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  1. HatTrick

    DosBox Issue

    I have no issued with source ports. I just want to play Duke Nukem 1996. Not Duke Nukem 2020.
  2. HatTrick

    DosBox Issue

    that did the trick. no annoying popping in and out now.
  3. HatTrick

    DosBox Issue

    I'll try that.
  4. HatTrick

    DosBox Issue

    Because I want a totally genuine 1996 OG experience. That's why I bought the boxed version. I'm a purist. Unless it's for a mod or something I don't want to play an old game and soup it up with modern settings. That takes away all of the originality of the work of art.
  5. HatTrick

    DosBox Issue

    Alright, so I play a ton of older games. I was playing Duke 3D earlier which I have the disc for and installed in DOSBOX. The game stuttered with the screen flashing on and off, parts of it at least. I fixed MOST of it with the framerate controls but it still had hickups. Then I tried Redneck Rampage which I bought off of GOG, and it runs on DOSBOX and it STILL had those same issues. How do you play these older games and not have these issues? Is there a setting im missing?
  6. If they invented them they sure as hell don't play them today. How many 60 or 75 year olds have Steam accounts? I'd like to see that data.
  7. c-Rap, Hip Hop, Top 40, Country, Pop Punk, Grunge, and Folk Rock are just some of the genres I despise. Burn all of it.
  8. Give or take 4 years really isn't much.
  9. HatTrick

    Best albums of 2020?

    The lack of shitty radio music gets me wet. Lots of Metal, which isn't my favourite. I don't even like it, but it's much better then whatever is on the radio that has essentially been the same since 2010.
  10. HatTrick

    Cyberpunk 2077 [first-person RPG]

    Boring. Too much walking and talking. Not enough violence. I didn't feel any excitement watching this trailer. When I play Doom Eternal, my face lights up and I FEEL excited to play it. I don't get this feeling watching this gameplay footage.
  11. Gaming wasn't really a "thing" until 1992 ish. I'm talking about FPS here. Doom came out in 93 and Wolfenstein in 92. So people born in 1975 or around there would've been the oldest teens when it came out.
  12. People are just stupid. It's not at all surprising.
  13. I'm pretty sure people in their early 60s would not have been playing Quake when it came out. Same for 50's I'd say.