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  1. Sylevernas

    Warhammer 40k Astartes

    Perhaps have the Super Shotgun slot/Storm Bolter be a Unique Weapon for a specific Space Marine (And make the Vengeance Launcher the Ultramarine Unique Weapon) in lieu of the Storm Bolter, which would get it's RoF ramped up (but damage reduced) Idea for a Salamanders loadout: 1) Bolter/Shotgun/Heavy Bolter as standard 2) Grav Hammer for the Melee 3) Replace BFG with Heavy Meltagun 4) Unique Weapon: Plasma Pistol?
  2. Sylevernas

    Astartes and Freedoom

    Good to know. :)
  3. Sylevernas

    Astartes and Freedoom

    I've been playing the brilliant Astartes mod (Courtesy of @nekostuffing) and decided to give the Freedoom levels with the Hell on Earth Starter Pack a spin (with the Blood Angel loadout from Astartes). However, i noticed that the typical enemies get replaced with snakemen corpses, or I get texture clash issues.
  4. Sylevernas

    Warhammer 40k Astartes

    Perhaps have the Storm bolter uses same ammo Bolter and Heavy Bolter (Meaning Hard Cap at 600)
  5. Sylevernas

    Warhammer 40k Astartes

    Thanks for the advice, and good to hear that we might be getting Choas enemies in the near future. ETA: Noticed that the Storm Bolter seems to have unlimited ammo.
  6. Sylevernas

    Warhammer 40k Astartes

    Fair enough, however, I still have loads of "R_Installspritelump: Bad frame characters in lump ____", "Script Warning, ____, Line ____, unknownclass name/Tried to define class name ___, of type ____" error messages upon bootup
  7. Sylevernas

    Warhammer 40k Astartes

    Hi, enjoying this wad so far, and am hopeful to see it improve in the years to come (Favourite loadout is either Black Templar or Blood Angel). However, I have had some issues: 1) I seem to get a lot of console error messages when loading the wad up (Lots of Red "r_Installspritelump: bad frame characters in Lump ___" and Orange Text "script warning: unknown class name") 2) Enemy death triggers don't work (Kill E1M8 bosses and the Pentagram Wall doesn't descend and allow you to finish the level and in Map08 of Doom 2 (i had to cheat in both instances)) UPDATE on issue #2: Vanilla enemies activate Death Triggers without problem. What I would hope to see in the future: 1) Enemies that resemble 40K Chaos enemies (The Lost Soul fits surprisingly well as a Nurgle entity, though), and a Defiler would make a great Spider Mastermind substitute. 2) Much like in the spirit of original DOOM Music, some midi'd HMKids (Awesome 40k themed band)