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  1. vyruss

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    I have spent little time worrying or trying to form an opinion on something I care nothing about. How will wasting energy on being pro- or anti-TikTok help me to solve any kind of engineering, design, or other useful problem?
  2. vyruss

    Sour vs hot?

    Neither. Not sure on the exact dates of when these events happened. Was back in 1996? Was in 4th grade and it was family movie night. Warheads were brought in copious amount. Got a good chemical burn on my tongue from it and the sour sensation has never been right since. Then in 2000 I was visiting my brother out at the city he was doing his grad studies at. His wife being from India had access to some peppers I don't even remember the name of. Ate one of them whole and followed it up with an energy drink. Carbonation and whatever else was in that canned acid exacerbated the effect, and hot peppers have never been really the same either. That said, both flavors are enjoyable with their own applications. Not painful though.
  3. vyruss

    What are you?

    I am... a free man. And you, are no longer my father!
  4. vyruss

    Doomworld Merch?

    You people can afford clothes?
  5. vyruss

    PS1 Controller to PC

    Build one! https://www.printables.com/model/152512-psx2usb-playstation-controller-to-usb-adapter This topic has motivated me to - thanks for the inspiration. Silly as it is, may add a topic about it over in creative works (prototyping a PCB for an atari 7800 controller before setting up a gerber to get good PCBs built as I did not want to pay silly amounts of money for the proline controller, blech). Been on a deep hardware kick lately, and this gives me an excuse to create another fun little toy.
  6. Your PFP makes Duke look like he's going through some dumb shit at work.  Like resting bitch face but for Duke.  Or maybe someone kicked his dog.

    1. OniriA


      I thought he looked like Duke's lost wannabe cousin, stumbled upon at Bestbuy

    2. mrthejoshmon
  7. vyruss

    Best use of potatoes

    Leek and potato soup!
  8. vyruss

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    More electrical components. 2 32 KB SRAM ICs, 140 axial capacitors and 280 mylar capacitors... need to get more voltage regulators.
  9. vyruss

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Love the very bold outlines, the detail marks are good too. I can smell the marker fumes from here :D
  10. vyruss

    Classic Doom Marine Bobblehead From RAGE

    Will you be making the STL file available?
  11. vyruss

    What is the best Ice cream?

    Don't eat it often, but my fave is rocky road. Anything adjacent in qualities will also suffice.