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  1. Shadow Wolf

    NewDoom's disaster

    not the forums, the people
  2. Shadow Wolf

    NewDoom's disaster

    thats weird? why did they get rid of them, maybe there weren't enough people?
  3. Shadow Wolf

    doom baddies

    does anyone know whether they will have the questionable enemies in doom 3 like the caco's and the pain elementals? those would look awesome
  4. Shadow Wolf

    doom zombies are funny

    no problem, by the way nice demos heh
  5. Shadow Wolf

    doom zombies are funny

    the way they sound when they die makes me laugh is there a sound editor to change the way the noises the demons make
  6. i finally got doom 2 for christmas!! i know its a bit late for this, my condolences, anyways now that i have it, i just wanted to know what your favorite map was, mine would have to be "Downtown" and "the spirit world"

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I've always liked to play maps 04, 08, 11, 12, and 20. Oh, and 23.

    3. Sharessa


      I like Tricks and Traps.

    4. lupinx_resurrected


      did you guys know that one of the black paine glass buildings in map 13{the one with a door} is the id software building! that roxors!

  7. Shadow Wolf

    Saddam Hussein has been captured!

    no, go away
  8. Shadow Wolf

    is there any way possible to combine source ports?

    ty........on zdoom with setgrav it kind of feels like playing a tribes style thing
  9. yess!!!!! many glitches and screwups will now be solved TY
  10. Shadow Wolf

    Deathmatch Discharge

    really cool maps i love them
  11. Shadow Wolf

    Best Buy

    hmmmm.... i think I'll just wait until prices and anticipation die down a bit before I rush to buy a sequel that I know can't be as good as the first game
    1. nxn


      You can do that with photoshop, but yeah, it's fun. Heh, they put mike tyson under terrorists.

    2. Disorder


      Heh, yeah, this is fun.

    3. Hustler One

      Hustler One

      They need to have Micheal Jackson in there so we can pretend he just had surgery again >_>

  12. Shadow Wolf

    So bad it's good...

    interesting............ maybe when I'm bored, like during christmas holiday sometime i might try it
  13. i would really like to somehow combine zdaemon with legacy so i could have all the options of zdaemon but have that cool gravity setting in legacy....