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  1. NintenGunner


    Never gets old. Surprisingly easy if you know the strat, too.
  2. NintenGunner

    Fireblu2 is the better fireblu texture.

    Both Fireblus are the most confusing and out-of-place textures in the game. I love them, 10/10, best textures. But to be serious though, both are great in their own right. Fireblu is Fireblu, what is Fireblu2 without Fireblu1? Fire doesn't even look like a real word anymore after looking at this discussion.
  3. NintenGunner

    Playing with mods?

    I'm a big fan of gameplay mods and total conversions that change up the game in an interesting new way instead of just adding onto regular Doom. But if I play a mappack/megawad with one mod, I'll probably play it vanilla too to get the true taste of a map. I usually like playing on Treasure Tech or Doom Delta. It all comes down to personal preference, I guess.