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  1. Although I'm way to amateur to take over, I've compiled a folder containing hopefully every currently available maps into an organized folder, with each map now having a slot. I've also included the Midi files created by @Korp & @Cammy and a document with the current map list with every author & midi used. @DJVCardMaster's map "Infernal Skirmish" originally for the bonus WAD has also been included, however @DoctorNuriel's map sadly hasn't been included yet as the MediaFile download wasn't working. Hopefully this can help organize things for whoever would be willing to help continue this project. :) Download: DW30_folder1.zip (Note: Many of these maps aren't finished and/or don't contain a Midi)
  2. Small update for my map, only changed some textures & item placement. :) Download: BGOLD_RC2.zip
  3. Finished both my deathmatch levels for DWANGO30 and ShovelDM!


    MAP20 - Black Gold (DWANGO30, limit-removing)



    MAP07 - Dead Complex (ShovelDM, Vanilla-compatible)


  4. Map Name: Black Gold Slot: Currently MAP20 (Any slot with the night sky) Haven't chosen a Midi yet, if anybody has any recommendations that'd be great! Please report if you have any issues, and I'm happy to hear any feedback! :D Download: BGOLD RV1.zip Screenshots:
  5. I might be a little late on the upload, but I have been making heaps of progress! Edit: Should be ready to upload tomorrow! Just need to get a Midi and Title sorted out!
  6. Didn't realize this project was limit-removing at first! I've taken my time and took advantage of this for a newer layout. I was thinking about looking for somebody to help with the visuals; however, gameplay wise it flows pretty well. I'll hopefully get a RV1 file out soonish - I'd also like to request any mapslot 12-20. :)
  7. I've been playing around with a couple layout, this is currently the most promising, obviously WIP! :)
  8. 2TDM has been accepted onto the /idgames Archive! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/deathmatch/0-9/2tdm
  9. Download at /idgames • 2TDM is a fully vanilla-compatible, deathmatch episode (8 Maps). • Each arena only contains two textures, two flats, and a blank skybox. • All 8 maps, as well as title and & intermission screens, include Midi tracks found in albums "Midi Dreams" & "Midi Nightmares" by Dial-up for Murder. • Doomworld (2TDM.zip) • Doomshack (2tdm.zip) • /idgames (2tdm.zip) • ignatiOS: Textures, Maps, Misc • Dial-up for Murder: ALL Midi tracks, from albums MIDI Dreams & MIDI Nightmares • Eevee: Doom Text Generator
  10. Just finished my own vanilla deathmatch thing, finally think I'm getting motivation again, I'd be more then glad to contribute a map to this!
  11. ignatiOS


    Edit: Make sure you install the .pk3 as well
  12. ignatiOS

    bluefire hell (my first map)

    Just finished, really liked this doomcute at the end. :) (Also the trap at the end was tough haha)
  13. ignatiOS

    bluefire hell (my first map)

    Recommend reading through this for future uploads :)
  14. You won't believe it, but another +1 for myhouse.