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Status Updates posted by The BMFG

  1. idk what makes me feel this way, but i think this guy didn't like the fact i took down his sentry nest


  2. today i went on team fortress 2 and proceeded to trap 2 engineers in their own intel room by placing a sentry gun right outside of it 


  3. new pfp by the legendary @Kuro_mahoh


  4. nice pfp, love pop team epic 

  5. its francis time

  6. you meet a lot of interesting people, queuing for public matches on l4d2


    (this guy ran far ahead of everyone on the team and got absolutely destroyed by a hunter and started complaining in text chat)

  7. good news


    got the gif pfp working

  8. man doomworld buggin


    1. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      placeholder pfp until i cant find out that problem with the gif


  9. trying to upload this gif as a pfp



    but doomworld is being incredibly resistant and likes to give me this error when i copy paste the link to the gif




    if anyone knows how to set this as my pfp correctly, it would be very appreciated 

    1. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      and i cant download the gif or copy the gif itself because its filesize is simply too big for dw

    2. Biz!


      Compression, my friend, it works dreams.

    3. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      thing is, most websites ive tried to use to compress gifs just end up not compressing it enough, and still exceed doomworlds filesize limit. if you know any other ways to try and compress the gif that would be great

  10. made a new pfp im happy with,

    its an edit of this screenshot of the riot cop uncommon infected from the parish campaign in L4D2.

    edited it a little bit in pixlr and i think ive made something great



  11. he obviously does not know how to whip that nae nae


  12. l4d2 text chat is special



    1. Biz!


      which one are you

    2. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      drunk drivers are the most opressed people of our society 

  13. working hard on my latest project


    (planned intermission screen)



    (title screen)







    1. Biz!


      Counter Strike counterterrorist versus zombies

    2. Naarok0fkor


      Is there a hobo with a shotgun in there?

    3. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      not so far atleast

  14. currently witnessing a bot invasion rn

  15. was playing warzone 2 today with my best friend and i ran into some kid on prox chat yelling about how he doesnt like controller players, i run into him and shredded him with the vaznek 9k and i hear him scream "WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUCK". through the mic

    1. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      it was 7 in the morning when this happened, bro probably waked his parents up with that screech 

  16. bigmacdavis just said he liked one of my maps. ive officially made it lol


    todays doomworld post is sponsored by raid shadow legends

  18. damn i need to post here more often

  19. finally got gold camo for the spr in the new codFgw36RvXkAAfaWb?format=jpg&name=large

  20. sam hyde leaked gta 6! he cant keep getting away with this

  21. chadly gman pfp


    1. wheelzofsteelz
    2. wallabra


      I like the comb patterns in the background