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  1. Gottfried

    Suspended in Dusk

    Beautiful vanilla experience. SiD made me feel again 12 years old behind my 486. Really nice, tight and clean base design like I did not see for a while, quite balanced difficulty (UV could have been harder for my taste, but hey, you can't please everyone and I can probably blame my careful approach abusing sniping around corners.. at least I had to think here and there about ammo conservation). Playtime 1-4 hours. Good job, mister!
  2. Gottfried

    Scythe 2. Version 2

    Few smaller levels here and there, mainly at the beginning, but especially last third will ensure you that yes, this is Scythe and yes, hordes awaits you in hell. I even did not mind forced pistol starts that I normally despise. Fast-paced combat, mostly consistent, nice level design, challenging fights, I also quite like the 'new' enemies. Can't agree with author that there is lack of ammo, I was almost always fully stocked. If your soul thirsts for some demon blood, just heat up your BFG and enter Scythe! Must recommend.
  3. Gottfried

    Ultimate Simplicity

    Nice, clean design, includes very good ideas. Only criticism may be too big amount of popup traps with enemies, but hey, nothing's perfect.
  4. Gottfried

    The [ZDoom Community Map] Project "Take 1"

    Imagine whole WAD like this :o Very nice, I loved the layout, how they used virtually all options doom offer for floored levels, event triggers, lightning, new monsters (especially phasing ones) and even freeze gun. 9.5/10.
  5. Gottfried

    Community Chest 2

    At the beginning, it goes by nice curve, later on, though, it feels twice as restart - after 2-3 maps that can be actually done wholly just using chainsaw quickly comes run-through-only map 24 (unless you are Doom god, you will not get 100% kills no matter how much you utilize infighting, which is huge shame for otherwise maybe the most beautiful map of the pack. To me it feels like author took maybe hundreds of hours of hard work and then trashed it straight into the bin). Overall, I must praise rather detailed designed of maps - there are lot of nice small features and you feel that authors put really lot of work and thoughts into most of them. Nice escalation to ending to it, nothing too crazy combat-wise, but well-done balance, I loves dark demon caves for instance.. Overall, rather enjoyable WAD, but would play second time maybe few levels.
  6. Gottfried

    Deus Vult II

    Very good! Nice slaughter, design and all. Good pace of combat, I just got stuck once on Unholy Cathedral level and gave up after 45 minutes search and just used idclip, but otherwise it's not harsh on keys/puzzles/triggers. Sounds are nice touch too. Overall, I can 100% recommend to play when you want to relax after long day's work just holding fire on your rocket launcher and strafe killing hordes of enemies.
  7. Gottfried

    Eternal Doom

    First third great. Second third so-so, last part sh!t. The steps from very good to terrible is very quick like in a typical movie trilogy. I cannot emphasize enough how much I hated especially last half; didn't even finish it, which I do very rarely. Looking for problems to find keys in EVERY level? Enjoying wandering through already discovered parts for 30 minutes without any progress? Wanting to shoot something with 100% ammo and health but nothing around for ages? Love millions of switches? If answers to these question is yes, search no further; Eternal is just for you. For the rest who wanna play Doom and not Supaplex or The Incredible Machines (games which do in far more enjoyable and better way those things authors of latter parts of Eternal are trying to achieve), look literally anywhere else. It's quite a shame because design (architectonics-wise) even many of latter levels are not bad at all. tl;dr: first third 4.5/5, second 2/5 final 1/5. Play till level 12 or where it breaks and never touch the rest even with long stick.
  8. Gottfried


    It's hard to rate Requiem fairly for simple reason - inconsistency - it contains levels in range from bollocks to flawless. Some levels got as few as 30 monsters and can be completed < 1 minutes in first run (and it's not one of the first 2-3 levels, lvl 26 got 21 enemies on UV). Some levels are just blatant showoff of what super cool features author can work out for the level, but then he forgets to build actually nice level and play is boring to painful (I'm looking at you, level 21, I didn't hate a Doom level like this for a long time). Bugged triggers, unreachable secrets, plain openable walls that are no secrets, but you need them to complete the level.. Requiem has it all. Should the editor dedicate more effort into playtesting and polishing maps (and probably also putting them in different order), result could be easily nearly perfect. All-in-all, the bad levels are no more than 1/3 of the pack and other parts will provide you with tons of fun, challenge and some breathtaking design. My special praise goes to levels 3, 6, 13, 22 24 and 28).
  9. Gottfried

    A Hidden Mountain Factory

    Well done! Claustrophobic, dark, challenging, atmospheric. Lot of enemies, especially hitscanners, will keep you on your toes. Wish there was whole megaWAD from this guy!
  10. Gottfried


    Although Trooper's Playground in my opinion does not particularly excel in any area, it still makes pretty compact WAD worth playing out. it got decent difficulty and really old-school action happening in mostly narrow indoor spaces; you will probably utilize shoot and hide quite often. Fun fact - I did not find BFG in whole game, probably could be rotting in one of the secrets that I missed. Not that you would really need it - biggest challenge in TP comes from the omnipresent machinegunners and one particular room where two archvilles teleports behind your back.
  11. Gottfried

    99 Ways to Die

    Should be named 0 ways to die as this give 0 challenge even on UV, all levels can be completed in about 20 minutes in first run. I ran into some bug (or maybe just my stupidity overlooked sth) in the last level, where I could not activate teleporter to the last room. On the bright side, visually really pleasant wad that would make nice first three levels of some megawad.
  12. Gottfried

    Polygon Base

    Quite pleasant, clean design effectively using up the space. No big fights/interesting areas nor any kind of surprises though. Good level to play once, that's what it is.
  13. Gottfried

    Icarus: Alien Vanguard

    I got mixed feelings about this WAD. My biggest problem with Icarus is the inconsistency. There are some really nice new decals and aesthetically pleasant levels, but also kilometers of empty walls and other levels that makes you feel like walking through empty warehouse. There are very entertaining and challenging room fights, but also dull levels that can be completed in few minutes. Difficulty is very unbalanced, too - some levels are joke even on UV, others will give even seasoned Doomer few wrinkles. Intriguing secrets, but also not-secrets secrets. List goes on, all-in-all, I can't recommend Icarus, but it shouldn't be disaster to give it a try either.
  14. Gottfried

    Memento Mori II

    If I enjoyed MM I, I totally loved #2. Out of all the levels there are just a handful that are mediocre (and still very decent and fun to play, it's just this wad is PACKED with great maps). MM 2 will provide you with MANY hours of gameplay, this one took me probably longest to complete out of last ~10 wads I went through. Only criticism is that the highest difficulty could be more difficult - i never had trouble with ammo nor I had to reload same save multiple times, but given it's age that's pretty standard. What are you waiting for? Load up your shotgun and go do some cleaning!
  15. Gottfried

    Memento Mori (updated version!)

    This is classic for a reason. Being collection, level differs, but it actually I think less than in original D2. Level design is very clean and enjoyable through, difficulty quite balanced as well, I must say MM aged like the finest whisky, can't wait to get to number 2; this was one of the best I've played so far.