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  1. Snaxalotl

    Post your discord server

    I've got a small server of my own too, not super active but if you want another weird corner of discord then welcome! While a majority of users are from doomworld it isn't a doom specific server, please show us your snacks! https://discord.gg/PwPqcVsEDR Also I don't @Everyone so you wont get notification spam c:
  2. Had a really good time with this map, beat it saveless too! Good job Clippy :>
  3. Snaxalotl

    Doom Burnout?

    If your getting burnt out don't push yourself to keep doing something you don't enjoy, its a good way to stop enjoying a hobby. Find something else to do that you enjoy for a bit, because doom isn't going anywhere. Plenty of us here take breaks.
  4. Snaxalotl

    Angry Quilt 2 - for Ultimate Doom (Development Thread)

    You've already given him quite a bit of time, its been an entire week since he replied last here. It might be more time effective to do some bug testing in the meantime since we might not even get an update from him. Its not my community project though, just throwing in my 2 cents :>
  5. Snaxalotl

    GOG Or Steam

    Gog doesn't have drm and patches old games that have compatibility issues on newer machines. They also give a bigger cut to developers than steam.
  6. Snaxalotl

    A real quick map for Doom II

    Not sure what the point of this map is, doesn't feel anything like a Clippy map. Also almost no one here wants to play maps that are intentionally bad, Try making something good that doesn't dunk on another mapper. Feels kind of rude imo.
  7. Snaxalotl

    Angry Quilt 2 - for Ultimate Doom (Development Thread)

    Here is my edited version, features some light extra detailing and I fixed the two doors in my square. @Noiser is also right about a broken door from square 5 to square 6. The switch to open it doesn't work in crispy doom, I am pretty sure there is a linedef too close to the switch for it to work in that port. Anyway, here is the file AngryQuilt2v21.zip
  8. Snaxalotl

    Angry Quilt 2 - for Ultimate Doom (Development Thread)

    Awesome, I am free right now so I'll start right away.
  9. Snaxalotl

    Angry Quilt 2 - for Ultimate Doom (Development Thread)

    I would like to make a quick edit to my square when its free again!
  10. Snaxalotl

    IronEagle Competition 35: Data Center

    Category: 1, UV Death: Map05, 0/110M 0/2S Cause Of Death: Squish
  11. Snaxalotl

    Angry Quilt 2 - for Ultimate Doom (Development Thread)

    Oops!! Those doors are supposed to be regular doors that can be opened, with only the bars blocking access.
  12. Snaxalotl

    Angry Quilt 2 - for Ultimate Doom (Development Thread)

    Done! Unless something needs to be fixed lol. AngryQuilt2v06.zip Oh and I have a tiny bit of space with the two barred doors in my square, I left it undetailed for now so the next person can decide what area that should be. I didn't want to box them into one choice.
  13. Snaxalotl

    Angry Quilt 2 - for Ultimate Doom (Development Thread)

    Awesome!!! I will start once I get home from work!