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  1. The Best

    When did Doom WAD's hit their Peak?

    What I meant was around what time do you think the best WAD's were made.
  2. I've had this topic on my head for a while and finally decided to post it here. When do you think doom WAD's hit their peak?
  3. The Best

    ZDoom ACS Scripting

    GZDoom Builder
  4. The Best

    ZDoom ACS Scripting

    Yes to all of them.
  5. The Best

    ZDoom ACS Scripting

    Whenever I try to compile a ACS script, it says that a certain .tmp file doesn't exist. What do I do?
  6. The Best

    Mod WADs

    I was recently looking at the "25 Years of Doom" WADs and there were 3 that stood out, Runaway Train, Mission Imp.ossible (part 1), and Blizzard Conditions. It's really just the later two, but they were heavily modded with cut-scenes, new weapon textures, new weapons, new enemies, and so much more. Does anybody have any of those kind of WADs that I can try playing?
  7. I've been playing Doom for a while now(WAY less then most of you) and I have many dreams(nightmares) about what I want to do with my love of Doom. But before I tell you what my dream is, I want to share with you all my backstory with Doom. It all started with one simple raspberry pi(the computer). The RP had an emulator on it, and with it came doom(shareware). I immediately fell in love with Doom. The thing was, I wanted MORE, so I downloaded the Eternal engine(I later got GZDoom) and find a pirated copy of Doom an Archive.org and played through the game. By this time I already knew how WADs worked and had Doom Builder 2, which I later swapped for GZDoom Builder. I was following tutorials on how to make levels and trying to make good ones, but I couldn't. I tried making levels but it never worked very good. I got Slade and WhackEd4 but it still was either too generic, or too Weird. What I wanted was a Doom WAD that would get on the Cacowards, or just one that everybody wants to play, but I wasn't good at anything I needed to have to make a good Doom WAD. At this time I also was trying Zandronum but it kept on saying I didn't have the WAD(or something like that) which wasn't true. After a while, I stopped playing Doom. I deleted most of my Doom stuff to clear up some space on my computer. Don't worry though, I just stop playing Doom, not stopped loving it. After a while of not playing Doom, the Doom savior came, the Steam Lunar New Year Sale. One of the things on sale was the Doom Classic Complete. I got it and started up my old love for playing Doom. Now here's where my Doom dream comes in. I want to make a good WAD, but I can't do it alone(until I get the skills). If I could get any help I would gladly accept any, even just helping in general would help. So, will you? P.S. You should try to play Meridian 59, but do some research on it first. You can do the vanilla, next, open, or German server. Post Script: I have attached an unsaved version of the first level in the WAD I'm most proud of. fac.zip
  8. Don't pay attention to this.


    New Piskel (6) (6).png