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  1. msx2plus

    Jumpwad (7 platforming maps by Ribbiks and me! :D)

    oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
  2. msx2plus

    Jumpwad (7 platforming maps by Ribbiks and me! :D)

    can confirm, there were a couple where it certainly made it easier but the only time i really encountered that as a difficulty spike was in map06. i couldn't quite get the timing on one of the trickier jumps and just resorted to an sr50. i don't think anything these two will ever put out will be "newbie friendly" per se but they're certainly great learning tools - just about the first thing you should be doing if you want to "learn" doom is probably being comfortable with sr40ing just about all the time.
  3. msx2plus

    Jumpwad (7 platforming maps by Ribbiks and me! :D)

    played through the whole thing in a single sitting. i've been so burned out on doom and this is exactly what i needed. inside job, unlimited icecream factory, it's cold up here, and bread and bear are all just way too good. it goes without saying that the hard left bread and bear takes is a treat (i still haven't truly "beaten" it, just got an exit), but this entire thing is a treat. this is probably the most accessible joint you two have put out and i'll definitely be sending it to folks that i want to ease into doom platforming. i can't wait to see the speed routing on the more open maps like jump city, there's so much room for creative movement. favorite of the year by a longshot so far. congratulations. it's really really remarkable.
  4. msx2plus

    Doom 14 Supreme Adventure (GZDOOM) (12 maps, UDMF)

    i found the issue re: rocket jumps - there's a gzdoom option that changes whether or not explosions launch the player vertically, which i usually have off. probably worth noting in the readme maybe, in case other folks have the same issue. excited to check out the update when i have a moment, keep up the awesome.
  5. msx2plus

    NEVER Doom2 PWAD/Techno EP Release

    oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! bandcamp version of soundtrack when!! let me support this! hahaha
  6. msx2plus

    UAC Take Over. New Update!

    really glad to see you keeping at it!!
  7. msx2plus

    yakfak doom1 episodes thread

    yes.... YES!!!!
  8. +1 - my main project will certainly never be on idgames. it makes updating stuff an enormous pain in the ass when i have my own webserver and can just toss up changes in seconds. i am late to the discussion in general but i'm glad to see this change. 99% of the reason i'm on here is to see what people are making and this will make it so much easier to not get lost in the clutter. thank you!! i like @dobu gabu maru's tags idea. i'm not sure how easily implemented it may be or what tags should be prioritized, but felt it was worth echoing support.
  9. if you're targeting zdoom/gzdoom i would just not use the intermission text at all; take control (minus use) away from the player in an all black room and print the text to screen instead using hudmessage or similar. just start the player in front of a usable line that will either end the map or teleport them to another part of the map so the level can start proper before returning control. this will offer you far more flexibility than the built-in text screens as well. so let's say: #include "zcommon.acs" //we're going to assume the player is in a pitch black room in front of a usable line which will call script 2 when used. script 1 ENTER { SetMusic ("IntroMusic",0); // start your intermission music SetPlayerProperty(0,1,PROP_TOTALLYFROZEN); // the player cannot move, but can still shoot SetFont("SMALLFNT"); // choose our font to print with HudMessage(s:"HERE IS DA TEXT.....\nLINE BREAK FOR DA EXAMPLE."; HUDMSG_TYPEON|HUDMSG_LOG|HUDMSG_COLORSTRING|HUDMSG_LAYER_OVERHUD, 1, CR_WHITE, 0.5, 0.5, 999.0, 0.1); // this will make the text appear similar to how it does in intermission screens, using HUDMSG_TYPEON to do the typewriter effect and the 0.1 at the end for the amount of time each letter will take. we are also printing this to HudMessage ID number 1. see https://zdoom.org/wiki/HudMessage for info. the 999 is how long we want to hold the text for. since we aren't using HUDMSG_PLAIN we have to give it a dummy big number to stay up for a long time. Delay(35*10); // this is how long we want to wait before continuing automatically. we could remove it a well and have the user decide when to move on. ACS_Execute(2,0); // this runs the next script automatically after 10 seconds (the previous delay) - if you remove the delay, you remove this too. } script 2 void { ACS_Terminate(1,0); // kill the previous script just in case it's still running (not necessary if we don't have the delay + script call in the previous script) SetMusic ("MapMusic",0); // start the main music SetPlayerProperty(0,0,PROP_TOTALLYFROZEN); // the player can move again! freedom! HudMessage(s:""; 1,CR_WHITE,0,0,0,0); // this clears the previous hud message by printing nothing to ID number 1. Teleport_NoFog(1,1,1,0); // this teleports the player silently to wherever your thing is. you can also use the regular teleport with the fog effect or whatever. } sorry if some of this is wrong or whatever, this is mostly off the dome and i don't have the time to put together an actual example map. it should hopefully help though, maybe?
  10. msx2plus

    Lunar Eclipse - The Delinquent's Megawad

    this is fucking twisted lmao
  11. msx2plus

    a Dean of Doom series companion thread

    on mtpain's patreon he has an excel gradebook, i'm not sure if it's publicly available though. @MtPain27?
  12. i thought you had caught it in the thread (i did drop it in pretty early though) and decided it didn't fit, i'm super stoked you dig it dude! use whatever you want however you want! drop me a line so i can play it at some point :D
  13. bonjour mon voisin!! my location and PO Box are public information as part of my business so i have no qualms being "specific"; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  14. msx2plus

    a Dean of Doom series companion thread

    Memento More-y
  15. msx2plus

    Renaming GZDoom.exe changes sound issues???

    sure, i just meant across the board, as neither of them sound as intended and i was just curious to the impact OBS has on the sound overall, as you mentioned it not capturing correctly. you might have better luck asking about this one on the zdoom forums where developers are a little more active, this is a weird case for sure.