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  1. Waldon

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    The news was like a punch in the stomach. I remember our LAN with Toke. Easygoing, quiet, friendly guy. We tested Vexation which was still in development. My funniest moment playing Doom was attributed directly to him. The running body demo still cracks me up. Some of us were lucky enough to get to know you for a short time. Rest in peace, Dylan.
  2. Waldon

    LANO Doom2 LAN Results

    I didn't know there were a lot of Doom DM LANs, or any, for that matter.
  3. Waldon

    ZDaemon Tourney 2004

    Sigh. Same old argument. I remember someone telling me that exact same thing back during some q3 qualifier a few years ago. Dragging random newbees through maps proves little of your argument. The only difference you or anyone else who does not play deathmatch regularly will see between playing a high profile player on map01 or some random unknown map is that you won't stay at zero frags on maps they don't practice. Don't entertain for a moment the thought that someone with years of experience, thousands of hours of gameplay behind him is going to suddenly be unable to learn a map, pick up a weapon or aim and you'll have a chance. Once again, experience proves that.
  4. Waldon

    ZDaemon Tourney 2004

    Nightmare, you would be very nearly credible if you quit defending your arguments by saying that they have a "0.01%" chance of being true. I hope you are not planning to ever run for office, because that kind of chance is not something to write home about. I used the word practical for a reason, you know. Do I know what a LAN is? Why, no, educate me. Listen once and remember forever: finding the slightest chance of your argument being true makes it pretty damn near useless. LANing with your brother is not going to give you more of a chance to become a high profile player than playing single player does. In fact, the later may mean a whole lot more, as empirical evidence suggest in this very community. As for Dev, he's always been cocky. That's the way he is. That's the age he is now. You don't need to tell us that he is arrogant, everybody who's known him for over 6 hours knows that. And he's perfectly fine that way. Edit: typo
  5. Waldon

    ZDaemon Tourney 2004

    Where to start? How likely is it to find a top level deathmatcher who... well, does not play deathmatch because he does not have an Internet connection? This very same argument has been around for as long as I remember: it's always been used by people who are not among the best, in an attempt to try to tell those who are that they may be not the best after all, because there may be a Doom freak stashed away in a dark basement in Arkansas who is just better than them all. Unlikely. Practice makes a top player, not sitting alone. Let this stupid old argument die in peace already. It has as much practical merit as the one million monkeys at one million typewriters one. I don't remember continuous boasting about one's performance (top players tend to be rather the opposite, from my experience). If you do, please link me to the other five threads in recent memory. I don't know who insulted people who use ports -- though I admit to not having read every single reply in this thread -- but I surely did not. In case nobody in this thread did, stash that straw man where it belongs. As for the map01/dw51 argument: this thread is about a tournament that is going to use those maps. Why come in here and start dissing those maps if one has no control over the pick anyway? If one states that those maps suck and asks why not new ones are being used, he is liable to get flamed for it in this thread.
  6. Waldon

    ZDaemon Tourney 2004

    Correcting people who are so absorbed in their own ignorance that they cannot handle being corrected is apparently arrogance -- according to a generation who's been raised to be unable to handle criticism, anyway. Now, on topic: I can' wait to see some demos from the tourney. Wondering what the good players have been up to these past couple of years.
  7. Waldon

    ZDaemon Tourney 2004

    In that case, I am the arrogant one and you are the rest.
  8. Waldon

    ZDaemon Tourney 2004

    Who exactly are you referring to?
  9. Waldon

    ZDaemon Tourney 2004

    pk is not all bad. The netcode is still far from perfect after all the patches and there's room for a couple of good maps too. Weapon balance could be improved, but they got at least bunny hopping somewhat right -- if a little easy -- the game still needs ramp jumping imo. Maybe I'll take a look at it on our LAN today.
  10. Waldon

    ZDaemon Tourney 2004

    So because the word professional is in their name, they must be just that. Good thinking, Jim. Which part of this is hard to understand: Painkiller has less of a community than Doom 2 does. At any moment, you are more likely to find people playing just one Doom port (zdaemon) than all of pk. The only thing that's keeping it alive is the promise of money being dumped into it. The CPL chose pk because id wants money for Doom 3 tournaments and UT2004 is supposedly unsupported right now. Halo was a joke, cs is not duel, q3 is too old. All that's left is pk. By the way, you don't need to tell me about the CPL. I've actually been there.
  11. Waldon

    ZDaemon Tourney 2004

    Your ignorance is amusing. The CPL is professional? That must be why the featured game of the 2005 World Tour is going to be Painkiller. Maybe the ten people that play it can share the $1.000.000 prize.
  12. Waldon

    ZDaemon Tourney 2004

    You also know that anyone complaining about BFG usage is a loser.
  13. Waldon

    ZDaemon Tourney 2004

    First, let me start by saying how much I've missed this place. Second, let me ask AndrewB, who seems to have changed nothing over the years, why the best qw/q2/q3/ut/whatever else players quickly adapt to the new games and turn out to be among the best time and time again? "You are absolutely full of it. I dare you to hold a never-before-seen-maps tournament and see who comes out on top." You are absolutely clueless. Thresh had won a major Doom2 tourney and later became the best known Quake player ever. Fata played q3 on the highest skill level in the world and went on to excel in Unreal Tournament, Painkiller and Doom 3. Not two maps, two completely different games and engines. Then again, we've been hearing this "I only suck on this map, I'll rape you on any other ones" argument out of losers for as long as deathmatch has been around. Oh, yeah. If anyone doesn't like the tournament rules, prizes, maps, feel free to shut up and walk away like the quiet polite kid you are. There are shiny things in that corner, I think. The tournament is obviously organized by oldschool players for oldschoolers who want to play by the classic rules on classic maps. You don't like it, you make your own tournament.
  14. Waldon

    doom2.exe v1.9...1?!

    I don't think anyone has figured out the technical details of the lag, urhash. Got to do some research on that before someone can start working on a fix.
  15. Waldon

    Unreal 2 thoughts

    Nope. Also no seeds you could plant and watch the fruits grow, then eat them and heal. One of the coolest of those little things that made Unreal good.