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  1. GotMeNow

    New CGW Doom 3 article

    It's probably the best you could do. Leaving it unexplained in such away that you don't even have a clue about the cause sux. Are there really any possible causes of such an invasion that haven't already been thought of by sci-fi writers and don't suck?
  2. Whether he actually is or not... Aubrey Hodges. He composed a pants-shittingly scary atmospheric score for PSX Doom and Final Doom. He knows how to make a game scary.
  3. GotMeNow

    John carpenter's Ghosts of mars

    Ghosts of Mars has a definite gritty appeal to it. If you think about it, it seems clear that what Carpenter was trying to do was mimic a video game narrative. It's like it's been pulled straight out of Quake 2.
  4. GotMeNow

    Best Doom music you will ever hear

    Try the SNES remixes. I wish there was an E3M3 equivalent for those.
  5. GotMeNow

    Better way than 3d downloads?

    3ddownloads is always shitter than fileplanet. i just lost my place in their line. went from 2nd to 88th or something. i always got the impression that romero was mostly a big ego and carmack was the mastermind behind the scenes.
  6. GotMeNow

    psx 1 final doom version..

    No, the way it is, is that there are three episodes on PSX Doom totalling 30 levels. One episode is some master levels, another a sampler of Evilution and the other a sampler of Plutonia. The fuckers deliberately mislead you on the back cover of the CD by implying that the game has more than 64 levels in total.
  7. GotMeNow

    After the release of Doom 3...

    After the release of Doom 3, I wonder how much all of the Doom and Doom 2-spawned stuff that currently makes up most of the news in this community will fall to the wayside...
  8. GotMeNow

    Ways to spot a Doom newbie after Doom 3

    "Oooh! Look at all the little squares!" "Why the hell is the Tower of Babel in the middle of a base on Deimos?" "I can't stand this subtle Satanic imagery. I'm gonna write in and complain."
  9. GotMeNow

    Doom : The Movie thread #21,704

    Be hard pressed finding a studio that would recreate the game in the movie. The game doesn't have a whole lot of realism. The might have a scene that looks just like the entrance to E1M1 though :)
  10. Some direct download wads at http://www.geocities.com/operation_ceasefire
  11. GotMeNow

    SNES music

    Oh yeah. Whoops.
  12. GotMeNow

    Doom : The Movie thread #21,704

    The plot was poor but it did allow for heaps of room for expansion. The whole thing about the marine being incarcerated on Mars...now that can be elaborated.
  13. GotMeNow

    SNES music

    Anyone know who the hell (:)) remixed the music for SNES Doom? coz damn, that's an atmosphere.
  14. The 2nd execution in The Green Mile was quite something.
  15. GotMeNow

    Doom : The Movie thread #21,704

    It's gotta start with that whole thing where he kills a superior officer for ordering his men to fire upon innocent civilians...