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  1. Silent Wolf

    Edgiest Video Game Protagonists

    BJ from Wolfenstein: The New order. His inner monologue sounds like it was written by the edgiest group of 14 year old's on the planet. I'm directly quoting from the fandom page: https://wolfenstein.fandom.com/wiki/William_J._Blazkowicz/Quotes "Death at the gates again. Howling my name. Can't greet you today. I have a war to win" Steel. Stone. Concrete for miles. I wonder if there's anything in this world worth saving. Desolation. Tyranny. Enemy of endless might. I wonder if I have any friends left standing. It comes down to it, I'll fight alone. But I'll promise you this: friends, if this is where they're keeping you. I will find you, and set you free." And my personal favourite :And they grieve their dead. Such raw sorrow. Can't partake. Mine would flood oceans. It would drown me. If I let it out." @TheMagicMushroomMan, My personal favourite rogue warrior quote would have to be: "it's a goatfuck, admiral". Whoever wrote Mickey Rourkes Lines is a poet.
  2. Silent Wolf

    Whats with the randy being "greasy" thing?

    Apologies, it seems I was thinking of the wrong project. I remember that project became Bombshell( like you said). It's sad that they killed that game and something mediocre came out of it .
  3. Silent Wolf

    Whats with the randy being "greasy" thing?

    I think it was called Duke Nukem reloaded. According to Wikipedia and Friedrick Shrieber, it was killed by Gearbox due to it being a prettier and better game than DNF ( which isn't saying anything). Another example of Gearbox being shady/scummy. Wikipedia:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_Nukem_3D:_Reloaded
  4. Silent Wolf

    Whats with the randy being "greasy" thing?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he also quite recently( i.e. a few years ago) refuse to pay Bobby Prince Royalties for his music in DN3D and sued 3D realms with some bogus lawsuit. Did anything actually come out of that, or was there a settlement
  5. Thoughts, everyone? Personally, I'm not entirely sold on the CG(?) animation, and it does feel a bit disconnected from the same visual aesthetic and general feeling that the two films had. I do like that the protagonist is a replicant ( Yes, I know that K is a replicant and no, that isn't a spoiler for 2049) on the run from Blade Runners, though I am apprehensive about the story. Will it have the same air of mystery and intrigue to it, and will it be a story worth telling in the first place, are the main questions on my mind. Overall, I'm not insanely hyped, but I am curious Here's the dubbed version of the trailer:
  6. This is the first time I've play tested one of your maps and … are you usually this evil? This is less a normal play test ( since it is a speedmap of sorts, with very few bugs), rather my own short analysis of the map. Played on UV, tested with GZDoom 4.6.0 Gameplay I really like how you've packed fights so densely, with majority of encounters taking place in one central area. The encounters themselves feel fair, though you do tend to use the limited space to move against the player, though I have a strong feeling this was intended. This actually adds a layer of tension to the combat that I quite enjoy, though I can see it not being for everyone. There's an almost experimental nature to the map as a whole, really. Layout I can't with due honesty write much about the layout without it feeling like padding, so I'll say this: Everything is fairly short and simple, and generally to the point. Same goes for the texturing and detailing in the map. Bugs None that I saw. Conclusion I really enjoyed playing through this, and I really hope you continue making these small maps. You could probably take these and make them into a short mapset, if you wanted to. Anyway, hopefully this ramble gave you some useful feedback. I consider this worth it if it does.
  7. Silent Wolf

    Joke Question: Doom AI or COD AI

    Are you implying that this thread had a purpose?
  8. Silent Wolf

    Belial's Keep - Blood Skulls updated

    Yes, I was playing with GZDoom 4.6.0
  9. Silent Wolf

    Belial's Keep - Blood Skulls updated

    Hey Smeg, I wanted to test your map but I'm a bit stuck. How do I open this door in the fiery pit:https://imgur.com/a/StZmMrz
  10. Silent Wolf

    Dead Space Remake Confirmed---Currently in Production

    Very skeptical about this, especially since EA was the one that brutally murdered this franchise in the first place by... well, being EA. Low hanging fruit.
  11. Silent Wolf

    What radio do you listen?

    I don't often listen to the radio in the car ( I usually have my own earphones with me), since I don't like the majority of music played( I do listen to news broadcasts though). When I'm working or mapping, I usually listen to one of two radio streams ( technically radio stations) through youtube. I'll leave links for those interested:
  12. Silent Wolf

    Creative drain

    I think you may have posted this in the wrong subforum, since it probably would have got more attention elsewhere. The way I deal with a creative blockage is to either play more maps by other authors and find new inspirations, or stop mapping for a while and then come back to the map at a later time. Sometimes, when I'm really stuck and unsure of what to do next, I try and look at the map from different angles to solve my problem.
  13. Silent Wolf

    sussy imposter amongus wad

    So... are shitpost wads an actual thing now?
  14. Silent Wolf

    What are you currently reading?

    "The shining" By Stephen King. My first foray into his works, and I can see why he is such a highly praised writer.
  15. Silent Wolf

    how to make car and truck in ultimate doom builder?

    You need to create the vehicles using sectors ,yes. Hope this helps.