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  1. lakersforce

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Srsly, what's with the +Aug;Zenth +1? It's average at best!
  2. I see a double standard. And I think that calling upon death because having drawn a underage cartoon pony is overreacting.
  3. So let me get this straight: some guy drew some cartoons that some people found offensive and now radical extremists online are calling for his crucifixion, torture and death? Where have I heard that before...
  4. Seems kind of hypocritical to be okay with slavery, torture and animal cruelty, amongst others, but draw the line at phedofilia.
  5. lakersforce

    CL-DoomView - A Doom level viewer written in Lisp

    Can view Doom maps from Emacs - check :)
  6. lakersforce

    What are you listening to?

    Rage Against The Machine - Killing in the Name
  7. lakersforce

    Trevor0402's SC-55 soundfont

    VLC. I was playing lucasarts midis. Perhaps 'everything else' is overstating it. It sounds great in Doom!
  8. lakersforce

    Trevor0402's SC-55 soundfont

    Works well with Doom, not so well with everything else.
  9. lakersforce

    Cyberpunk 2077 [first-person RPG]

    Ny Times calls it one of the most visible disasters in videogame history: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/19/style/cyberpunk-2077-video-game-disaster.html A couple of quotes from the article: "Since the release of Cyberpunk 2077 on Dec. 10, thousands of gamers have created viral videos featuring a multitude of glitches and bugs — many hilarious — that mar the game. They include tiny trees covering the floors of buildings, tanks falling from the sky and characters standing up, inexplicably pantless, while riding motorcycles. These videos depict a game that is virtually unplayable: rife with errors, populated by characters running on barely functional artificial intelligence, and largely incompatible with the older gaming consoles meant to support it." "So many gamers demanded refunds from distributors this week that they overwhelmed Sony’s customer service representatives and even briefly took down one of its corporate sites." "Cyberpunk’s rollout is one of the most visible disasters in the history of video games" "Developers were increasingly concerned with some of the grand promises being made by management on the promotional marketing tour. Far into the game’s development, former employees said, the hyper-customizable and endlessly explorable world being sold to players was nowhere close to manifesting." "Current and former CD Projekt Red workers said there was chaos behind the scenes: Office rumors spreading on Discord servers, misleading deadlines set by managers, infighting among the company’s top brass, and incompetence and poor planning leading to unnecessary “crunch,” a term for overworking employees to produce games under a tight deadline. Longtime engineering staff left the company as a result of overwork. "“The owners treat the company as a machine to earn money, and do not see employees as people but more like data in the table,” " "Inside CD Projekt Red, as executives and communications staff geared up for a wide release, the problems were evident. While developers had created a functioning game for PC users, Cyberpunk was glitchy and crashed frequently on next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox devices. Even worse, the game barely ran on older consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Typically, game developers send early copies of new titles to reviewers with ample lead time. But CD Projekt Red kept Cyberpunk 2077 under wraps for as long as it could. The company only shared advance copies of the PC version with gaming publications and news organizations, previewing the best possible version of Cyberpunk to reviewers who would post their ratings online just days before the game’s release. For months, reviewers, including those at The New York Times, tried to obtain review copies for the new game consoles released by Sony and Microsoft this year. Stephanie Bayer, a spokeswoman for CD Projekt Red, said in a previous email correspondence that the company would “hold off sending our console codes until close to launch” so that they could “send them securely.” That never happened." "Ms. Shoate said it was impossible for her character to complete basic tasks like running, dodging and picking up weapons. Steering a car was so challenging that she felt like she was “drunk driving.”" "The non-player characters, or N.P.C.s, act so unnaturally that they can ruin the gaming experience." "I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game have this many gaffes, this often, this early into a release" "The company’s stock has dropped 41 percent since early December." "Inside the studio, there has been infighting and finger-pointing." "The immediate future looks dark for Cyberpunk’s makers — perhaps even darker than the future they built in Night City. Refund requests are pouring in by the thousands. Lawyers and investors in Warsaw are circling the situation, contemplating a class-action lawsuit against the company for what one attorney described as potential criminal “misrepresentation in order to receive financial benefits.”"
  10. lakersforce

    Cyberpunk 2077 [first-person RPG]

    And by everybody, you mean Youtubers bought off with bling, not certified reviewers, from real outlets. I was referring to the IGN review, which more or less calls the writing bad and the world building unimaginative and boring.
  11. lakersforce

    Cyberpunk 2077 [first-person RPG]

    It is bad enough, that the game is a mess, on what is supposed to be the gold standard (playstation 4 and Xbox One), what really worries me, is that reviewers has expressed confusion about what the game is actually trying to say. CDPR has always been hailed for their writing, but this ones getting flack for having downright bad writing. Not that I always trust sources like IGN, but technical glitches aside, getting a score of 7/10, which translates to 'mediocre', is a disaster. Others have lamblasted the implementation of gameplay mechanics. It makes the No Man's Sky launch pale. But after all, that one turned out to be a pretty good game four years down the line. I guess I might get this in a couple of years on a sale, if they iron out the bugs. Gamespot compiled a list of funny bugs:
  12. lakersforce

    What are you listening to?

    Glen Miller - In The Mood
  13. lakersforce

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Ascent of Titan by DavidXN https://davidxn.itch.io/ascent-of-titan
  14. I'd say I'd take the blue pill, since red-pilling has become a euphamism used by right-wing hate groups and terror organizations for online radicalization. But in Morpheus' original intent, I'd take the red pill. So both, I guess! Or on second thought, perhaps none, as I would not trust a complete stranger to tell me how the world works, and I would not trust that complete stranger that I would wake up in my bed the next morning, having forgotten everything about our encounter.
  15. Since we are no longer limited to keyboard-only controls and 15 fps on our 386SX, Supercharge adds that component that has always been missing on modern computers: quick and good gunplay, without falling into the camp of ridiculousness, that complements the movement speed of Doom perfectly.