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  1. BunnyWithBeans

    About You: List 9 important Doom WADs.

    Some of you need to learn that it's hip to be Square.
  2. BunnyWithBeans

    Doom Lore Theories

    I feel like they show his true power after he almost single-handedly decimates the forces of hell, kills the Icon of Sin twice, kills all the hell priests, kills thousands of demons, and destroys the Doom equivalent of Satan in the most disappointing final boss in all of Doom. Go on. Go ahead. Pull out the Carmack quote. I dare you.
  3. BunnyWithBeans

    All About Secret Maps

    The amount of hardcoded behavior in Doom could be its own thread, honestly. There is so much crap in vanilla Doom that can only happen on certain maps (hence the advent of Dead Simple clones and the like) and it sucks because it basically means that most vanilla megawads will oftentimes repeat the same tropes simply because they have to. I understand that id probably didn't expect for people to do things in a different order (or for there to be any game modding of this caliber at all 25+ years later) but I'm still a little miffed about it all.
  4. BunnyWithBeans

    Doom Lore Theories

    Hell Revealed II is canonically what drove Doomguy insane.
  5. BunnyWithBeans

    You Make Kamen Rider For Doom 2!!??

  6. BunnyWithBeans

    All About Secret Maps

    I was actually logging on to make a thread about secret maps a few minutes ago. Looks like I was beat to it by about six hours. I actually don't look for secret maps all that often. I find that a lot of them are dedicated to putting up a wall in the form of massive slaughter combat because it's the secret map and that's what Go 2 It did. I also got pretty burnt on them after trying out the secret levels in Ancient Aliens and finding they weren't up to the standard of the rest of that megawad. Personally I'm a fan of the more experimental secret maps, usually the ones that differ from the rest of the megawad in combat or visual style. It makes them feel very rewarding to find, especially if you get a ton of goodies along with it if you're playing continuously. This actually brings up another question I wonder about frequently. Why do many Doom 2 megawads use MAP15 as the map to enter the secret level from? I know Boom and Doom 2 have the triggers available for every map, so is it just another case of tradition?
  7. BunnyWithBeans

    a Dean of Doom series companion thread

    I don't think I've ever heard MtPain lose it ad a map harder than Inmost Dens III. That man dropped more F-bombs than napalm was dropped during the Vietnam War.
  8. BunnyWithBeans

    What tips would you give to a first time WAD maker?

    Take it from a person who has never ever finished a wad in their life: Just go 4 it. The first wad you make will quite likely be received poorly, as anything will be that you do for the first time and put out to a public that has had 25+ years to develop standards. You'll develop your style and sense of good mapmaking over time as you keep improving.
  9. BunnyWithBeans

    High-quality scan / PDF of the Doom manual?

    Doesn't the plot in the Doom II manual contradict the ending of Doom I? Doomguy comes out of hell and immediately sees the city on fire, but the manual says that he after he escaped hell, he decided to retire. You're probably not meant to think about it or care but still.
  10. BunnyWithBeans

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    Ah, I see. Thank you!
  11. BunnyWithBeans

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    Doesn't seem to work for me. When I type idclev (with or without the automap open) it shows me a message saying "all marks cleared" and nothing else after I hit C. What I meant was showing the map number permanently without cheats. For example, this is what I see when I open the automap in GZDOOM and look at the level title: And here's what I see when I open the automap in PrBoom+ and look at the level title:
  12. BunnyWithBeans

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    Relatively minor issue: Does anyone know how to show the map number (i.e MAP08) when you open the automap? Right now when I do it I only see the map name. I've dug through the settings a few times over and I still can't find any option to enable map numbers.
  13. It's the inevitable conclusion of any "hardcore game" community. Same thing happened with Dark Souls 3. The cycle is the same: 1. Skill ceiling gets incredibly high in already difficult game 2. A weird game-cult forms around the game, where anyone who criticizes or takes issue with the game's difficulty is told to "git gud." Inevitably this goes back to game journalists for Doom because they dared criticize the epically designed masterpiece. 3. Community becomes unbearably toxic or elitist as a result. If you don't believe any of this, look at the number of comments mocking people for saying Eternal has to be played one way on identical videos of quickswitching Marauders to death, or the countless videos of grown fucking men talking about those game journos that make them so mad like it's life or death. Thankfully it seems to have died off a small amount.
  14. I love the Baron of Hell even though he's really just a bigger imp with a faster projectile. I even love him more than some Doom 2 monsters, though it's more for what the Baron implies. Think about it; when the army of lesser fodder demons fall, Hell sends in the big towering Barons to try and stop you. They're slow, but hulky and can take a big bite out of your health if you're not careful, though I do wish he did something different than most other UD monsters. Personally, I'd change him around so that he throws shots in large bursts instead of just a single shot, and leave the normal single shot attack to the Hell Knight to distinguish the two and make the Hell Knight seem much more like a lesser Baron. Either way, it's a lot more fun to fight a Baron than an Arachnotron (a monster I've come to hate.) I would love to make this a real mod but I still can't figure out WhackEd's interface to save my life.
  15. BunnyWithBeans

    If Doomguy had one-liners...

    "I eat imps for lunch" -doomguy in that one doom-themed quake mod
  16. BunnyWithBeans

    What's the worst port of Doom?

    I mean playing it on real hardware. Say you have the original GBA, you'd be playing Doom with a D-Pad, weird strafe control (I assume the GBA bumpers are for strafing) and no backlight. You'd probably get a slightly better experience on the SP because it has a backlight, but I'd seriously rather just play on PC or Switch or most other platforms. Having it be able to host a port of PRBoom is cool (and looks seriously impressive for the hardware) though.
  17. Since we've got a port to Java, can we ever expect a FIM++ port?
  18. BunnyWithBeans

    What's the worst port of Doom?

    Eternity is the worst port. Okay, it's actually pretty good, but it runs like crap for whatever reason on my machine and I'm too lazy right now to learn how to fix it. More on console Doom; I seriously cannot imagine playing Doom on the GBA. It sounds like hell.
  19. BunnyWithBeans

    It´s time to give Decino Caco for best Doom player 2021

    give him a daikatana related nickname
  20. BunnyWithBeans

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases Petition

    The Fresh Supply debacle still makes my Blood boil. Atari is a walking corpse of a company at this point (and to my knowledge, not even the same Atari from the 80s.) They've barely had a claim to fame since the early 2000s, and seemingly only hold the Blood IP specifically so that nothing is ever done with it. Poor Blood community will never have that source code release. For Doom 64: I doubt Microsoft sees it worth it to make minor patches for a 5 dollar game at this point, though if you want you should probably contact Kaiser for details (or just play Doom 64 EX.)
  21. BunnyWithBeans

    It´s time to give Decino Caco for best Doom player 2021

    So we're supposed to one-up the skill of Decino and Romero over a fun little deathmatch because...? Dude, it's two little lego men shooting green orbs at each other. You're not as cool as you think you sound.
  22. BunnyWithBeans

    Archive Your Wads

    You could also just make the text white lol
  23. BunnyWithBeans

    Why Do Pwads Almost Never Have a Story

    Which, as Carmack said, is a quote he regrets making and has also lost its meaning as explained above.
  24. BunnyWithBeans

    Archive Your Wads

    Hey OP, I love the 90s aesthetic of the site, but could you change the text color? It hurts my eyes to read black on dark purple and all that. Hey man, you wanna play mario bros over AOL later?
  25. BunnyWithBeans

    It´s time to give Decino Caco for best Doom player 2021

    Really depends on what you define as "kill." In the original Icon of Sin map, Romero says "To win the game you must kill me, John Romero." After you kill him, Doom II proceeds to the epilogue and enemy slideshow, which means that the player has won. It also puts Romero in his death state, which, you know, kills him. For more abstract definitions, you'd have to ask John himself.