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  1. RxTxKx

    Unfinished Single Player Challenge Doom 2

    I'm genuinely really grateful for the feedback. I really value it because I've never been really deep into making single player stuff. The biggest concern going in with line blocks was mostly enemies acting weird, I kind of wanted to see if the line blocks would work for flanking enemies and generally trying to get advantages through different routes That's all I really have to say, but yeah I'd love to work out the issues with the design in the future, I really wanted to make sure pacing was a big part, I didn't really get to explore the final ideas I was working with, I started getting a bit distracted towards the end... That's why there were unused keycards. I wanted to have enemies that spawned in, in later levels, when you're backtracking to doors I'd have at the beginning How would you say the level design works? Like generally would they seem like they could be built upon, or maybe they seem pretty nicely laid out for gameplay?
  2. RxTxKx

    Unfinished Single Player Challenge Doom 2

    Update, here's so the final door will open on Map09 so you can finish it Wad Untitled 2021.ZIP
  3. I've been working on this Doom wad for a little while now, but I don't think I can make the time to really finish it... Anyways, I started doing stuff back in 2013, and stopped around 2015, and now I wanted to organize some of it, because I think someone might enjoy it. It's pretty difficult, and I've only tested it on Hurt Me Plenty. Also one map is completely unfinished, but they all have exits. I was going to do a full 32 map wad but chaos in life is making that impossible right now Doom 2, Single Player, tested in Skulltag / Made with GZDoom Builder, If you want to jump crouch or whatever I don't think that impacts gameplay but it's definitely not required, 9 Maps, classic Doom formula or key cards / and some switch hunting / and a run and gun formula (It's hard to exactly describe, but I tried different map layouts and I hope it's not confusing) Also it's pretty difficult. A lot of hit scanners, a lot of boss fights, I wanted to make something that felt rewarding to progress through Wad Untitled 2021.ZIP
  4. I used to be really invested in making maps for Doom 2, Death Match stuff specifically But in 2015 I actually got to a point where I wanted to pursue art (music) Now I have a lot of stuff I never had the opportunity to finish, as well as a 16 extremely small / moderately large maps I made in 2019 as a challenge for myself. Now I actually want to see if I could work alongside someone who could possibly flush these ideas out a bit to make them more linear, while I work on finishing up sketches I made a while back. My plan is to establish a base for the ideas, I'm awful at perfecting things, and have someone who could possibly just work with me to create some cohesive project I have more than hundred maps as well, from my old projects, spanning a few years, from like 2013 - 2015, even a lot of stuff I never even shared with my friends or the forums I'm not asking anyone to finish my projects, I'm just trying to offer my creative energy to someone who knows what they are doing, if that's fine... Thanks so much for reading, I'd really appreciate constructive feedback, doubts and optimism are valuable (Also my maps are extremely minimal, and creative liberties are 100% understandable and I don't consider it compromise to see my maps edited) Here are some of my 2019 maps;