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  1. Added a slight bit of noise onto TITLEPIC. Does this look better?
  2. I already made one on the first page.
  3. That seems to be it. I'll mess around with the TITLEPIC to add the noise effect.
  4. Yeah. The original TNT TITLEPIC has some kind of dithering applied, so I'll need to add that. I might also toy with the lighting in the GMod map as well.
  5. And TITLEPIC is now complete! I decided to make this in GMod as I don't have any knowledge in any 3D modelling tools. Still looks great nonetheless. 320x200 variant: And for those who are interested, here's the original screenshot I took in GMod: Edit. Do you want me to add "from memory" at the bottom of the Evilution text @Engired?
  6. And INTERPIC is done! This took me a max of maybe 20 minutes? And the 320x200 variant to use in-game:
  7. I did say that I wasn't going to join, buuuuut I've changed my mind. I'd like MAP01 Edit: I'll also do INTERPIC and TITLEPIC as well.
  8. Wavy

    Ranking the Fartpower of the DOOM Beastiary

    Over 2 decades of Doomworld's existence has led to this thread. Brilliant. But I must ask, does the Cacodemon's 5000 DFP apply to only one of the holes or is it the total power of fart from both holes?
  9. Wavy

    Doom 2: The Way We Remember It (Release v8)

    Awesome! Not sure if I'll be able to participate but it'll be interesting to see how TNT turns out.
  10. Of course, else I'll die :V However, mud and blood are the only two that I really "trust" as different mappers have their own rules as to if they hurt or not.
  11. Wavy


    Unfortunately for you, I do certainly have my own super collider in the luxury of my own home. So when I eventually find all of those tiny quarks that you say you've spread across the universe, I'll become the first ever art thief-thief and I'll become unstoppable from that point forward!
  12. Wavy


    I have funged your non-fungible.