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  1. wow, damn. i suppose this is a case for custom zscript menu stuff, then? definitely a bit beyond me, i did some digging and it's a lot to untangle.
  2. hey all, it's time for another potentially shooting-myself-in-the-foot moment. i seem to be greatly misunderstanding StaticTextSwitchable, or something. should this, in MENUDEF: Option "thing", "testthing", "OnOff" StaticTextSwitchable "test thing is off", "test thing is on", "testthing" and this, in CVARINFO: server bool testthing = false; not work together? regardless of the state of the CVAR, the switchable text does not in fact switch. is there a layer to this that i'm not understanding? there are only a handful of posts on the entire web about the function, and the only reference i have in gzdoom itself is the text used for control/video changes. is there something i'm missing entirely?
  3. msx2plus

    ACS: global ints behaving strangely

    feel free to disregard, i managed to completely overlook that i had started another global int with 1 rather than 0, despite it being initialized prior. peak oversight LOL. thanks kindly for your time regardless
  4. msx2plus

    ACS: global ints behaving strangely

    only another one of my own that uses no global variables and shares no int names whatsoever.
  5. [edit: solved, i somehow overlooked that i was indeed already using global int 1, bypassing 0 entirely. oops] hey all, been trying to dig up info on this. the setup is simple - i have a global int in an ACS library that is imported to each of the maps (this library is working normally otherwise). a strange thing seems to happen when changing maps; i'll change it from 0 to 1, and upon printing the log in the next map, it returns absurdly high values: 367, 368, and so on as an example - it fluctuates for reasons i don't understand. i've been trying to troubleshoot this but have no idea what's up, and am just assuming it has something to do with using ChangeLevel at this point. is that the case, or is this something else? here are code excerpts, it's nothing out of the ordinary: #library "overlay" #include "zcommon.acs" global int 1: lastchoice; int choice = 1; str nextmap; // this gets defined dynamically in the currently-playing map // [other variables go here] script "exitconvo" (void) { // [some hud management stuff happens here] lastchoice = choice; log(d:lastchoice); } script "levelend" (void) { // [lots of UI stuff happens here] ChangeLevel(nextmap,0,CHANGELEVEL_NOINTERMISSION,-1); } // [another script where choice is set goes here - this is working normally] cheers for any assistance.
  6. msx2plus

    [MBF21] Rosy Rubicunda

    yeah this was more or less my approach, i just don't have the skillset to actually make it happen
  7. msx2plus

    [MBF21] Rosy Rubicunda

    map02 obliterated the hell out of me on UV, no clue how to approach the rev/baron fight. map03 is one of my favorite doom maps this year. map04's ice shit got an excellent laugh out of me and i am inspired to do more rancid shit with ice, so cheers for that. started getting handcramps on map05 and had to call it for the day but i like this style of absolute "ok you figure it out lol" clusterfuck hot start. gg great set
  8. msx2plus

    GOODWAD demos [complevel 21]

  9. msx2plus

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    the human spirit is truly indomitable. even watching you grind shit out was brutal, can't begin to fathom actually doing it. enormous gg
  10. msx2plus


    it's like of doom was a super scaler arcade game (galaxy force 2, space harrier, etc). amazing
  11. msx2plus

    cr2.wad [6 boom maps]

    that's a great duck. i like starting maps similarly, big broad gestures that you carve away at until it's a thing. geometry is fun.
  12. msx2plus

    Helion - C# ( 6/24 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    oh right yeah i totally forgot about that - libopenmpt in that case is still an option and should definitely be considered for its overall compatibility and format support
  13. the amount of fresh thinking going on in this wad is... incredible... genuinely... hats off to all involved, glad i waited until it was done to take a look at everybody else's maps... amazing... i can't begin to be more sincere about how impressed i am.
  14. msx2plus

    cr2.wad [6 boom maps]

    really very fun, thank you for sharing. i adore the geometry of E1 in particular. 02 and 04 are easy favorites.
  15. msx2plus

    Helion - C# ( 6/24 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    i am begging the entire world of doom source ports to use this over libDUMB. libopenmpt is also good.