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  1. Serum

    Best Way to Play MIDIs?

    VLC... Maybe Anvil Studio. But VLC does the job
  2. Serum

    Share a random fact about yourself

    i just ordered a textbook and udemy course for my first planned IT certificate (comptia a+)
  3. Serum

    What is your Specs?

    ◕_◕ I'm glad its working for you. The Debian repo is so delayed I could never manage to make it work for me
  4. Serum

    What is your Specs?

    ryzen 5 32gb memory gtx 970 2tb SSD arch linux
  5. Serum

    Favorite website?

  6. Serum

    Windows Vista

    I heard it was really bad upon release due to compatibility, drivers, etc. but by the time I was using it a couple years in it was... fine. It was a Windows OS.
  7. Serum

    More open source games?

  8. Serum

    Which is better?

    Doom II for mods. Doom Eternal for base game
  9. Reddit sucks. The karma system ruins the boards and makes everyone act the exact same in their endeavor to score points. You will find good discussion on some really small boards - small enough that the karma doesn’t matter - but that’s about it
  10. Serum

    Poll: Do You Have Facial Hair?

    I shave down to a 1 once a week or so. Lazy man’s shadow
  11. Thank god for Domino's. Seems like over the last decade or two, Pizza Hut has gone down in quality while Domino's has been steadily rising. Good memories at Pizza Hut, though
  12. Serum

    Most recent game you finished?

    Just finished ancient gods 1 on nightmare. It felt like a work of art. The way Id managed to make something so fucking brutal without it feeling unfair or suffering from “Halo 2 syndrome”… Just incredible. I need more
  13. Serum

    I'm Glad Doom Eternal Is Hard

    you should try Ultrakill if you haven’t. I definitely feel like it’s the closest that I’ve stumbled across. Absolute fuckin mayhem
  14. Serum

    Quake Remastered

    God damn, they went and made nightmare really hard. I'm having a blast playing through it again, and really loving them Steam achievements as well.
  15. Serum

    Norm Macdonald Dead at 61

    Cancer didn't beat him, as his cancer died too; ergo, it was a draw. RIP