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  1. ScoobyDooM

    Best Short Wads?

    I recommend The Eye
  2. This is awesome! I’ve played 4 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I must check out the previous versions as well. Thanks for the links and congrats on number 5! Looking forward to playing it.
  3. ScoobyDooM

    PS1 Controller for Doom on PC

    I sometimes use a PS4 controller on my MacBook Pro. There is a little program called Joystick Mapper that allows you to specify keybindings for everything imaginable. I'm sure there is a Windows equivalent. The first one I found is shareware though so would cost 7 bucks, it's JoyToKey. I'm sure there are free alternatives out there.
  4. ScoobyDooM

    What controller do you use to play DOOM on PC?

    B: keyboard and mouse on PC primarily but . . . C: ps4 controller on MacBook Pro if I want to play in my living room on the 70” TV for big screen entertainment (bring popcorn) Keyboard and mouse is more precise for me than playing with a controller which can be pretty sluggish at times and not all keyboard bindings are available either.
  5. I’m using a Logitech G613 wireless keyboard and G603 wireless mouse with GZDoom on Windows 10. I had a similar issue with intermittent connections. I ended up mounting my PC (mini) to the back of one of my monitors so the USB transmitters were closer to the keyboard and mouse. No problem since.
  6. ScoobyDooM

    Secret/Monster count while using Alternative HUD?

    That explains that one then, thanks. I'm happy so long as I can see the info in the automap. GZDoom is my preference anyway.
  7. ScoobyDooM

    Secret/Monster count while using Alternative HUD?

    Exactly what I needed. Thank you! I got that to work perfectly. Next question. How do you get this menu to pop up during gameplay?
  8. There doesn't seem to be an option to display while using the alternative HUD? Any workaround? It doesn't show in automap unless original HUD is used either. Please advise, thanks. . .
  9. ScoobyDooM

    Dark Themes for SLADE3 and GZDoom Builder?

    I've tried to find a dark theme for Slade for Windows too. I'm using Windows 10 in dark mode but Slade is still normal. Beyond being able to set a dark mode for online content (in preferences), there doesn't seem to be a dark mode for the rest of Slade. Only online documentation like Help appears in dark mode. Bummer
  10. ScoobyDooM

    Slade 3 config for Midi

    Thank you
  11. ScoobyDooM

    How to preview MIDIs in Slade3 x64

    I followed your instructions and have mine setup similar. Timidity plays just fine but Slade refuses. I'll continue to mess around with it. Eventually, I'll get it to work. Thanks for the tutorial.
  12. ScoobyDooM

    Slade 3 config for Midi

    Hello, I've downloaded Slade 3 (3.2.0 Beta 2) 64bit version for Windows and I've configured Timidity to play Midi including loading the soundfont but Slade still won't play Midi files. The changelog states this has been fixed, "Fixed MIDI playback via Timidity not working." Where can I go to get more information on configuring Slade correctly. I've checked and rechecked my settings and all seems correct. Do I need to enter something in the command line field? See below. Please advise, thanks. . . .