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  1. I am now undergoing therapy, sir.🙃
  2. Pavera, do you by random chance like Revenants and Arch-Viles? >_>
  3. VGCtm

    Cries Of Doom

    Hi! Thanks for the awesome feedback! In regards to custom monsters, yes there are a few new ones taken from various places throughout the DOOM universe. There are DOOM64 demons, which act as King Pinkies. There's the Darkness Imp, which is inspired by Doom 3's imp. There's the Unwilling, which are zombies that are inspired by Doom 3, Doom 4 and Doom Eternal. There's a few new zombiemen. We have a Super Shotgunner, A Blasterguy, and 2 extra chaingunners (one based on Doom 3 with the tentacle arm and one based on the Enforcer from Quake II.) There's a bunch of other new ideas floating about too, so there's lots to look forward too! And in regards to the awesome Cherub, the Cherub IS going to be in thegame. In fact, the Cherub is already made. The code needs a bit of a fix up but it works, and they attack in batches when you get a little further in. It's true, custom doom monsters do tend to clash for the most part which is why I've designed the game as chapters. By doing this, each monster type has its own location - so basically, you will find DoomImps in the techbases.... but you will find Darkness Imps in Hell. And so on. I am trying to balance it the best I can so it doensn't look messy. Another new addition is the Bruiser from Doom 3. It acts like a Mancubus but worse. Here is a video of me testing out the Cherub.
  4. VGCtm

    Cries Of Doom

    Cries Of Doom is a 5 Episode Doom II PK3 that I've been working on since 2016. In that time it has gone through quite a few changes. It is based on the PS1 Doom, Doom 64 and Doom 3 atmosphere but retaining the classic Doom and Doom II gameplay. Horror focused, but full of run and gun action still. The idea was to create a whole new side story. Originally it was called Doom 0, or Doom Zero but in that time another Doom Zero was released and Cries Of Doom did suit my project far better anyway. Remember this is a Doom PS1 style Doom mod. This means that despite running on GZDoom, it does still keep solid vanilla aspects in tact; ie, no jumping, crouching looking up or looking down. (I do realise this might be unpopular but I am trying to retain its traditional feel). I have some video previews of what to expect. Take a look. I'm currently working on E1M3 since many early levels were taken out. E1M1 E1M2 sampler
  5. VGCtm

    So I'm Currently Playing Doom 3...

    Unpopular view I know, but Doom 3 for me is exactly what Doom was always meant to be and in my view, the route it should have continued with. Why? Because I was introduced to Doom through the PS1. Doom 3 is the logical next step to PS1 Doom so to me, Doom 3 is the perfect sequel. Also, it's in my top 10 favourite horror games no question.
  6. VGCtm

    Syringe v1.1 - now on /idgames!

    This mapset looks great, atmosphere and design looks incredible. But holy heck an Archivile on Map01 that resurrects all the Imps I killed with limited ammo... D: No but this is really good though nice one. Just out of interest, why was it made unexitable? Wouldn't it have made more sense to throw in a switch that triggers function End Game?
  7. VGCtm

    good good

    Dreamcast Doom is great. So is original Xbox if you havent tried it yet. Even though I'm 35 and replying to a thread posted when I was probably just leaving high school.
  8. VGCtm

    What If Doom Was Real?

    I encountered my first one in Doom PS1 in 1997. I literally ran away and hid in a high up sector because I was terrified to face it. I have met many since. But I always try to get a finishing blow with a punch.
  9. VGCtm

    Two questions

    PDA also no longer pauses the game.
  10. VGCtm

    Why Was Doom 4 Called Doom?

    I will never call this game anything other than Doom 4. It is Doom 4. It will always be Doom 4 whether or not they choose to call it as such.
  11. VGCtm

    Thy Flesh Consumed 32x - OFFICIAL RELEASE

    Someone needs to get this on a homebrew cartridge so I can buy it and add it my shelf.
  12. This is why I ordered 6 physical limited run copies in the first 10 seconds of their release, despite owning the original version for years anyway. And I implore everyone else to do that same. Doom 64 has been overlooked for far too long.
  13. VGCtm

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Wolfenstein3D Duke Nukem 3D Quake series Hexen Heretic Star Wars: Dark Forces Disruptor PO'd DOOM FOREVER (as of today) Exhumed Aliens Trilogy Medal of Honour 1 Bioshock THE DARKNESS Condemned Fear ION FURY Resident Evil 7 (fpsish)
  14. VGCtm

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    Or even better, A DOOM ETERNAL with all the DLC on the disc, so it's preserved in our collections forever. Then Doom 6. Also, a Doom game without Doom Guy may not be popular, but it is very possible. Doom 3 was not DOOMGUY. It was a Doom Marine, and I love that game. Not fast paced or action packed, but it handles it beautifuly.
  15. Doom Eternal feels nothing like classic Doom. It is loyal to a lot of classic Doom stuff, though. For me, personally, I like the horror element to DOOM games. Eternal seems to have maybe 2% in that field. That doesn't mean Eternal isn't great, because it really is. But it's not classic Doom or horror Doom. For me, a perfect Doom would be like classic DOOM with PS1, D64 and D3 horror and would keep the "demons" more mysterious. That adds to the horror. Part of what made me love DOOM as a kid, was the way it was not quite clear what or where these invading forces came from. They were from Hell sure, clearly they are demons, but the beauty was it was never explored beyond the obvious Christian Hell. Eternal now gives so much back story and we even have a history of angels/maykrs now so the mysterious "horror element" is completely gone. Eternal is its own thing. And its great. I love it. But I'd like to see more classic Doom with those horror elements return for a new game in the future.