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  1. Yeah, we're still having problems developing the last level of the wad.

  2. Happy 26th birthday to HacX!

  3. HACX 2: Wars In The Cyberspace
  4. Choppy framerate and that the port itself was given less time to produce
  5. DannyMan

    Why do we mod?

    I guess it's because there's this urge to add something in game
  6. DannyMan

    AI generated Coca cola flavor!

  7. I'm seeing a lack of motivation happening, trying to solve it as soon as possible.

  8. DannyMan

    Is this Mac/PC Doom source code on ebay legit?

    I hope it's legit
  9. DannyMan

    Did ponies use to be banned on doomworld?

    Before the thread gets locked, I don't know.
  10. DannyMan

    Can create own wad yes or no

  11. I'm guessing it would be more something like Spear of Destiny (demonic ritual and stuff.)
  12. Also, I have plans to either remake Alcatraz or Notus Us! from HacX.

  13. Don't be worried, the development on Alonity is still continuing. In fact, I just got done with the sewers.

  14. I want to see a whole new remake on Operation Body Count with lots of destructible environment.