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  1. somehow i totally missed out on playing this. really fantastic set, enjoyed all of the maps a lot. the gimmick throughout crash's level is such a joy. the alternate enemies are great and got a solid laugh out of me every time while just being a joy to fight. there's a lot to love here. great use of lots of engine-specific features without being "zomg look features", it all comes together really organically.
  2. msx2plus

    1x1 [MBF21] (Final Release)

    psyched to check out the rest of the maps made for this. there's some awesome stuff in here. really happy to see it released!
  3. i wanna leave one of those in-joke "finally a good wad" posts that people tend to make when they're in on a CrAzY PrOjEcT like this, but i'll leave a real one instead: evil experience across the board, completely inaccessible and unflinching. most maps are singularly invested in the death of the player. this is for a very specific kind of person, and that kind of person will like this a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. msx2plus

    Doom wad market is oversaturated

    bait for sure but, people making things is a positive almost always. the crapmappers of today are the masters of tomorrow. as a player you just have to filter it for yourself. it takes a bit of time but it's worth it. "my first map" is the best genre of map anyways. let people have fun making the same way others have fun playing. it's all play at the end of the day and sharing it is cool
  5. msx2plus

    What's your favorite animals?

    donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, ferrets, musk deer, cuttlefish, siphonophores, jellyfish, snails, sea slugs, cockroaches, and most other things are pretty great too
  6. agreed - in a continuous play it worked out more or less excellently for me with a couple tight spots. i think to hurt that by balancing more for pistol start would actually be to the detriment of the experience here.
  7. +1 to Austrian Avian Association this is just too wonderful.
  8. i can't believe this hasn't been a bigger deal. this is one of the more enjoyable things i've played this decade so far. absolutely positively awesome. great (and very tight) ammo balance, monster health is perfectly tuned, everything feels like a great expansion on doom's groundwork. second last map's progression was a little unclear because of key placement but otherwise everything moved along at a really great pace and i adored the atmosphere. being unable to really unload on enemies until later in the game made it all the more enjoyable to use all the awesome new weapons once i really could. all the new (original?) sprite work is SUPER great, too - all the prerendered lookin' guys. i'd love to see more of that. the zelda CDi music is a wonderful choice, too.
  9. msx2plus

    ACE Engine v2 - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    this is really amazingly cool stuff, kgs. congratulations on the achievement. i believe what they mean is that if somebody took advantage of errors in their work in a similar way, they wouldn't feel the need to keep supporting that utilization of those errors, not that they are literally going to support lilith. in that way, they are acknowledging graf's viewpoints.
  10. msx2plus

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    I Am Evil 8 UV-Fast in 0:23.71 iamevil801p23.zip
  11. msx2plus

    DoomTools A_SpidRefire (Solved)

    that's how A_SpidRefire works - it returns to see after completion. [edit: just realized A_RefireTo was player-only and not for monsters lol, nvm]
  12. if you're using UDMF and targeting a source port that supports it, ACS is the way to go. chubz has a nice tutorial you can follow along with: i'd do something like this, which is chubz's second method: script 1 OPEN { While(ThingCount(0, 1) > 0) Delay(35); Door_Open(2,32,0); } https://zdoom.org/wiki/ThingCount will have more information on using the ThingCount command.