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Status Updates posted by The BMFG

  1. I decided to see what my blood sugar today is . 153. I'm fat as hell huh

  2. I'm Back! Was Banned For Being A Bit Of A Edge Lord. Understandable 

  3. New TF2 Video! 



  4. Uploaded A New Video! 

    Come Join The Discord Too! 



    1. Reelvonic



    2. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      obs is a recording program not a editor and secondly you can see at the bottom bar i am using obs to record @Reelvonic

    3. Reelvonic


      get an editor its only like 10-20 bucks(a single day of working a job), trust me its great

  5. I Have been building up a discord server for a while! its time i reveal it https://discord.gg/JRhuj2PD! Come Join For Doom TF2 And Frequent Exciting Announcements We Have A Spam Channel! And A Channel Where You Can Post Gifs Like Hell! We Have Everything Here!


  6. Its Here! A Teaser Trailer For An Upcoming Project


    1. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      the editing is a bit weird but I'm new to editing sorry if you don't like the trailer 

  7. something big is about to come up (; stay tuned for the next status update

  8. So I Got 2 New Cosmetics For My TF2 Spy And Since My PFP Is Of My Spy I Thought Why Dont I Update It? So Now I Have A New PFP

  9. I Got A New gaming pc on christmas and i just logged into my doomworld account on here!

  10. My Profile Picture Is Now A Soda Can     Due To My Doom Maps Involving Soda I Have Changed My Profile Picture To A Soda Can!

  11. New Profile Pic - Hopefully Profile Pics From Other Games Is Alowwed Here Because This PFP Is A Team Fortress 2 Themed PFP