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  1. oh, I thought that was a blindfold, thanks instruction image.
  2. Vert

    What difficulty do you play Doom on?

    depends, mostly HMP if I dont know the WAD. if its a kind of easy WAD or its the early parts of Doom 1, i play on UV
  3. Halls of the Damned. just all of Halls of the Damned is bad.
  4. Vert

    What other "Doom-like" games are out there?

    the plasma pak files are in Blood: Fresh Supply's folder. Nblood, the source port and what files you need in the folder if you scroll down. Fresh Supply has a crippling damage glitch but either than that its pretty good
  5. Vert

    maps/wads with ~~cool vibes~~

    all of the Doomer Board Projects maps are unique and none feel like vanilla doom. the good stuff
  6. Vert

    What other "Doom-like" games are out there?

    Hedon is a gzdoom standalone game. i played the demo and the shareware version and it was pretty awesome. Ion Fury is a cool game made on the same (modified) engine as duke3d and Blood. i hope this thread persists