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  1. Snaxalotl

    Do you destroy all the explosive barrels or leave them?

    Only if they look at me the wrong way.
  2. Snaxalotl

    DW Facial Hair Census 2022

    As a woman I don't have a choice in the matter.
  3. Snaxalotl

    Anwer this silly question: Do Barons like doors?

    Its not the same, I want to know what its like to be a giant worthless slab of meat that doesn't belong in the game.
  4. Snaxalotl

    Anwer this silly question: Do Barons like doors?

    You don't understand, you need to look at the nuances of baron placement over the last 20 years. Its not about if they can't, but if they will. Its not like we can look at the source code and solve this mystery for sure either, so speculation is all we have for now.
  5. Snaxalotl

    Anwer this silly question: Do Barons like doors?

    Barons can't open doors and this pseudoscience is not convincing me.
  6. I've looked into making blood maps as Its one of my favorite fps games ever...... buuuuuut seeing as the source code was never released it is a huge investment to learn how to use the dos editor. If the community was bigger I might have made something for it but I don't want to put the effort in just for it to go unnoticed.
  7. Snaxalotl

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    Definitely not my cup of tea but I was expecting something way worse when I saw the monster count. I was a bit frustrated at first but once you learn how to play it its really not too harsh the second time around. I can definitely see players getting frustrated with the monster count and darkness though, but if this map is placed near the end of the wad (Or potentially as a secret level depending on how many submissions are finished) then I think this map still fits into the project well.
  8. Snaxalotl

    Which Doom map are you?

    Monster Condo, don't ask.
  9. Snaxalotl

    How come the monsters don't run out of ammo?

    Hell magic bullets, doomguy is missing out.
  10. Archives of the Technomancer is an easy pick for me
  11. Snaxalotl

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    They are all red textures but I used dynamic lights around them to make the flesh illuminate the map and stand out more. I also set the sector floors to glow so I don't have to go as heavy on the dynamic lighting.
  12. Snaxalotl

    Favorite Adult Beverage

    Since we live in the same state I can even give local recommendations! Cheek squeezer by Throwback brewery, and Prairie Slush are easily my favorites (Honestly any sour from prairie is good though). Smuttynose has a nice variety pack of sour ales as well.
  13. Snaxalotl

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    A new Ante Mortem map is going to drop soon :>
  14. Snaxalotl

    Favorite Adult Beverage

    Sour beers, I can't get enough of them. its a shame that they can be hard to find though.
  15. Ante Mortem is a multi level supercharged wad utilizing OTEX and extensive scripting. Featuring challenging gameplay within detailed and unique environments. This wad is a work in progress, and there are many more maps to come! Flavor: Mars has been invaded and lost, your method of escape was to board a demonic starship inbound for earth and save what's left by the time you return. (TBC) Screenies!!! WAD: Ante Mortem IWAD: Doom II Tested-Compatible: GZDoom 4.5.0 And Later Difficulty: Fully Supported Freelook: Required Jump-Crouch: Required Dynamic Lights: REQUIRED Rendering: Hardware Pistol Starts: Both are fully supported, (Pistol starts are more challenging naturally) Custom Texture pack: OTEX version 1.1 by Ola Björling (Ukiro) Gameplay Modification: Supercharge (Tango) Other Assets: Carpets from Blood Music: Denied(DoomKid92), Sepulchral (Hellish Godzilla), Massacre Machine (Lippeth) Please note this may not run well on lower end machines with the amount of dynamic lights and actors Big Thanks to @Biodegradable and @Clippy for playtesting this! Hope you all enjoy :> Download Via Google Drive: Ante Mortem (Don't forget those dynamic lights!)
  16. Snaxalotl

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    I'm loving this map! Engaging and difficult gameplay mixed with extremely creative and detailed visuals. I am also very impressed with how well you utilized these custom textures.
  17. Snaxalotl

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    Further actions should still be posted to this thread, I'll make a separate thread for the release of the project.
  18. Snaxalotl

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    Thelokk has announced that she is abandoning all projects that she is involved in, I have a channel in my discord server for those that still want to still be involved. All deadlines are unchanged and I claim no credit for this project, I just really don't want this all to go to waste. And if Thelokk wants to pick up the project again I have no issues with it. https://discord.gg/PwPqcVsEDR
  19. Snaxalotl

    What country are you from?

    New Hampshire, United States. I can also confirm we have god tier maple syrup.
  20. Why are you like this? They are offering you feedback and you're twisting it like they are trying to bully you... I'm not a part of this project but damn, chill out and work together or no one's going to want to work with you in the future.
  21. System shock 2 is a much better entry point imo, the stories aren't very interconnected so 2 can be enjoyed on its own. SS2 Has an amazing atmosphere and still has some very tense moments after all these years, a must play if you can get past its age. Also don't pick psy skills for your first playthrough, it is way harder compared to shooting your way through. (Not that the game is easy). Oh and completely avoid the repair skill, it is completely useless, stick with maintenance and don't let anything's durability hit 0. Either way both games are great.
  22. Snaxalotl

    How do you deal with ghosting?

    People usually ghost because its easier than telling someone that they aren't interested anymore, there really isn't any way to get around it. Best advice I can give is to temper your expectations with new people and not get emotionally invested quickly. Whenever I hook up with someone I don't expect it to go anywhere, but if it does then that's great. Don't be emotionally distant, just enjoy the moment and not worry about how things might turn out (unless you get red flags). Most relationships don't go anywhere so its not worth getting hurt every time someone doesn't bother to say goodbye. Also people will ghost for any reason, so don't take it personally. You can do everything right and it will still happen.
  23. Snaxalotl


    Just a bunch of demons in a massive startan room without ammo or health. Really feels like you are trying to waste people's time.
  24. Snaxalotl

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Looks like an axolotl at first but isn't, Has a nice scarf though and that's what matters.
  25. Snaxalotl

    How do I affix a proper arena in Zscript?

    I'm not 100% sure what you are asking but if its how to open the door when the monsters are dead then here is a solution. #include "zcommon.acs" int DCounter = 0; script 1 (void) //Death Counter, Unlocks Door { DCounter = DCounter + 1; if(DCounter == 3) { Door_Open(3, 16, 0); } } For this to work you need to set monsters to execute a script on death "Action 80". So every time a monster with this action dies the script will add 1 to the counter and if it reaches 3 then the door will open.