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  1. At first I was a bit skeptical because usually I don't play maps/mapsets that are not mod friendly, but after reading the brief description I decided to give it a try. "Regret" isn't the most accurate word, but is close enough to what I felt. In a good way (but also a bad way). Sorry for the ramble, I am still kinda shaken from the whole experience.
  2. paradaimon

    GLESZDoom - GZDoom for potatoes

    You can count for sure that this lurker right here is using GLESZDoom.
  3. paradaimon

    So where does your username come from?

    I was inspired by the good old cacodemon, but instead of being an evil/bad/ugly daimon, I am just your nearest daimon.
  4. paradaimon

    Ozonia Boom Megawad - on /idgames!

    Nice to see a megawad with maps titled in portuguese! Can't wait to play when it's done.
  5. paradaimon

    Where would you sleep in Doom?

    Holding Area from Doom 64. I like these tech bases that remind me of the Alien franchise influence over Doom.
  6. paradaimon

    What is most annoying doom mappers do?

    Badly implemented ambushes. Although it's not easy to make an ambush that doesn't look like the author just wanted to be a dick for the sake of being a dick.