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  1. ianzazz

    What is your favorite monster & gun?

    cultist and napalm launcher
  2. ianzazz

    My first wad

    Played in GZDoom, was really fun.
  3. Whenever I test a level I have made in Slade, the preference screen pops up. When I close it, I get a warning about how I don't have any nodebuilders configured. (Even though I'm using GZDoom, which as far as I know, has built in nodebuilders) When I close THAT warning.... nothing. I tested the maps by loading them onto GZDoom manually and they work just fine. I followed the wiki tutorial step by step, still same result. I have the desktop file for gzdoom as the executable that it uses, is it supposed to be a different file? Help! I use arch btw, if that helps.