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  1. X-Blade

    beta testers wanted

    Bah...Sirius is nothing like my work on Doom 3057. Besides, Doom 3057 is no longer my project nor am I involved with it so please don't associate me with it. BTW, Lüt, if you're going to suggest that Sirius will suck because you didn't like the Doom 3057 demo, then don't bother to download it. While I think I did a good job on it thus far, there are some people whose superiority complex is never satisfied.
  2. X-Blade

    beta testers wanted

    Well, just so you know, that is the first of 2 introductory levels. I'm not really focusing on the details in those. I did, however, put in some cool effects in them. The third map is extremely detailed. It will blow you away. I haven't posted screenshots of it yet because it hasn't been re-texturized. Trust me, this has both atmosphere AND detail.
  3. X-Blade

    beta testers wanted

    The Sirius Coalition is nearing completion. Anybody who wishes to take part in the playtesting is welcome to join. I encourage all interested people to visit the site and email me when you've taken a look around. Thanks. http://www25.brinkster.com/xblade2767/sirius/
  4. X-Blade

    New ZDoom Beta

    He's already released v1.23b31!!!
  5. X-Blade

    New ZDoom Beta

    This version is definitely more stable for me. I have not yet had a crash. I did, however, notice that WadAuthor cannot correctly interpret an ACC 1.18 generated BEHAVIOR lump. That's not Randy's problem, though. That problem belongs to Williston Consulting if they ever do release a new version of WadAuthor.
  6. X-Blade

    Legacy Frads

    Hey, Remember DoomHQ? Well I typed in www.doomhq.com and found an interesting surprise...Heh...Check it out!
  7. X-Blade

    The Coalition Gains In Density

    Hmm...well, I chose a free site that didn't have ad banners and look what I get. A 10 hit maximum...bah! Time to find a new home.
  8. X-Blade

    Maonth Interview

    Come on you guys! Do you know how hard it is to coordinate a large project like this? So Maonth left a few questions unanswered, so what? Part of the greatest satisfaction out of doing a project like this is the suspense of your followers and their surprise and reaction when they see the finished work. If I were still in that position, I wouldn't have said much more than Maonth. If you don't believe me, here is an interview I did with IcarusWeb in May of 2000: <a href="[url="http://www.doomworld.com/icarusweb/interview5.html">Interview"]http://www.doomworld.com/icarusweb/interview5.html">Interview[/url] of the Month</a>
  9. X-Blade

    scared of post deletion? try this!

    Well...since I hardly make an appearance around here anymore, I don't really think I'd go there much, but what the hell, I'll register anyway!
  10. X-Blade


    I came back just to make this one post... One thing I won't be surprised to see is a lot of innocent Arabs in the U.S. getting the shit kicked out of them. In fact, New York City cab drivers disappeared after the incident. They probably knew someone would blame them. I'm also torn on whether or not Osama Bin Laden is the perpetrator. On one side, he usually takes credit for his dirtywork but this time he isn't taking credit but rather praising the work. On the other side, he may have realized that he really f***ed up big time and this time the U.S. will bring him to justice. Even if he didn't do it, I'd still like to see the bastard shot. As for those of you arguing about whether or not this was a well planned out attack, it was. All the planes were loaded with alot of jetfuel which was the reason why the building collapsed. The jetfuel burned at over 1600 degrees which basicly melted the whole support structure causing it to implode on itself. They also had to have known how to fly the airliner for one good reason: If you were the pilot and you had the choice of either being stabbed or to crash the plane into a building which would it be? I think the hijackers killed the crew and flew it themselves. Also, I think the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was an unknown heroic act. I think the terrorists attacked the pilot and when they tried to take control of the plane, the pilot depressurized the plane, sacrificing everyone's lives to thwart the terrorists' plan. It's funny how many terrorists we hear about are Islamic. It's gotten to the point where people assume all Islamic people are terrorists. Come on folks! It's not like the Koran has a special chapter on terrorism. Religion doesn't designate a terrorist. There are Christian terrorist groups. There are the Unions in Northern Ireland who exchange terroristic acts with the IRA. If everyone is that superficial, more innocent people will get hurt. We have to find the madmen. If it wasn't for that dumbf*ck Executive Order back in the 70's which made it illegal to go into a foreign country to assasinate someone, we would already be rid of Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and other madmen simply by hiring mercenaries. I think all the countries should get together and hire hundreds of mercenaries to kill these madmen, that way, when they are terminated, they will have no idea who to point their finger at. Well those are my thoughts. My prayers go out to everyone hurt, and as for the rest of you, go to the blood banks. That's the best thing you can do right now. I now withdraw myself from the community again. Goodbye.
  11. X-Blade


    Lighten up on the caps lock and punctuate your sentences...I don't really feel like deciphering "Retardish."
  12. I wouldn't exactly call you a veteran, ZarcyB. You haven't been around that long at all...Maybe a couple of months. Veterans have been here for years. You're not a veteran and it's a long time before you qualify as one. You're no longer a newbie, though. Right now, you're in that stage of "Just another person in the forum who has something to say that people would actually read..." :P
  13. X-Blade

    I apoligize.

    For a limited time as in until you think of another stupid thing to say? Oh, I can't contain the excitement I'm feeling. Oh joy! He's gone away to think of something stupid to say! You have lots of time to think about this one. Make it a good one! Oh, hurry back Ralphis. I need to hear your bitter-sweet stupidity again...I don't think I can live without it! :P
  14. X-Blade

    Have we become even more insane?

    Would that be the same two cents your dad spent on that broken condom? Sure inflation is bad today, but back then, your dad might have been able to get a few coffee beans for his pennies. Mac, too bad you weren't there to point out the coffee beans for sale. You might have saved us one Ralphis... :P
  15. I'm not saying it like it was some sort of sacred place. What I really meant was that I couldn't be absolutely sure because this is the internet and you don't know anything for sure just by IPs. My bad, yo.