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Status Updates posted by Wavy

  1. Happy 3 years and 1 day of me existing on this site :)

  2. Thought that just came to me: My banner looks like Lockstep from Rhythm Heaven



    Someone should totally make a Revenant version, come to think

  3. Wish I could be more active here honestly

    1. NegativeTen
    2. Wavy


      Hehe thanks! Shiver is best girl

  4. I haven't made a new map in over a year and I think it's time for that to change.

  5. Happy two-years-of-me-existing-on-this-site everyone!

  6. Just noticed that you edited the latest SomeOrdinaryGamers video. Good stuff ;)

  7. Woulda done something for April Fools, but alas, I haven't had the chance to. Oh well.

    1. URROVA


      so, today is "skepticism: the day", huh...

  8. I've been thinking about doing a speedmapping MegaWAD.


    Basically, I'll make a 1-2 hour speedmap everyday for 3 weeks (meaning 21 maps in total), then stitch them together into 3 episodes with 7 maps. I don't think I'll do 3 weeks back-to-back, but I'll still do 3 weeks worth of speedmaps.


    I've been in a bit of a mapping block recently, so doing this should help with my creativity. Plus, I already have an idea for a map, so I guess I'll start now.

  9. It's November 27th, which means that I've turned 1 year old!


  10. My save for Black Mesa is gone and I have no idea why it was deleted. Plus I was through a decent chunk of the game.




    Edit: So doing some reading, it seems that the devs modified the actual map data for the game. This would mean that previous save game data couldn't be compatible with the new version of BM.


    I guess it makes sense, but I'm still annoyed. I guess I can just continue from the chapter I was on though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Teo Slayer

      Teo Slayer

      That has happened to me in some games, it's annoying damn

  11. Winner for the longest (1 month) and most mundane derail ever probably:


  12. Happy Cirno day!


    If anyone wants it, here's a fullbody edit of Cirno's PCB portrait that I made. (as I couldn't find anything similar online)




    Her PCB portrait was cut off by the sides, so I used this ZUN illustration but AI upscaled and attached the cut sides to her original PCB portrait. I also did some slight editing to clean it up.


    Use it for what you need, no credit needed.

  13. Give me custom toilet. Now


    I'd like one with very detailed FIREBLU covered all over it. Thanks

  14. Is kippykip.com down? When I visit it I get greeted to a page saying: "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later." Is it down for maintenance?