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  1. Silhouette 03

    BlackJack Series

    Hello :) Please read this and edit your post accordingly.
  2. Silhouette 03

    Forest/Mansion Test Map .WAD

    Ah, right. Misread that, ha ha. But still, people do tend to enjoy short maps, especially standalone maps that are limited to a specific number of lines.
  3. Silhouette 03

    Forest/Mansion Test Map .WAD

    Hello and welcome to Doomworld @Lowy-♥ :) Firstly: If you're going to criticize what is evidently a newcomer's map, then please be constructive. We want to encourage people to get into mapping, not dissuade them. More mappers means more talent. You and I both know it takes time and practice to make Doom map. This I agree with. Adding Height variation is key to making the map stand out. On the contrary, a lot of people these days enjoy very short maps. Look at micro slaughter community project and the various Scythe inspired projects :) This I somewhat agree with. As a newer mapper OP should spend as much time as possible refining what's there, get feedback and learn from your mistakes. Make a lot of maps, and then you'll start to improve. Now, on to the map. Apart from the flatness, there's also not much structure to the map, and the progression is really basic. In your next map, I'd highly recommend trying to structure your encounters. When I place a monster, what role does it play, and does it place pressure on the player to do something or act quickly? I'm also a beginner mapper, so I also struggle with structuring combat encounters, but through practice you begin to use the vanilla enemies in interesting ways. Progression can be basic, but in this case it's a bit lacking. Maybe start by having doors that need keys to open, or lowering bars to get into another area. Basic, but effective progression can be fun. You don't have to pull a Hexen XD Here's a video that helped me learn what not to do when I released my abysmal first map: Community projects are a great way to flex your mapping muscles and get some really helpful feedback, which can help you improve even more. The Doomworld Maximum project is a really good place to start. It's open to everyone who follows the rules. Happy mapping!
  4. Silhouette 03

    Snow Wave (Christmas Community Project)

    How open is this project to newer mappers? I have nearly three years of mapping experience. I can also DM you one of my maps if you'd like to take a look at my work.
  5. Silhouette 03


    First off, screenshots. This isn't the first time you've released a map. I'm pretty sure I remember playing one of your maps. , Also: This doesn't strike me as confident. If you know your map is unbalanced, why are you releasing it? Okay, you really need to stop doing this. People are less likely to play your map now, because most people do not like terry wads. Your map not being a terry wad goes without saying. Again, Why the disclaimer? I'm not trying to be harsh, but I believe this needs to be said as I've seen your other map's OP. Presentation is everything.
  6. Some screenshots as requested. I don't know if this map will be accepted, but I had fun making it. It's not much of a looker though. Just wish I could do a 1984-themed map more justice.
  7. Silhouette 03


    Map Name: Arrival Author: Silhouette 93 Music: Outnumbered-Jimmy Sky: SKYAA_01 from resource pack Difficulty settings: Yes Build time: 6 hours Comments: I had a lot of fun making this, and the resource pack is awesome. Thanks to everyone involved :) Screenshots:
  8. Silhouette 03

    Recommend me Anime!

    Same, though it's more that I struggle to balance doing the things I enjoy. Personal recommendation For both the OP and Josh: Bungo stray dogs. I went into this expecting nothing and discovered one of my favourite series ever. It has so much charm and personality, and I like almost every character. Highly underrated. Dub is great too Vinland saga( with the Netflix dub). I started off having mixed feelings about this one, but then grew to love this show dearly. It's a revenge story done well. Cowboy bebop. Not by any means a perfect show, but it is fun. I love most of the main cast. Also, Steve Blum.
  9. Silhouette 03

    Keens not showing up in game-SOLVED

    Yeah, that's it. I forgot I had that on when testing XD Thanks Rata :)
  10. Silhouette 03

    Keens not showing up in game-SOLVED

    Hello. I've been trying to learn the keen die 666 trigger, and for some reason the keens won't show up in game. I'm using UDB R4112 to make the (test) map, and GZDoom 4.10.0 to test the map. Download for test map. The map is in Boom format
  11. Silhouette 03

    A very simple vanilla map

    It's the first post you made, right at the top of the thread.
  12. Silhouette 03

    A very simple vanilla map

    You can edit your first post( called the OP) and place your screenshots there. There's an edit button there.
  13. Silhouette 03

    my first wad

    Hello and welcome to Doomworld :) Please give this a read, and edit your post accordingly. This thread should also be in the wad releases and development sub forum. Congrats on releasing your first wad as well :D
  14. Map Name: We live and die in forgotten places part ii Author: Silhouette 03 Music: Holier than thou-Jimmy Format: Boom Co-op starts: Yes Difficulty settings: No Gimmicks: Chew on Dis!, Singular focus, Going Down! Comments: A Shorter sequel in name only to an older map of mine. Enjoy! Screenshots:
  15. Map Name: Site S Author: Silhouette 03 Music: Arrhythmia-Jimmy Format: Boom Build time: 58 minutes Co-op starts: Yes Difficulty settings: No Gimmicks: You can't blow a hole in Mars!, The Apocalypse, Hibernations over, Darkness Comment: A very simple yet atmospheric map. I hope you enjoy. Screenshots: