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  1. Nefelibeta

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Please tell me you are making another one. :P
  2. "yall have no life lmao"


    Earth pointed at other planets and laughed.


  3. Nefelibeta

    1x1 [MBF21] (RC4)

    plz play this it's not a meme
  4. Nefelibeta

    [Boom] The Settlements (idgames)

    Cool maps, mini cybers with slightly more health is a great idea, the new black guys are cool as well. Although it's a bit of shame that they were barely used throughout the mapset, they can be great for incidental combats. The combat is pretty solid and crumpetsy, the green key fight of map02 is definitely my favourite. A really nice blend of pacifism/platforming/infighting and taking the opportunity to rocket roaming distracted viles. The use of vanilla textures/custom decorations is very good and fits into the overall cityscape settings. However I do admit that the constant texture misalignments are pretty off-putting for me, not sure if it's the results of unorthodox layout shapes or is intentional.
  5. Nefelibeta

    Looking for not so hard WADs!

    Shallow World E1 is pretty relaxing and has sick visuals.
  6. Nefelibeta

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

  7. Nefelibeta

    [Boom/Idgames]Darkest Wave

    Sike just kidding. Stuff: Proper Wrap-up for the wad itself. A anti-underhalls map. (for whatever goddamn reasons.) Overhauled Map03 Overhauled lower difficulty settings. ok that was it. [[/Idgames]]
  8. Nefelibeta

    Name some artistic mappers

    Northern Powerhouse Hexasketch Map31
  9. Nefelibeta

    Name some artistic mappers

    yakfak/ZZZV (in a more abstract way)
  10. Nefelibeta

    Looking for more great sadistically hard maps

    Don't miss Stardate 20x7, Wormwood, Wormwood:Expanded Universe, Wormwood ]I[ if you are a fan of Death-Destiny gameplay.
  11. Nefelibeta

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    bomp Anyways while there's some sort of stereotype for monsters in game (ya know, monster priority that kind of things), same things could be applied to designing the encounters themselves as well. Things like hell knights/revenants are always the main dish of the fight (like rice or mashed potatoes), imps are always meant to be blown up, cybers are supposed to infight/snipe, pain elementals are supports. Of course it makes sense to be this way since that's just how the game was designed. However it doesn't need to be like that all the time though, especially if you want your encounters to be a little bit more unique/esoteric. Here's a fight in HYSHW that I like a lot. This fight seems to be a pretty simple sandwich style fight but it's a lot of small ideas put together. Cacodemons are used as ground monsters, which is unexpectedly fun to push through with rockets, since they have lower health/a very high pain chance, making them a good middle ground between hellknights and imps. The mancubuses are decent for slowing down the hellknights coming from the other side. Although due to how cramped the 2 walkways on 2 sides are, you will need to intentionally bait them into infighting via camping in the corners, which adds a new layer to the fight and it's definitely unusual to see mancubuses used as an infight tool against hellknights (instead of imps.) Here's another fight from Darkest Wave (sorry for the self-plug) Another case of a type of monster that isn't a good infighter used as one. The revenants that get released after you get out of the door do a surprisingly good job slowing down the hellknight crowd that teleport from behind, and makes rocketing them/clearing out the space much easier. In the original design, the revenants get instantly released along with the rest of the monsters. Admittedly I figured this out completely by accident, but that's the fun of iterative encounter designing I suppose.
  12. you get a index for every demo that you have beaten with yours (within the same category) so more maps will greatly affect the system.
  13. Raddicted wads :> (experimental, hyper-detailed with stock textures, and challenging gameplay if that's what you liked) rd. maps :P Previously...? A little bit more than a simple tongue-in-cheek fan-fiction. stuff2 (ok technically 3 maps but they are short) Maybe a little dance as a break was what we needed afterall. Beesong Minus the sympathy, double the cruelty.
  14. Nefelibeta

    Do you obsessively playtest your own maps?

    My maps are playtested by twitch streamers.