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  1. I'm not a very big merchandise collector, but I have to admit, that a sealed-in-box copy of DOOM 64 would tickle my fancy something fierce. The copy I have is the bare cartridge, got it secondhand. So having something like that, would be something of a crowning achievement.

    Doom Advanced - A Doom II Total Conversion

    I trust this as much as I trust the government with my tax money

    Am I a pu**y if I cheat?

    Games are supposed to be fun. An escape from the problems of reality. The notion born of the tough-as-nails Soulsborne tryhards, that, if a game isn't prolapsing your anus at every turn, then it's too easy/you're cheating, is total horseshit. People deserve to have fun. Play how you want, and I say others should do the same. You wanna cheat, then cheat. Simple as. Hell, I usually play with sv_unlimited_pickup on, to be frank with you.
  4. Shadow Base was the first .wad I ever worked on, a good couple years back, at the start of my mapping career. It's a far cry from my modern mapping methodology, and for enemy placement, it's borderline slaughter-lite. It's old and cringe, but I'm uploading it here, because only a fool tries to erase their past. Shadow Base is just as much a part of my history and identity as J25 and M17 have been. It contains a single map, with sections partitioned off by teleports (the first teleporter has a weird texturing glitch, that only shows up in gameplay, but not in Doombuilder. IDK how to fix it now, and I sure didn't back then.) Unlike the original upload, this contains an actual cwilv00 and dehacked patch for the map name, as well as new music for the title screen, intermission, and d_runnin, itself. My screenshots are too big to send here, so you folks'll be going in relatively blind. Just know this; do NOT try to 100% this, you will not have a good time. Can be downloaded HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qiotnssksfpk4fs/Shadow_Base_Revised_%282022%29.zip/file

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    Yes, I looked the song up, and it's what I was looking for.

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    OKAY SO That video I uploaded got copyright claimed, so mystery solved. It's "Vow" by the band "Garbage".

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    Something that has bugged me for the past few years, is the nature of the "d_doom2" replacement, in the community megawad, DOOM 2 Redux. The readme file credits two midi authors, but only "for their contributions", rather than specific song credits. Given how some songs in the wad are NOT originals, such as the "A New Level" by Pantera midi on Map01 (which I can literally find on freemidi.org), I am genuinely unsure if this song is an original by one of the authors (corlong50 and mikeyarpeggio), or if it's something that was lifted. A link to an unlisted upload of the song on my channel can be found here: Any help in concluding this mystery is greatly appreciated.

    Song Origin Search? (DOOM 2: Redux)

    Seeing as this got (almost) no traction, I probably should try my luck there. Thanks.
  9. One song from 2017's DOOM 2 Redux has stayed firmly stuck in my mind, ever since I first played it. The track is a replacement for d_doom2. Looking through the readme, corlong50 and mikeyarpeggio are broadly credited for their musical contributions to the project at large, without any specific song credits. I know that SOME songs aren't all original, such as d_runnin being Pantera's "A New Level", d_messag being Dream Theater's "Scene Six: Home", etc. So the d_doom2 replacement is something of a mystery to me, and it's really been bugging me; I cannot tell if it's an original, or if it's something else? I extracted the midis from the wad, to see if any info could be found in the channel names, and so on, and found nothing. Any help in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated. The song itself can be found here, for convenience sake: ADDENDUM: I wish to apologize in advance if this is not the appropriate category for this thread. I thought about where else to put it, but given the description of the Wads and Mods category, I had deemed it inappropriate for the nature of this thread.

    April 1st Speedmap

    always a pleasure, man
  11. The subject of this thread, is a simple speedmap I made, that took around 5 hours to make. It was constructed in Doombuilder, with external assets compiled in Slade. Tested with GZDoom V4.7.1., it was played through multiple times on Ultra-Violence, from a pistol start. Custom assets include a titlepic, and interpic (both made by a close friend of mine, who is, unfortunately, not a community member or figure), as well as multiple different sound sources. The speedmap itself can be downloaded HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ubrjq5dknfnauhv/April_First_Speedmap.zip/file (I would upload screenshots, but I'd have to manually downscale them, as they exceed the max file size allowed)
  12. Yyyyyeah, Clippy fell down there too. In hindsight I should have made the sides of the stairs unpassable. But Aquarius (as well as personal playtesters) didn't have that issue, so IDK lol
  13. I start my woodworking training course tomorrow. I'll have to catch the aftermath! PS: Don't get mulched by any dick traps :)
  14. After 12 spotty days of good work and mapper's block, containing copious amounts of ginseng pills and diet cola, I have finished the first build of my map, personally dubbed "The Ironclad Fortress" (as backed up by cwilv20). Featuring a midi rendition of Pantera's "Becoming", as covered by RazTor (cns@post7.tele.dk), this hellish map should take even the most avid of secret hunters, only a couple minutes to beat, as the core tenets of my personal mapping philosophy shine through; simple but not ugly geometry, brief challenging (but not unfair) and punchy combat, and atmosphere to help carry the experience. Taking up what is, at least for now, the Map21 slot, The Ironclad Fortress can be found here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5vmpunjnesaczv8/MEMEAIDS_Contest_Entry_January_Build.zip/file Any and all input is greatly appreciated. Many thanks to @Doomkid for both hosting this contest, and being an inspiration and aid during the development process. Screenshots:
  15. Thanks, mate! I'm trying to make each section of the map as striking and distinct as possible.