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  1. KrisToast

    DBP50: Emerald City [idgames]

    Very promising. Gotta try it out later!
  2. KrisToast


    It wasn't as difficult as it looked like. It certainly was a pretty fun shitpost.
  3. KrisToast


    Love it or hate it, you have to admit that this mod has easily one of the best atmospheres ever made for a Doom mod. The idea for your home being a hub where you can access levels is really cool! When you open new areas and collect keys it gives a great feeling of progression. Even though I gave it 5/5 stars doesn't mean it doesn't have flaws. The problems I had were getting a little lost while trying to memorize the doors and areas that require specific keys to unlock. Also later the game becomes a little bit slaughtery with the absurd amount of enemies that you have to fight against. Fighting against tons of enemies in tight corridors and small rooms were not really fun at all and the final boss was kind of lame. Lastly, a really solid, fun and creepy mod to play. I played this mod on October and it boosted the atmosphere by a ton. It was also cool to see new monsters that have been also seen in some of Tormentor667's levels.
  4. KrisToast


    What a classic. One of my favorite Joke Wads of all time.