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  1. Metalmorphosis

    What are you listening to?

  2. Metalmorphosis

    So where does your username come from?

    My username is... well, a song title from Die Krupps' album "III - Odyssey of the Mind". I'm using it since, ugh... don't know, 23 years?
  3. Metalmorphosis

    Name your current favorite band/artist

    I don't have one favorite band, there are too many to name here. But I really like to listen to these bands a lot: Project Pitchfork Metallica Memoriam Equilibrium Cannibal Corpse Korpiklaani Nile Vader Alestorm Eisregen Those Damn Crows Finntroll Guns n'Roses
  4. Metalmorphosis

    Noob made an level for Doom

    Yes, the music plays. No, the skyboxes could be look better, but that's not the problem here. I have made some screenshots of one location I could find easily now, and a screenshot from the editor. In the editor there is no missing texture, but part of the sector overlaps the other sector resulting this effect.
  5. Metalmorphosis

    Noob made an level for Doom

    I like E1M2, it's big and has very nice ideas. The Cyber's did spook the hell out of me, to be honest. But, as already been said, it needs some work on the textures. At some points I encountered missing textures.
  6. Metalmorphosis

    Difficulty of a final level of an episode - Need a little advice...

    Thanks for testing it. :) Somehow the monsters won't come after you, as if they don't know how to use the stairs. I guess I try to use a mechanic to block the way back up. I was thinking that the Cacos they way they are might be just dumb. Yeah, I'm gonna changing that in some way. I will overhink the final battle with the barons, thanks for the ideas. Huh, I didn't know about the S1 and SR actions. Well, I guess I really need to go through the other maps later and correct that. Thanks for that. The secret room with the rocket launcher is a good example for what I meant in the first place, being the mapper I know what to do there. Thanks, I will change that. Hm, it seems I forgot making the lava harmful. Changing that too, of course. Mouselook shouldn't be needed when I started to map an entire episode. Something I missed here. I already have an idea how to change that. Thanks again for the feedback, Isquilt. Brings me to some ideas I didn't think about.
  7. Hi! I'm new to this community, but watching it for some time now, while I'm mapping a complete Episode for The Ultimate Doom. Maps for E1M1 to E1M4 and E1M9 are finished but still need polishing, since I was learning more and more while I was mapping. E1M5 is nearing completion, but not ready yet. E1M6 and E1M7 are not even started. During the last week I was mapping the last level for "Knee Deep in the Dead", E1M8. I'm quite satisfied how it turned out, but I'm not sure about the difficulty. It seems to easy for me. Well, yeah, I made the map, so... but... I've attached the map E1M9 to this topic, feel free to test it. It doesn't need anything else except Ultimate Doom. The only port I'm testing with is GZDoom, I hope there are no problem with other ports. Play it in Ultra Violence, otherwise the level would be quite empty. Before I forget: I'm aware of the stucked Imp there. E1M8_Metalmorphosis.zip