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  1. Would recommend ProStudioMasters for future purchases
  2. Serum

    What is your favorite book?

    LoTR because.... LoTR
  3. Serum

    Who's your favorite villain?

    Sauron (LoTR) Hans Landa (Inglorious Basterds) Homelander (The Boys) Fletcher (Whiplash) Anton Chigurh (No Country for Old Men) Calvin Candie (Django Unchained)
  4. Halloween is no where near. Despite that, I'm on the hunt for the scariest of the scary. I know there's a lot of obvious super famous stuff out there - Stephen King books, The Exorcist, F.E.A.R, Hereditary, etc. etc. etc. Ergo, I come here hoping to find some lesser-known stuff. Whether it's a movie, a book, a videogame - anything that left a big impression on you and might not plastered on an immediate Google search of "scariest ___ ever". Y'all got any recommendations?
  5. Started playing Lord of The Rings Online a couple months ago. Middle Earth is awesome
  6. Serum

    So, how old are you ?

  7. Serum

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    ^ speaking of things you spend a third of your life on, I just bought a new ergonomic office chair. Them b*tches aren't cheap
  8. Serum

    Favorite kinds of music

    Stuff with funky/jazzy grooves. Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Daft Punk, etc.
  9. Favorite RPG has always been Runescape. Weakest aspect is how much f*cking time it takes up. Literal years of full-time job, en route to maxing skills and quests
  10. Serum

    What are your plans for today?

    Convince myself to go exercise Convince myself to write some music Convince myself not to play videogames all day We'll see how it goes
  11. Serum

    What's the meaning of life in your opinion?

    To eat, procreate, survive, perpetuate the species, just like every other living thing. We're smarter though so we make the process a thousand times more complex; but boiled down, it's all just to eat, procreate, survive, perpetuate the species
  12. Serum

    Do you do any drugs?

    Been a rocky road since this comment. Failed time and time again. Lot of lessons learned Now, I'm going on half a year (ish) without booze, a few months without weed or caffeine. Just rawdogging life, lol. Sobriety feels great. You really learn to appreciate it and not take it for granted once you've been through the hellscape of addiction
  13. Serum

    What's your favourite pistols in games?

    The pistol(s) from Uncharted. Very well balanced and never lose usefulness from start to finish
  14. Daw: Ableton > Bitwig > FL > Renoise Speakers: Yamaha HS-8s Headphones: ATH-M50x, DT-770 VSTs: A lot. Favorites are Fabfilter Bundle, Soundtoys, Serum, u-He Diva, Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate Instruments: Stratocaster, Fender Rhodes, Juno, Keystation 88, Bach trumpet, Ableton Push 2 Interface: Apollo
  15. Serum

    Are you having sleep paralysis?

    I've heard the usually happen while sleeping on your back. Can't say for certain as I've never had it happen, but I also don't sleep on my back, so