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  1. Spore

    Save/Load (DOOM 3)

    Just click F5, then when you die, reload the quicksave not the start of the levels - no problem here. And BTW, in tough areas I have saved every 5 steps, lol.
  2. Spore

    Best doom3 ATI/Nvidia drivers...

    I think it is "show" not "draw" I am getting between 38 - 68 roughly. No slowdowns. I am using 61.77 - GF5900.
  3. Spore

    Doom 3 McCrashy

    I haven't had any crashes after an hour of play. Could be vid card/drivers or mem. A64 3500 GF 5900 1.5 GB 3200LL
  4. Spore

    doom 3 = average

    I love it and I jumped a few times so far.
  5. Spore

    Doom 3 cd-key

    Mine is in the place where disk 4 would be, if there was one in the jewel case.
  6. Spore

    Game pauses with every new opened door

    Maybe cpu or Ram then. It doesn't happen to me on High Settings but at 1024x768. I thought I read somewhere that 1GB ram helped run better. At least so far. lol A64 3500 GF5900 A8V 1.06 bios 1.5GB Corsair 3200LL Ram Windows XP
  7. Spore

    So here we are..........

    I have been a "lurker" for about 9 months, but reading instead of posting. lol. 2 hours here.
  8. Spore

    Circuit City Sunday Flyer...

    I agree, but the flyer will save me $10 at Best Buy. lol.
  9. Spore

    Doom 3 CD vs DVD

    Hmmm, my DVD version (UT2004) never required DVD to play.
  10. Spore

    Circuit City Sunday Flyer...

    They say they want have till the 6th, but have for $44.95 instead of the $54 everyone else has. Worth the wait? probably not. lol. I'll try to take the flyer to Best Buy Wednesday to get adjusted, but they will probably make me come back friday since C.C. want have till then. http://www.circuitcity.com/gamedetail.jsp?c=1&b=g&u=c&qp=0&bookmark=bookmark_0&oid=98309&catoid=-11621&m=0
  11. Spore


    Lets clarify. It is not "Illegal", meaning against the law, however they could be fined for braeking a retail agreement they have with company for releasing before official street date. Usually it is the small stores that do, very rarely will you see a big chain take the risk, i.e. Best Buy, Circuit City.
  12. Spore

    XFX 6800 GT arrived! Pics inside

    Maybe they will come down for christmas. (starts wishlist!!) lol.
  13. Spore

    Gamestop about to ship game?

    Yes some Best Buys are going to open at midnight to sell it on the 3rd! http://www.bestbuy.com/site//olspage.jsp?id=pcmcat38800050042&type=category
  14. Spore

    You thieving bastard!

    Have it preordered here!
  15. Spore

    So the June 15th rumour....

    Melfice - Sorry I meant from time of press release announcing had gone gold till on shelves was 2 - 4 weeks.