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  1. Snaxalotl

    The DWmegawad Club plays: I C H I N I C H I

    MAP30 "Goodbye" Is my favorite kind of final map, one that doesn't have a standard icon of sin fight and shows there is more to a final level than just being the hardest map in the wad. This was a really nice short megawad to blast through, and I'd love to see what @TheMightyWhoosh comes up with next time :>
  2. Snaxalotl

    The DWmegawad Club plays: I C H I N I C H I

    I like that Episode 3 has ramped up the difficulty a bit. While the wad is pretty easy in general, levels don't usually overstay their welcome. MAP27 - "Regenerations" This map echoes what I've felt about a majority of the wad so far, striking yet simplistic texturing/architecture, along with a casual gameplay experience. I'd prefer if the difficulty were higher and the ammo were more scarce but I'll take it over tedious or grindy gameplay any day.
  3. Snaxalotl

    What are your creative crutches?

    My creative crutch is not letting textures repeat enough. Sure detailing is important and looks nice but I feel it can be too excessive and pointless eventually. My standards for myself are way higher than other mappers, its okay to have something like bricks or stone repeat for a large space but I can't bring myself to allow it even though I think it looks fine when other people do it. Also since I prefer mapping for vanilla it can be really tedious having so much alternating textures and dealing with the drawseg/visplane limits.
  4. Snaxalotl

    What's ur favourite flavour?

    Blue! The color is decent but blue food is always the best. Candy, drinks, cheese, bread, everything.
  5. Snaxalotl

    Didaskalia: Episode 1

    I liked this wad, some maps were a bit too cramped for my liking but overall it had a really nice classic feel with a good atmosphere. I'd love to see what you come up with for a second episode!
  6. Snaxalotl

    Which monster you wanna be from doom 1 and 2?

    I want to be a twitching impaled human.
  7. Aww thanks, I appreciate it :> If you liked Stickney you'll probably like abscission as well, it turned out waaaaay better imo. Though I'm still proud of how Stickney turned out too.
  9. Snaxalotl

    DOSBox integraded into a source port?

    What if we made dark chocolate doom where the gamma is always at the lowest setting, I'm gonna need some coders and compilers for this though. Please let me know if you want to make my idea for me.
  10. Thanks!! And I did release the first 7 maps in November last year, instead of waiting for every map to be done before release.
  11. Snaxalotl

    My newest project dedication to DOOM

    I feel like my legs were crushed and my liver started to fail after reading this thread too
  12. Snaxalotl

    Looking for play testers 1 map

    whats a discord
  13. Snaxalotl

    Should I replay ALL cacoawards

    I do think its uncalled for that a positive thread you started turned into a spotlight for people to whine about how awful the cacowards are