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  1. Gottfried

    Memento Mori (updated version!)

    This is classic for a reason. Being collection, level differs, but it actually I think less than in original D2. Level design is very clean and enjoyable through, difficulty quite balanced as well, I must say MM aged like the finest whisky, can't wait to get to number 2; this was one of the best I've played so far.
  2. Gottfried

    Obituary 1.1, updated version

    Being old as is, Obituary is still enjoyable even in 2020. Maybe there is no real wow effect, but gameplay is really solid and level design surprisingly compact. This wad is amongst bit more difficult ones (I HATE unfair traps :D ) and surely deserves at least a try.
  3. Gottfried

    The Enigma Episode v2.0

    This one did not aged so well. It reminded me a lot of Hexen; at least the parts, where it's more about searching for switches or other ways to get further rather than shooting stuff. That said, if you enjoy this, you will get what you want. Personally, I'm not a big fan. Completed on UV, it's quite easy (aside from mentioned switch/key hunting). I managed to get several times into area of no return and had to load - apparently I was supposed to get there later with a key/after swtich trigger/not be able to make that 'jump'. Also, secrets are not really secrets in this one; you need to find majority of them to get further. I spent few times annoying 15-30m searching for key hidden behind really random wall/fake wall. On bright side, I saw one or two very inventive level design features that deserve praise (notably two-sided stairs at the left side of beginning of lvl 3 is genius!). Overall 3/5, as this is quite old wad, so I'm not judging it too harshly.