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  1. LucasRafael132

    How to run wads on Mac and Linux builds of GZDoom?

    It really depends of what distro of Linux you are using (GZDoom is officially for Debian based distros). The GZDoom .deb package it's just install and then locate. It will normally install on [username]/.config in a folder called gzdoom. From there, you just drag the wads.
  2. LucasRafael132

    A problem with zandronum on delta touch

    You purchased Delta Touch from the app store or the google play store? If you did, that's damn strange.
  3. LucasRafael132

    How do people enjoy hard maps?

    Because I enjoy whatever I want to enjoy.
  4. LucasRafael132

    Trying to improve the performance of my pk3 file

    Have you tried to create map by map, SLOWLY, and then merge it all with the order of maps, SLOWLY. If it doesn't work, is probably obvious because I never edited so much maps in my life.
  5. LucasRafael132

    UAC Fortress

    Hehe boi, a fortress instance that's not a tf2 reference
  6. LucasRafael132

    Share your keyboard ways to play DOOM

    I have a question for you: What keybinds you use to play KB-Only DOOM? I'll start: WASD: Movement E: Use UpArrow: Shoot a weapon DownArrow: Quick Turn Left and Right Arrow: Look Shift: Run
  7. LucasRafael132

    AI Generated Title Screens

    Wad Thingy
  8. LucasRafael132

    Let's discuss the essence of Doom

    DOOM it's DOOM when it has DEMONS to KILL with a SHOTGUN or CHAINSAW
  9. LucasRafael132

    What country are you from?

    You're goddamn right
  10. LucasRafael132

    Random Image Thread

  11. LucasRafael132

    Master Levels - play order?

    You got lucky
  12. LucasRafael132

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I'm going to do the same thing the guy above me did: -PSX Final Doom is chad -I use GZDoom to play vanilla Doom -I love Thy Flesh Consumed -The Lost Episodes for Doom is acceptable -Doom 3 chad -No Rest For The Living is an incredible expansion, but Master Levels Chad -I prefer DOOM 2016 than DOOM Eternal, but sadly the game is not in PC Game Pass That's it
  13. LucasRafael132

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Captain of the too detailed text
  14. LucasRafael132

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm playing, by far my favourite Quake game: Quake II
  15. LucasRafael132

    Do you ever think that Doom is "repetitive" for you?

    What do you mean by... boring? I enjoy everything relationated with DooM. Even 3DO-om.