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  1. Sol from Sunlust Map04
  2. Map49 UV-Speed in 4.77s d5da249p477.zip
  3. Map47 UV / Pacifist in 3.46s d5da247p346.zip
  4. PBeGood4

    dsda-launcher [v1.1] + dsda-doom for MacOS

    Hmm, copying the "PWAD folders" to DOOMWADPATH might be a better approach. Thanks for the tips. I definitely need to take a closer look at these PATHs.
  5. PBeGood4

    dsda-launcher [v1.1] + dsda-doom for MacOS

    The problem liveincity had with playing back demos was with the -warp 27 parameter, and it was already fixed in dsda-doom. I know about the -auto parameter, but the problem with it is that the PWADS need to be stored in the DOOMWADPATH, which is something I and probably many other people don't do. So I though it was better for the launcher to read the demo footer: It reads and sets the correct IWAD It reads and sets the correct Complevel It reads the needed pwads and tries to find them in the "PWADs folders" (folders you can add in the launchers settings) This feels like a more user friendly approach than having them mess with Terminal commands. But having DOOMWADPATH as the default location(s) seems like a good idea, so for the next version it will be automatically added to the "PWADs folders". The other parameters that might have conflicts with playbacking demos fall under the "user error" and I try to mitigate them, but at the same time, give the user the ability to run whatever combination of parameters they want. In the latest version for example, it is not possible to set a skill level, if you don't have any level set to warp to. This was because someone reported that the game was warping to the first level without -warp being set, but the skill level was set to 4.
  6. PBeGood4

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Finally got around to release a new version of dsda-launcher (GUI launcher for dsda-doom) Builds available for Windows and MacOS Changelog: https://github.com/Pedro-Beirao/dsda-launcher/projects/1 DW Thread: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/121953-dsda-launcher-v11-dsda-doom-for-macos
  7. PBeGood4

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP37 MAP01 UV-Speed in 1:17.89 dbp3701-117.zip
  8. PBeGood4

    PrBoom+ 2.6.2 (Feb 11, 2022)

    -longtics ignores the 256 angle limit the player has when recording demos. If you are making demos for dsdarchive, do not use this parameter.
  9. Unity is very different from vanilla. (It has auto sr50 for example) So, in speedrun.com, they split the game into Unity port and Vanilla. Also, the Unity port cannot write demo (.lmp) files, which is required for vanilla speedruns. Btw, for vanilla speedruns, dsdarchive.com is the place we use, not speedrun.com
  10. PBeGood4

    dsda-launcher [v1.1] + dsda-doom for MacOS

    I am planning on making a fork of this launcher that will work for every source port. It will still have all the same features except some speedrunning ones like viddumping, checking the WR of a run, ghosts, etc I don't think that the FDWL fork is relevant enough to make a fork for it, atleast for now. What I can do for now is let people change the name of the executable it is going to launch. So, in the launcher's settings, you could change the name of the executable from "dsda-doom.exe" to "fdwl.exe" The only problem with this approach is that some hard coded references to dsda-doom would not change (like checking for updates, the name "dsda-launcher", etc) It seems simple enough so expect it for v1.1
  11. PBeGood4

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    So, is crashing when trying to -warp on a single level demo the expected behaviour? Ive done some testing, and the playback warp system seems inconsistent. Take, for example, a doom2 ep3 run. If you want to playback map21: -warp 1 - works -warp 21 - does not work if you want to playback map22: -warp 2 - does not work -warp 22 - works Should this be addressed or is it the expected behaviour?
  12. PBeGood4

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Is there a way to detect if a demo is multi-level or not, just by reading the .lmp data?
  13. PBeGood4

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    On v0.22.4, it crashes if I use "-warp 27", if not, it plays fine. But on v0.21.3 it plays either way Error from v0.22.4: Edit: oops nevermind, didnt see the last replies
  14. PBeGood4

    dsda-launcher [v1.1] + dsda-doom for MacOS

    dsda-doom v0.22 is still experimental and is known to have some bugs. You can if report it in the dsda-doom thread if you want
  15. PBeGood4

    dsda-launcher [v1.1] + dsda-doom for MacOS

    The demo plays fine for me. I even tried loading the pwad from a different drive like you did and it worked. If its not much trouble, could you try running the following in the command line? "C:\path\to\dsda-doom.exe" -iwad "C:\path\to\doom2.wad" -complevel 2 -skill 4 -warp 27 -file "E:\games\doom\1k3rc3.wad" -geom 2560x1600f -playdemo "C:/Users/lenovo/Desktop/1k327o108.lmp" -shorttics