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  1. So the level I was creating a while ago as a sort of gift/tribute thingy for JD Herrera, based on the vibes of his song "Inside The Devil's Lungs" got fucking wiped somehow, with no backup.

    Fuck my stupid baka life.


    BEST Offical level?

    Fucking WORMHOLE. It embodies everything I loved about TNT. Good custom music, incredible atmosphere, aesthetics, and a standout setpiece. It doesn't bother me that a good literal half of the level is completely optional.
  3. Wolfenstein 3D, on my dad's desktop, ~2004. Never too young to partake in the All-American Pastime of mowing down Them Dang Ol' Nahtzees. Mom had those Dr. Seuss point and click games on there for me, but Dad was rocking the real shit, and he'd always let me try.
  4. Fun Fact: The cat is actually owned by a friend! I just habitually save images OF said cat (often with bizarre filenames) It was a spur of the moment thing, to include the picture along with the wad.

    How do you all play wads?

    I play "reasonably casually, with a hint of bloodthirst." Which is to say, I don't necessarily give a complete toss about 100% Secrets/Items, and I just take my merry time. But along the way, I will at least TRY to go for 100% kills, unless - in the almighty words of MtPain27 - "its just not worth it". No way in bullfucking Hell am I going to scour some over-designed eyecandy map the size of Kentucky, just to find that one zombieman that got lucky.
  6. What can I say? "How'd I Do?" is a guilty pleasure of mine. I blame Civvie.

    Favorite Doom Music Composer?

    I have no one favorite, considering they've all got merits and strengths. But my top favorites are definitely Mark Klem, JD Herrera, and Jeremy Doyle.

    YOUR least favorite Doom enemy, and why?

    Its a tie between Pain Elementals and Archviles. Anything that can create a variable for which the default/intended state of a game scenario can be re-balanced AGAINST the player (and their limited resources) is nothing short of infuriating. Certainly under the right circumstances, you can completely neuter a Pain Elemental, but more often than not, you'll be dumping precious ammunition into the cavalcade of Lost Souls they managed to puke out, because you had the audacity to fail to completely stunlock it in the middle of a hectic battle. And Archviles are the same thing but worse. Can't completely obliterate them in 2 seconds? Fuck you, now you have to waste ammo on enemies you already killed.
  9. Uploaded this a while back

  10. Demons, Teletubbies, same thing, frankly!
  11. You awaken in the entryway of a strange, run-down building, the stench of sulfur burning in your nostrils. Every breath burns your lungs, and a pit forms in your stomach... Before you lays a dismal sight of the dead and decaying matter of that which was once man... All around you, you hear the screeches and snarls of beasts, most unholy. The only thing to your name, is a measly pistol... You have entered... THE NEUROCORE! ------------------------------------------------------------ Yes, this single-level replacement .WAD was based on a dream I had the night before I started building it. I had a few hiccups here and there when making this, but now it is finally complete. Every part I vividly remember, has been translated to the screen, to the best of my (questionable) mapping ability. Neurocore replaces the MAP12 slot, and is balanced for a Pistol Start, from UV. Singleplayer only. No new textures or sounds. New d_dm2ttl, d_dm2int, and d_theda2 (A Path Beyond, How'd I Do?, and Dirt, respectively) Map was built in Ultimate DOOM Builder, and tested with GZDoom v4.8.2. Recommended port is GZDoom v4.8.2. or higher. [OPL Synth Emulation is recommended for the music settings!!!] Hardware-accelerated video mode recommended (HOM effect in some places, when using software rendering) ------------------------------------------------------------ Special thanks to @Doomkid for having given me express permission to use his Alice in Chains midis - with Dirt being put to special use in the level itself ;3 Thanks also goes to Lee Jackson, and Mr. Freeze, for "How'd I Do?" and "A Path Beyond". DOWNLOAD HERE: NEUROCORE.zip Input, as always, is very much appreciated!
  12. New Blood, easy-fucking-peasy.
  13. I can't rightly speak on any OVERused unofficial tracks, but I think that Blood midis outside of Infuscomus and Unholy Voices get absolutely SLEPT on. The other tracks in Blood's midi OST are such an incredible basis for cultivating a gripping atmosphere, that wad authors just kind of... Ignore.
  14. Not really "pistol-only" in the traditional, literalist sense, but I ensure that ALL of my maps are feasibly beatable (IE: 100% kills without resorting to infighting or punching) from a pistol-start, on Ultra-Violence, without secret goodies. (Secrets in my eyes are meant to be bonuses, not mandatory for not wanting to pull your hair out)
  15. Just earlier today in an Oblige wad, I managed to use an Arachnotron as a body shield against two Chaingunners. It was disporportionately hilarious, and my admittedly spartan description doesn't do the situation justice. I was backed in a bloody corner, if it helps lol