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  1. Proxmin

    good weapon wads

    Confidently sharing my Dehacked weapons mod (that seems no one knows) that i made (or edit) the Brutal Weapon Dehacked into my own version. Features: -It's just like the above but reskin and tweak to be more like or as vanilla with black gloves. Link: https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=130353
  2. Proxmin

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Doom Eternal's two DLCs are more likely TNT Evilution followed by Plutonia, i think that Doom 64 reboot / lore-like (with more horrifying looking demons and a darker atmosphere) will definitely fit into it?... (just an opinion).
  3. Proxmin

    Delta Touch on Android

    (In Android 10) Setting 'Multisample' from 'Options / Display Options / OpenGL Renderer' to 2x or higher "should" fix the fps drops for LzDoom or GzDoom where i'm playing some IWADs, in Hexen's first level, when facing the "default" spawn point (the one with 2 enemies and a door with 2 glass in it) the fps drops and freezing for 5 secs and such, although when i'm facing backwards or somewhere besides the castle, the fps drops is gone. i don't know if Android 11 will share the same issue, but on my phone (which is Samsung A10s updated to Android 11), the problem is gone and i can turn off the 'Multisample' settings now. Maybe there's something to do with the updated 'OpenGL ES' in Android 10 and 11?...
  4. What about adding an "archived" forum? When the post gets 5 or 10+ years, it will moved into the said forum. Just telling....
  5. Proxmin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Playing Superfighters Deluxe with weapon packs mod that i created myself. Heres a link of my mod: http://sfdmaps.at.ua/load/textures/textures_items/legacy_deluxe_weapon_pack/15-1-0-5193
  6. Proxmin

    So where does your username come from?

    I found Proximity Mine on Wiki Weapon list (searching for guns for spriting reasons), then put it in a Blender, add 2 tablespoons of coolness and a pinch of salt and then mix it well and there, a Proxmin is born!
  7. Proxmin

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Is there a way to fix the 1 pixel movement (horizontally) bug in my mod when playing zdoom ports? Also, can everyone teach me how to set weapon speed and timing on every weapon? Thanks in advance. Edit 2: Nevermind the above sentences, could atleast someone send (or PM) me the python file (.py) of this mod (fraggle's latest mod) please? (Also vbrutal's .py if you had one) (tried to download smooth.py from fraggle's deh9000 example file but it's outdated).
  8. Proxmin

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Update 1: • Retouched Fist's sprite (and vsmoothblack). • Reworked Pistol's animations. • "Remodeled" Shotgun sprite (and vsmoothblack). • Retouched Chaingun (also vsmoothblack). • Reworked Rocket launcher's animations. • BFG 9000 now has backfire animation. • All weapons (not chainsaw and fist) now have fire lighting sprites. • Added all ammunition sprite pickup and plasma and bfg's fire sprites just in case you want to play this in some Pwads (Freedoom etc.) • And added Super shotgun default sound just like vsmooth's. • Also added all new weapon sound effects for your brutal needs (load my sound mod before perk's hd sound (optional if you want to use his mod) ). Update 1.1: • Relight Shotgun's fire sprites (and vsmoothblack). • Relight Rocket launcher's fire sprites. Update 1.2: • Retouched Shotgun's 2 sprites [SHTGB0, PKSGE0] (and vsmoothblack). • Reworked Pistol's animations again. Update 1.3: • Reworked and Retouched Shotgun's animations and sprites (and vsmoothblack). • Retouched Plasmagun's "overheat" sprites. Update 1.4: • Retouched Chaingun's fire lighting sprites (and vsmoothblack). • And retouched Pistol, Shotgun and Super Shotgun's fire lighting sprites (white to yellow). Update 1.5: • Reworked and Retouched Fist's sprites and Super Shotgun's hand reloading sprites (now has a two rectangle holes just like the boxcover). • Reworked and Retouched Chainsaw's sprites. • Retouched Shotgun and Super Shotgun's sprites (weird little red pixels). • And updated the vbrutalblack's deh file (no longer centered if fired), instead, i made vbrutalblackalign.deh file just in case you want to use it in chocolate doom (fixed also the "one pixel movement bug" by setting "UNKNOWN01 = 1" to "0" in vbrutalblack.wad and .deh code except the align file). I will make vbrutalfancy if i have time and some inspiration soon. Update 1.6: • Reworked Super Shotgun's fire animation to have more kickback and some other stuff that i forgot to mention.
  9. Proxmin

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Im new here, so i made a black gloves version of this mod and vbrutal mod (minimal graphic tweaks) and i didn't change the code (except the "you got dual smgs" changed to its original state) and changed the file name to avoid confusions. also i included a palette mod (contrasted version of Jovpal.wad) to use with Doom 64 for Doom 2 wad and others. vbrutalblack & vsmoothblack.zip