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  1. DoomerBoomer

    Parkour/Arch-vile jumps.wad

    That demon on the second platform is a spectre (spectre there for harder difficulties) and the powerup on the first platform is a megasphere (obvious reasons)
  2. DoomerBoomer

    Parkour/Arch-vile jumps.wad

    I am making a wad map for parkour jumps. For vanilla doom ports it's called Arch-vile jumps, to include vanilla ports I added the arch vile so you can perform jumps caused by the Arch-vile's attack, which makes this version of the wad difficult. For ports like GZDoom or any other port that has jumping I will remove the Arch-vile and it's platform but I will make it So it is as hard as the vanilla version of this wad. Heres an image of the first room. (vanilla doom version) That enemy behind player spawn is commander keen, forgot to get rid of him wad is still work in progress... I accidentally added another sector in the room (explains the diagonal line)