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  1. heh my first blog. blog. that is one weird name. i wonder what it stands for. ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH. too much dumb talk. ahhh my tc. it is going in great doses. the blank soldier army vs. imp army. i made that too. heh. i have two of my specialized enemys on the blank soldier army's side.

    1. AndrewB


      Your fingers are wiggling but all I see is blah blah blah...

    2. rf`


      AndrewB said:

      Your fingers are wiggling but all I see is blah blah blah...

      don't insult people for using the new forums the way they're supposed to.

  2. lupinx

    mockery release?

    is mockery ever going to be released? or has it ben cancelled and doomworld was to lazy to put it in "cancelled" directory.
  3. lupinx

    mount erebus levels

    oh yeah , erebus revisited. i thought of doing that once. but like everything else it was off my mind 2 seconds later. keep the good work up zarcyb.
  4. lupinx

    mount erebus levels

    i have a question. are there any mt.erebus wads? you know. that level in doom where you are outside most of the time. the one where you are in a mountain otn the map. to put it short. e3m6. any levels?
  5. lupinx

    help for tc

    you spelt newbee wrong. its n-e-w-b-e-e
  6. lupinx


    every forum starts with a subject in the beginning. then ends up being a totally differant subject by end. it was about a tc. now it is about a tag
  7. lupinx

    ImpArena.wad - Scores & Stuff

    eventually i just splattered mystiriously, but i got prefect score. is there a time limit? {i like play with my blank soldier sprite replacement}
  8. lupinx

    help for tc

    hey who cares about spelling
  9. lupinx

    Converting TC's for JDoom.

    u could play it with jdoom. u will just have to turn 3dmodels off or something. you might get homs though. so u would need to put some jdoom nodes in to the levels.
  10. lupinx

    help for tc

    sorry about not mentioning. im making another monster on progress and i have some new weapons too. i should release a beta
  11. lupinx

    help for tc

    keep in mind i made the level days ago. i now have 8 levels and i have 6 monsters complete. but of course obscuring faggots always get that confused. earthquake says I DONT LIKE DOOM pasted all over his face by only his name.
  12. lupinx

    help for tc

    its kinda funny that your calling my work catastrophic when u havn't even seen what i have made yet.
  13. lupinx

    help for tc

    my other project "mystery monster" has ben closed due to no one sending anything{which was the whole point of the project}. if u were going to do it it is too late. as for the chaotix stones. work is being done in great doses.
  14. lupinx

    monster replace

    this thread is going the way of the dodo
  15. lupinx

    monster replace

    ok last chance. if someone volenteers to send me a bmp of just one monster by next 3 days. the project stays up. if not. im cancelling the project and closing the tread. last chance.