, at least on UV, although the health and ammo is still a bit scarce afterward. We have pretty similar playstyles and it's fun to watch you solve problems and break down the sections. Regardless, I can tell the intended Doom feeling of hanging on from health pickup to health pickup isn't there so I've made some adjustments. About to upload a new version with pickups that feel a bit more fair. Admittedly, however, that doesn't mean it won't still be challenging, especially on UV!
  4. KillbotMKV

    Volcano Base - A one-shot super spy level

    I completely get it! Just putting it out there that HMP might be helpful to others. Also, you just made me realize that I made a Doomworld account called @Killbot 2 years ago. Whoops lol
  5. KillbotMKV

    Volcano Base - A one-shot super spy level

    @Clippy Thanks a ton for the video! I loved the James Bond gun barrel in the thumbnail! Also you calling me a "full on supervillain" made me laugh pretty hard. There is definitely a way to strafe around that ledge with the red key without taking any damage, but it is tough. Your playthrough (as well as the reviewer below you) has made me realize how much I rely on the tricks I've developed from testing repeatedly and I think you're definitely right about the difficulty being a bit high, at least on Ultraviolence. The first room is definitely intended to be a stiff challenge that requires tactical infighting, but I think I held back a little bit too much on health pickups later on. I'll certainly consider where I can soften the blow with health here and there. UV usually had me hanging on by the skin of my teeth even knowing where every secret was and I know it's not super fun to do so unless you really enjoy bone-crushing difficulty. @ElPadrecitoCholo The same applies to you - you've got some good points about the difficulty. I'm someone who definitely prefers using a few squishy enemies to one tough enemy - it just feels a lot more rewarding to me personally to get the instant feedback of mowing down a hitscanner compared to putting round after round into a baron (they're called doors with health for a reason after all!) Plus, hitscanners require you to plan out your attack a lot more compared to projectile-based monsters. Thank you very much for your review! I appreciate the feedback and I hope that I can provide a more fun experience in future WADs. All things considered, I can already think of a few spots where I can ease the difficulty a bit. For now, though, I'd recommend HMP - it's much easier in the ammo department at the very least.
  6. Download (Current v.1.2): http://www.mediafire.com/file/j2s05rbde0qrjz2/volcanobase1.2.zip/file Old versions: 1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mtow28ew8g99x40/volcanobase.zip/file 1.1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u2yxpwzoiwnpmov/volcanobase1.1.zip/file Hey! My name's KillbotMKV. I've been making maps since 2016, but never bothered to share them until today. This is the Volcano Base, the first level in what may someday become a larger WAD focusing on the infiltration of some classic "evil lairs," this one focusing on the infamous James Bond-style volcano base. It's a mid-length single-level WAD with some decently tough encounters and varied architecture to keep things fresh. I don't think it's the best work I've ever done, but it feels representative of how I map as a whole and I feel like this could generate some valuable feedback :) This map also uses UDMF format, my first foray into that build, so things might need tweaking here and there in the future. Despite this, it is fairly faithful to the vanilla design philosophy and materials. My biggest inspiration here was Scythe, which I've been playing quite a bit recently. The level also includes a totally original MIDI made by myself - the title of the piece is Back and Forth, and it was made concurrently with the level toward the end of production. IWAD: Doom 2 Source ports: GZDoom Editors used: GZDoom Builder, SLADE Maps: MAP01 Build Time: About 1 week Freelook allowed No jumping/crouching Screenshots!
  7. KillbotMKV

    I found my dad's 1994 WAD

    I can tell he had fun writing words with the map editor :)