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  1. KeyGlass67

    [Spriting Request] Need Weapon Sprites For TC

    I think I'm going with @Wereknight as well. Thanks, guys. I'm sorry if I wasted your guy's time finding some stuff for me. You guys helped a lot. Again, thank you so much. Bye.
  2. KeyGlass67

    [Spriting Request] Need Weapon Sprites For TC

    Woop woop! Finally that god-forsaken 24-hour limit is up! Hey, how you've been doing? Hope it's been good.
  3. KeyGlass67

    [Spriting Request] Need Weapon Sprites For TC

    Alrighty! I'm surprised my Mom hasn't turned off the Internet yet. Gotta make every second count! Thank you SO much!
  4. KeyGlass67

    [Spriting Request] Need Weapon Sprites For TC

    Thanks so much, man! I was sure I was going to be at a total roadblock for a month or so. I'm pretty impressed because this is my first post on Doomworld!
  5. KeyGlass67

    [Spriting Request] Need Weapon Sprites For TC

    A Serious Sam 3/4 vibe to it. I've always loved the way the weapons looked on those games. Also, I forgot to say this, but the I want the weapons to be centered. Thanks!
  6. Okay, I'll explain. I've working on this big TC (new levels and music, etc.) and I've been stuck at making the weapons. Why? Because the graphics for them. I just search on Google for something like: "doom shotgun sprites", "doom assault rifle sprites", blah, blah, blah. Now, there are SOME I actually really like from those searches and would use but they're isn't really a lot of sprite sheets out there. Realm667 is great sure, but the mod I'm making isn't really a vanilla-type mod, contrary to Realm667 which feels like they could be in Doom and nobody would care. I've also been using Sonik.O.Fan's sprites from the ZDoom Forums, but I don't really like the look of them. So, I'll give a list of what I need. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Okay, now for the list: 1. Combat Knife 2. Chainsaw 3. Desert Eagle 4. Pump-Action Shotgun 5. Double-Barreled Shotgun/SSG 6. Auto Shotgun 7. Assault Rifle 8. Machine Gun (Tommy Gun would be fantastic) 9. Minigun 10. Rocket Launcher 11. Grenade Launcher 12. Sniper Rifle 13. Railgun 14. BFG-9000/Retarded Powerful Exotic Weapon Thingy 15. Sum C4 16. Hand Grenade Oh boy! I'm not good at making sprites (and terrible at drawing in general), and I would be unbelievably grateful if you guys did this. Thank you so much, and it's getting late and have to watch Salad Fingers and listen to the POSTAL 1 OST. Goodliest nights, you guys!