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  1. Map05: 11 Holidays-Silverminer New weapon ahoy! We're introduced to the auto shotgun, a powerhouse that, similar to pretty much every weapon introduced so far, absolutely destroys any opposition. It fires for as long as you hold down the fire button. You'll need this weapon as this is another tough one. The thing I like most about these new weapons is that they perfectly balance out the difficulty of these maps so well. It's really testament to the skills of the mapper that they feel this balanced. Nothing so far feels unfair. I have the tools to survive an encounter or solve a problem, I just need to work out the best way to use them. I'd love to know the context behind this name. Does it fit with the holiday theme or...? Kills: 100% Secrets: 0% Map06- Hidden Ship In Pirate's cove- Ubergewei Another new weapon, another new powertrip. This map introduces a new enemy called the bleached cyberdemon, which fires plasma projectiles in bursts. It sounds threatening, but your arsenal more than makes up for it. The blaster is introduced, which is a powerful automatic weapon that replaces the chaingun. I don't have all that much to say about this map. I do really like the pirate ship near the end, and the doomcute cannons are really.. well, cute. Kills: 93% Secrets: 33% Map07-WAREHOUSE- WalterC A very abstract warehouse. This is a bit of a weird one. You're essentially strafe running over various "islands" of a warehouse of sorts. It's fun, but I can't help but feel that this may be one of the weaker maps in the set. I like the premise, though the gameplay feels a bit middling. I still had fun though. kills: 100% Secrets: 0%
  2. Silent Wolf

    I made my first Doom 2 wad.

    Hello, Could you please read through this.
  3. Map04: Surf's Up In Nuketown- Cheesewheel Doomcute surfboards! The carnage continues as we descend upon a very abstract town. There's more resistance then usual here, with the opening fight through the town being very challenging, though the pistol helps alleviate that challenge a little bit. I missed picking up the cell cannon on my first try, which made the map much, much more difficult. Picking up the cell cannon is almost compulsory. I enjoyed this one, too. So far there hasn't been a single map I disliked. Also, doomcute surfboards. Kills: 100% Secrets : 100%
  4. Silent Wolf

    favorite video game soundtracks

    Dusk because dusk kicks ass. The reworked xen is a masterclass in matching excellent visuals and great gameplay, as does this awesome soundtrack.
  5. Map03: Beachside Bookworms- Doomkid Interesting place to put a library. Two branching paths, both filled with pain. Fortunately, this map gives you access to the cell cannon, whose sprite I recognize from Star Wars: Dark Forces. The cell cannon is basically a more powerful rocket launcher, and, as all weapons in the arsenal so far, it absolutely decimates monsters. I love it. The path directly in front of you from the starting position is the path where you acquire the cell cannon, which is the recommended one. The second path is the library itself, which is packed to the brim with enemies. You'll need a lot of health and ammo if you want to survive. More spicy than the last map, but really fun overall. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Ray Mohawk 2 has in store for us. Kills: 100% Secrets: 50%
  6. Silent Wolf

    the chrispack releasing soon!

    Small piece of advice: You don't have to create a separate thread to advertise the wad. When you create a thread, it bumps it up to the top. People are bound to see it then :)
  7. Map02- Ossuary of the hula imps-MidnightMage Hula imps are now a thing, apparently. There's a bit of a difficulty curve here, which is understandable, since the difficulty and maps need to accommodate the powerful arsenal at the player's disposal. The final red key door fight in particular is rather brutal, yet satisfying to overcome, since you'll be mostly using the pistol and shotgun. I forgot to mention in my last post about a new enemy and weapon. The gauntlets , which replace the chainsaw, are basically the gauntlets from Heretic, except faster and more lethal. They're also much more fun to use, since you can kill small hordes of low tier enemies without taking too much damage, if any at all. There's also a new enemy introduced in the preceding map that fires a flame projectile, then smaller projectiles. Similar to the previous map, I really like how open the layout is and allows for free-flowing player movement, and contributes nicely to the overall flow of the map. Another map That I really, really liked. Kills: 98% Secrets: 0%
  8. It's time for the sequel! This time, Ray must help the rebuilding of civilization and reclamation of cities by reclaiming Ray's home from the mutants and demonic forces. Let's wreak Havok! Map01- Back Ashore!- GZDoom-Pistol starts- Seeking validation Doomkid may have gone overboard with the arsenal and I love it. A really, really promising opening that allows the player to come to grips with the arsenal, namely the pistol and shotgun ( I couldn't get to the chaingun replacement), both of which have new sprites. The pistol absolutely decimates monsters, as does the shotgun. Doomkid cleverly lets the player has the player use the pistol for a longer period of time, letting the player see the damage output and rely on it for the vast majority of the map, even after they acquire the shotgun. You can also carry more ammo now, with the pistol and shotgun carry up to 150 bullets and shells. It may seem overpowered, but Doomkid manages to balance it out with some difficult encounters that demand the player make use of both weapons. It's very clever design. I really liked this map. It's a great opening to what appears to be a promising new wad by Doomkid et al. kills: 99% Secrets: 100%
  9. Map06: The Maw Of industry End of the road. I can't really say I enjoyed the final map. This is mostly because of some awkward encounters, such as the arch-vile building with the yellow key, where you are forced to make use of doorfighting to eliminate him( I know that there is a gap in the front of the building, but this doesn't make the encounter any less awkward). The penultimate fight is also a bit frustrating if you missed the second door that is opened with the yellow key. It's manageable and a well constructed encounter, but I personally don't find it all that fun. The final fight with the cyberdemons is something I don't really understand. There's not enough cells to take on all four of them. I probably missed something. This is by no means a bad map, though. It just isn't really something I had fun playing. Overall, Roy Mohawk's Manic Monday is a great mapset that has simplistic maps that are tons of fun to blast through. I can't wait to start playing Ray Mohawk 2: Ray wreaks havok tomorrow. Kills: 96% Secrets: 0%
  10. Silent Wolf

    Help with testing

    Hello, This thread is in the wrong subforum. It needs to be in the Wads and Mods sub forum. Report your post and request a move. If you want people to test your map, you're going to need to give them more information. Please read through this thread. If you want to find more playtesters, I'd highly recommend DMing the people in this thread . Just please remember that not all of these playtesters are very active.
  11. Map05: Big room with baddies A very honest map title. It seems things are getting much more difficult with the penultimate map of Ray Mohawk. The layout is more open, there are hitscanners everywhere and Health is low. I deserve that, since I did choose "Seeking Validation". I really like the layout and how open it is. There's so much space to move around and strafe. I tend to like layouts like this, and dislike layouts that are too narrow or cramped. An open layout makes gameplay so much more enjoyable, as you can make full use of player movement. A lot of higher tiers enemies are used here, such as Cacos and revs. I can't help but feel that the SSG should have been given to the player earlier, since using the shotgun on cacos gets repetitive very quickly. Still a really solid map with fun gameplay and a nice layout. On to the finale! Kills: 100% Secrets: 0%
  12. Understandable. It’s just one of those design choices I don’t really like all that much :D
  13. Map04- We Love Pollution ...Okay...? There's a considerable ramp up in Difficulty here. Even though I'm playing from rifle start, there is still a lot of difficulty to be had, Mostly because of the high monster count and hitscanners, though this never feels like DK is spamming hitscanners. You'll be more than equipped to take them on. There's very little else to really talk about. It's just another great Ray Mohawk map. kills:100% Secrets: 50% Map05- Little Oasis I refuse to walk like an Egyptian. A very punchy map. It wastes no time in throwing you into the action, with a small amount of zombiemen to gun down in the starting area. I'm not all that fond of being forced to go in one direction to get a better weapon, though. I just don't like feeling that I'm at a disadvantage because I decided to go in one area before the other. This is definitely one of the harder maps in Ray Mohawk in terms of enemy density. The area after the door to the right of the archvile is brutal, with enemies on either side, as well as zombiemen and revenants on the main path. It's a really fun setup thanks to the liberal usage of explosive barrels, blowing up packs of weaker enemies will never not be cathartic. Not a big fan of the Bangles. kills: 99% Secrets: 50%
  14. Silent Wolf

    Your favourite sound in Doom

    Without a doubt the Doom 2 SSG firing sound. It's still loud and impactful to this day.
  15. Silent Wolf

    Help on creative inspiration

    The best advice I could give you is to play other wads. See what you like and draw inspiration from them ( not outright steal, of course). See what you like about a megawad/mapset/map. Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places. These days I like to draw some of the layout on paper to get the creative juices flowing. Even if you have a small idea of a starting area, drawing it will let you get in that mood to map, and help ideas flow easier. It's especially helpful when speedmapping. Just don't forget to have fun. Don't force yourself to map when you lack ideas or not know what to do next. Good luck on making your map :D