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  1. Wavy

    Which console do you play doom on

    My last reply was a lie. I play on this port:
  2. e-Doctor made a port, but it includes no new textures I believe.
  3. Wavy

    Which console do you play doom on

    Switch and PC. The only ones that I exclusively play on Switch is Doom 3 and 2016
  4. I hope you're not too bugged by it. I'll try to only update occasionally if that's fine by you.
  5. Just ported E1M1 from Delta to the GBA! Took a bit of work, but here we are! Should mention a few things: Level geometry will be kept intact from 32X Delta. Texture variety will be lowered. This is due to how adding new textures can corrupt other textures in levels, but I can replace unneeded textures with textures of my liking (i.e replacing Hell textures with tech base textures for episode 1). Probably best to play with static lighting. The vanilla maps can chug sometimes with dynamic lighting, so with the more detailed maps from Delta, I'd suggest to play with static lighting. Yes, I am aware about the GBA PrBoom port, but I think doing stuff like this is fun. For anyone curious about when I'll release episode 1, give me about a week I would say. But anyways, thanks to @Roebloz for his work on Doom 32X: Delta!
  6. Thanks for the sheet. But like what I said, I may not do the port due to what I said prior. I'll still try though. Edit: About the wad, I don't need it as I just extracted the wad from 32X Delta rom.
  7. I won't be porting Inferno now, probably just KDITD and maybe TSOH. Also I am aware of the PrBoom port, but I think it would be fun trying to port the PC maps to the GBA with the original engine, but how things are going for me porting the maps and how tight GBA Doom is with stuff like new textures, I might not do a Delta port. Also I just tried episode 2 and it's awesome!
  8. Could I do a GBA port of Doom 32X Delta? I have working tools to make GBA Doom mods so would that be fine @Roebloz?
  9. Wavy

    Help with modding GBA Doom

    GOT TEXTURES TO WORK! I just put the textures that i want to use into a random wad, made them the Doom format, then extracted the textures as BMP's with DeuTex. Then BOOM they work now.
  10. Wavy

    Help with modding GBA Doom

    Shucks, well thanks anyways. I'll do my own experimenting. =)
  11. Wavy

    Help with modding GBA Doom

    The editor only supports 8 bit BMP's unfortunately. Also when you say sub-formats, do you mean the bit depth or something else?
  12. Hey everyone. I started to use svKaiser's tools for GBA Doom to hack it, however I'm having a problem. When I use LMPDMP.exe with the command to dump the sprites found in the included pdf (LMPDMP.exe gbadoom.wad -dumpgbasprites), it gives me this error: Can't open LMPDMP.exe/Sprites/POL5A0.lmp Should mention that my Sprites folder didn't have anything in it before hand, as the pdf said that the sprites would be dumped by LMPDMP.exe. I think @Dexiaz could help, as he made GBA Doom: The Lost Levels. Also Dexiaz, do you have that GBA Doom Editor from kgsws-CZ by any chance? As the one found here is a dead link Edit: I found that GBA Doom editor on the Kippykip forums (which you can get here) but I'm having an issue where I cannot import a map wad. So if my wad includes one map and that map includes all nessecary map lumps (LINEDEFS, SIDEDEFS, LEAFS, ect) and I import it in to the GBA Doom Editor, I get this message: If anyone has any idea, that would be awesome as that means that I probably don't need to use Kaisers tools Edit 2: OK so that map load error is just a false positive, so maps work luckily. However I have a new problem, that being that imported 8-bit BMP images are corrupted. look:
  13. Epic cat thing with horns