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  1. BigProjectAlone

    Doom64 Demonic Covenant (FOR GZDOOM)---- 7 Map Demo (WIP)

    Here's my playthrough if it can help, seeing how it is played etc:
  2. BigProjectAlone

    Doom64 Demonic Covenant (FOR GZDOOM)---- 7 Map Demo (WIP)

    Hey! just tested the whole thing and i recorded myself, i'll upload videos on youtube in couple minutes. Despite a couple things that are mostly of my personal taste this is a really good set of maps. Here's what i noted: Good: -Maping is extremely beautiful and well made -Music is awesome, i dont know if they are from Doom 64 or is it all new tracks? -The new boss (Spider mastermind) is awesomely done -It really have the ambience of Doom 64 ... with the traps and all... Bad: -Too much enemies for my taste (especially in the later maps, 06 and 07) -The balance is quite unfair, i was out of ammo most the time at the end of maps -The maps all feel a little bit the same, mainly because there is always a big giant room full of monsters in each map and it gets repetitive in my opinion -Hitscans arachnotrons are just evil... and they did makes me quit in the last map. I hate hitscan especially in the kind of map where they can hit you from thousand feet away -I could not find any chainsaw :( -Pinkies are a little bit slower than in original Doom 64