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  1. Mangudai

    [RELEASED!!!] DISSENSION v1.3 Remaster

    How are you supposed to use Brutal doom together with this? Do you drag and drop an archive containing both files on gzdoom exe?
  2. Mangudai

    Good non mega wads to try out?

    Is it this one? https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/92390-water-spiritwad-now-on-idgames/
  3. Mangudai

    Korax Mod is back!

    1) Met a bug: I've been using barathus (warrior), but when I go in the camp, I meet barathus there, rather than the cleric. And Barathus has no dialogue. I'm playing with rpg rules - standard. Medium difficulty. Bug seems to be reproduceable. Just start a new game and use noclip to go straight to the portal in the first level, until it appears. 2) I would tone down the cost of the chaos device a bit, from 30 to 25/20, so it would be possible to play no reload with a bit more safety. 3) Currently, selling is not as fast as it could be: a) You're supposed to sell things one by one. Would it be possible to add bulk selling (5 items at once)? b) Another way would be making it so that after selling you're not going back to the main menu, you just stay in the menu itself until you say goodbye or go to the old menu. 4) Is intelligence useless for warriors? After all, they have martial skills, but intelligence makes a reference to spells. Let me know. 5) Which monsters can get summoned by the mage? No description inside the manual. I feel like they shouldn't turn on you and they should "improve" according to stats. 6) What about adding levitation to the mage? 7) Would it be possible to add a max roll option, so that I get the best rolls at the expense of health? I would love an option to have maxed stats with minimal hp (so in the case of fighter, all 12 + 4 on mental stats + 8 for battle rage + 64 health). Same for the other classes. 8) Seven portal hub: can you make the first portal appear instantly, rather than having to wait for who knows what? I'm referring to the portal where you can find an armorer hammer on its left. That portal brings you to a place with a ladder where you fight some monsters, use the lever and right after, you are supposed to go to the column that has a lightning sword pointing to it.
  4. Mangudai

    Scattered Evil for Hexen

    You would be surprised of the "diffidence" I met on other communities for archives, that's why I published the antivirus analysis. What I told about you hating the fighter wasn't "fair", I was just mad that I had the red screen when getting hit by the hammer of these ettins.
  5. Mangudai

    Korax Mod is back!

    So, how do you think I should fix the issue? I mean, I download the archive from the websites (tried both one from moddb and the one from Sourceforge) and put my hexen.wad on the folder, but it doesn't load correctly. Edit: fixed by doing the following: 1) Downloaded korax mod 5 and extracted it into a folder. 2) Downloaded Korax mod 5.1 and extracted it into the folder of the korax mod 5. Seems to work. Some requests: 1) Would it be possible to improve the red screen when being hit? I tried to play without the red screen thanks to the new visual option, but the lack of feedback when getting hit is not that great. Start hexen, put it on titan difficulty, go in the middle of the ettins and see how much "red" you get on the screen. I never remember being blinded by hexen even when being hit very hard - that's the issue I loathe about the current implementation inside korax of the red screen when being hit. 2) There is definitely something odd going on with the 7 portal puzzle. First of all, I finished all of it, but even if I read "the stones are grinding", the stone didn't collapse. I didn't care, I went in with noclip. Now I'm facing another issue, though. I cannot put the red gem on the shrine. [playing on standard rpg difficulty] 3) Pistol Start doesn't work anymore. You get teleported, but you don't get any weapon. 4) When you find the emerald key (in the place where there is the column) sometimes the door on the left of the lever goes down (and you teleport to the place with gold bar and the urn), sometimes it doesn't. Is there an explanation anywhere? 5) Can you add potions in the shop? Like potion of STR, Dex, and so on? 6) You know, part of me would like to ask if you could make an option in the setting to make Constitution and charisma retroactive. 7) Got a super great roll for Warrior, but given that I play dead no dead, I'm feeling sad I cannot use it anymore. It was 12/12/10/3/1/4 . Battle rage: 8 Let the player subtract health for more points :P - Customization please :D 8) let the player save the roll too, if possible.
  6. Mangudai

    Korax Mod is back!

    click alt and the mouselook will work again - The manual has informations about this and other things For the savegame, I don't know.
  7. Mangudai

    Scattered Evil for Hexen

    Okay, nice answers. I saw what you've done with the new Korax mod and I admit you re-invigorated my interest in this mod. So, when Scattered Evil 2.1 will be back, I will be back at it too. Given that you talked about missing the edited statements, I'm doing this post with all the questions that might be missed. I edited the old post, just for clarity, so if new player comes in, he won’t get confused. So I will be writing once again all the questions in the following post: 1) Torches. I’m not sure if I was using dynamic lightning, but on 2.1 I will check everything once again. I will say that two were the disappointing factors – the duration of the torch and the lack of light. 2) I'm inside an area where you meet many fighters fighting some monsters asking for your help. Summoning the maulotaurs there is a bad idea, because the maulotars fight your allies, rather than the enemies. The area has red serpents and ends with a vyvern fight. Also Maulotaurs are pretty useless. I casted three of them at once in the area and I was very very disappointed. They seem to last nothing and do not give the help I would expect them to. I would, at least, triple their duration, or make them permanent by halving their health pool. They should be scary, but they are not. Also, do they give the xp of the monsters they kill? That would be cool. 3) Archeological area. I think I got the item you are talking about: are you referring to the one that makes all the monster spawn? After killing all the monsters, I entered the gallery (where there is a pond with an item inside) and a right corridor (where there are two columns of fire with a skull). After this, I cannot leave the area. Am I missing a mini-passage? The corridor from which I’ve entered the area disappeared. I published my savegame here if you are curious: https://ufile.io/76imz393 If you are scared the archive above contains malware or w/e, this is a scan on virustotal of the archive: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/ZDUwMjg1ZmMyYjA2OTdlMmQ5OWQzYmU4NTk2ZjUyYTQ6MTYxNzAwNDIzOA==/detection You can even scan the file once again here if you are scared: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/ 4) You can use repulsion to deflect enemy hits (mage has this as ability), yet the reflected hit does very little dmg. I admit that's disappointing. I'm referring in particular to the first boss in the dungeon where you have the Korax face on the wall right before the boss. That "boss" should also give you one level worth. It's the first difficulty spike on medium difficulty, yet he gives almost no xp. 5) Are you planning to expand the roleplaying choices? I choose “chaotic evil”, yet there is no way to roleplay your own alignment. I want to raze cities, kill npcs for my experience and gold, destroy whole settlements. I would also like to kill the mages in their tower, the legion commanders and so on. Why can’t I be evil? The evil experience should be rewarding. I want to get the special items the mage have in their tower, the gold the legion commander has in their chest to pay the various soldiers, the cleric offerings on the church. There is none of this. 6) Please, think about adding an evil ending. Either let me ally with Korax or let me sub him. I would say that an evil ending could be started really simply, by making the player defend an assault of monsters on a city. Make a messenger reach the player and tell him that a city is currently being besieged by monsters and that everyone is going to die. Let the player go there, fight the monsters until he reaches the boss. But rather than fighting straight, the boss tells him he can have the chance to join them. 7) There is a general lack of information leaving the player unknowing of what’s going on. For example, I found an inn and I could ask the innkeeper about a key. The innkeeper tells me he doesn’t know me enough. What does that mean? That I’m not high level enough? That I haven’t slept on his inn enough? That I should go further in the main quest? The player needs to know what you’re looking for from him. 8) When opening the journal, you should have a button on quests that makes it possible to see where you're supposed to go for the quest itself. 9) Would it be possible to add a ! on top of npcs that can give you quest? It gets a little annoying trying to search around and seeing if the npc I’m going to talk to has a different match of dialogues. 10) Is there any particular reason you made it so that you cannot use the teleport unless you go on the road? I mean, I would like to use the teleport as soon as I’m out of the dungeon, why do I have to walk every time on the road? 11) I would make a portal appear to go back straight to the entrance after having defeated the heresiarch. 12) Hytestani inn. Why do you get there always when it's dark? Wanted to go in the backdoor, entered it. With the darkness I admit it's kidna hard to see, if not for the projectiles of the enemies coming unto me. 13) Please add a way to have enemies as 2d sprites for newer Scattered Evil. I like almost everything in 3d, apart from the enemies being turned into 3d. And allied summons too (Maulotars) 14) What's the difficulty you play on?
  8. Mangudai

    Korax Mod is back!

    I would have never expected that much of the feedback that I made would be actually translated in changes of the mod itself. Thank you, really, thank you a lot. By the way 1) can you buy the potions that improve attributes here ? 2) Barathus weapons: hammer and the sword also have also a ranged attack. Do STR improvement only count towards their melee attack or also toward the "ranged" attack of these two weapons? 3) Korax mod 5.1: Clicking on kmod5.bat gives me this error, so Hexen doesn't even load.
  9. Hello, any plan for a v1.5 anytime soon ?
  10. I'm happy that you are still out there improving this. It's a stable of my Heretic playthroughs.
  11. Mangudai

    Scattered Evil for Hexen

    Currently playing 1.9 1) The fighter class is currently unplayable due to the red screen when getting hit. Remove the red tint when getting hit as a fighter. To melee stuff, you have to see it. 2) Even the tint effect on the berserker rage is annoying, especially when the screen flashes red right when the berserker rage ends. How can you think berserker rage is a good ability? You are forcing the player to use an ability that makes him see in pink all the time to punch harder. Halve the duration of the berserker rage, make its duration improve more by levelling up the attributes/levels but remove the tint (something you've done to improve the healing prayers for cleric, scaling better with attributes). I think this, because no trade-offs are there with any of the abilities for cleric or mage. Just for perspective: > The fighter class, a non-spellcaster class has much of its power imbued in his ability! And the power, according to you, must be balanced with a tradeoff (https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/111793-korax-mod-is-back/?tab=comments#comment-2260942). > the cleric has an ability that makes redudant having to heal or having to buy health flasks, making you able to spare the money to get the potions that improves attributes from Acadia Market. All you have to do with cleric is just CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK and you are full life once again. No trade off. No tint. Nothing at all. Is that fair for the fighter, according to you?? Visual clutter on a class that is supposed to melee all the time is not fine. I would very much prefere a passive ability that makes the fighter tougher according to how much stuff he kills. Like Damage reduction/or attribute improvement. 3) What's the point of making the starting dungeon lever not visibile if rpg complexity is on? It’s not fun being unable to activate the lever because you must first go to the city, talk with the cleric (you don't get any quest either) and go back to the dungeon and go back to the city. Remove the talking requirement - why do I have to talk to the cleric just to make a lever appear and enter the place? 4) Why can't I leave the archeologic area? One of the savegame bundled here has me stuck in the area. https://easyupload.io/zm2z4n 5) Would it be possible to add the name of the places on the map? 6) Is there anywhere a walkthrough with all the quests you can be getting? I would like to know which city I should visit, there are many places but most of them are, well, filler. They wouldn’t be if I could kill everyone and get my xp with gold. But right now, halving the cities and places would just improve the player enjoyment. You don't need to open a door inside a tavern to reach a roamìing party of ettins for a mage. A mage would open a portal for you. Kinda silly that you have to walk to do his quest. 7) When going into the dungeon of the secret weapon, when getting the third weapon piece, I got telefragged by the creature spawning. Kinda anti-climatic, if you tell me. Just make these creatures spawn all at once :P 8) I entered the area that is supposed to bring you to the tablet. Had a load of torches, but they are useless. Not only they have no duration, but you see nothing with them. Basically, you can enter without torches, because you see nothing anyway. Buff the torches. Actually, I would ask to revert them to their old self, or to add an option in the menu to have the old torches. 9) Faced the heresiarch with a mage, and I cannot fathom what kind of nightmare it would be to face with a fighter. Does he have immortality? Player should receive feedback to see if he is damaging him or not, because the heresiarch seems to give no feedback, apart from a few time. Or at least, it felt to me like I heard his pain lamentation for one hit, then he would be immortal for the next minute. I shot him around 100 times with my blue weapon. Is this "intended"? I would also make a portal appear to go back straight to the entrance. 10) Got an error: https://imgur.com/a/lt2i72a inside the arena you are supposed to clean from the monsters, while fighting the last batch. 11) Which are the quests barred for extreme alignments? Where can I find them ?
  12. Mangudai

    Cardinal Sin (Heretic) RC1.1 released!

    I played the map and I didn't dislike it. To be honest I'm not truly a fan of the narrow paths in the corridor area (the one where you find the crossbow). But... I didn't get lost and in the end I didn't regret playing your map. The only oddity I've found is that in the final area (the one with the iron liches) the tornado sent me inside the right pillar (basically there is no true wall) Note that after finishing the map I got inside a level called "no escape" or something of this sort with no monsters and no exit. Intended, I guess?
  13. In fact I thought to ask you to actually make your right font bulkier too, just as an experiment. But due to the fact that so many people already voted for left and that I don't want to make you feel like wasting time, I didn't do it. But I'm still curious :P
  14. I prefere the font on the left due to the fact that the text is more bulky and more readable.
  15. I will try again this wad later this year. ;) Edit: have you intended it to be an enigma? Because I don't remember if the bridge appears as soon as you use the two levers. What made me go "crazy" is the layout of the starting building. It may sound silly, but I saw three paths and I thought it meant there were three different levers in three different building. Add on top of that that when you use the first two levers you have a teleport right near and this can cause an headache for sure (note: I used the teleport and then used the noclip to check the teleport with the remaining grates to see where I was supposed to go, then I realized that you didn't intend the player to get there for a while - the gated teleport brings you to some odd temple with lot of serpents) According to me, the way to hone the bridge is the following: 1) Move it from the side to the middle area. 2) Alert the player that a "bridge of light" has appeared and show it to the player with a screen.