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  1. I had a hard day of work today at Doomworld's head office in Cleveland, Ohio. I spent this morning searching through the forums for any possible complaints that I should rectify. One of them was about some age limit legality which I promptly researched and found was not a problem.

    I give myself a pat on the back and it's back to sleep after another long day at the office.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      Why was MJ exited the store was having a sale?

      Because he wanted boys pants, half off!

    3. Planky


      Slightly different wording in the version I heard: Did you hear MJ rushed over to K-Mart the other day?

      [He heard boys' underwear was 1/2 off]

      What's the difference between MJ and a plastic bag?

      One is dangerous to let small children play with, and the other is a plastic bag

    4. insertwackynamehere


      lol! The one I heard had to do with MJ at a basketball game (no, not Michael Jordan) looking for boys pants half off (which made no sence) so I fixed it up a little.