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  1. DannyMan

    React to the Username above you

    Test screen Sonic dancing
  2. HacX: The Aftermath Redux


    After you escaped from the cyberspace once more after the events of "Intruder Alert!". You are teleported to somewhere in the Subcommittee, the agency that got compromised during a last ditch defense in the Capitol area. Now that you have been in the building already. You have to battle through floors filled with mutants and androids alike, from offices to a parking lot. Expect to find no normal agents alive after the compromise.

  3. DannyMan

    New SC55 Soundfont 266MB (all new 44.1k samples)

    This sounds like swag
  4. DannyMan

    React to the Username above you

    Fat Yoshi
  5. DannyMan

    Is Doomworld secured for the future ?

    God who knows if DW would still be around by 2100.
  6. DannyMan

    Doom RPG Port Reverse Engineering

    God dang, this is real
  7. DannyMan

    post about your favorite dinosaur

    The Dodo bird, which became extinct.
  8. DannyMan

    React To The Profile Above You.

    The eyeball worm.
  9. He was the one who introduced me to Terry Wads. Seems like he needed a break after countless playthroughs.
  10. DannyMan

    What country are you from?

    Proud resident of Principality of Sealand.
  11. My PC has been stuck on automatic repair for a few days now, I hope I don't lose my stuff in there.


  12. DannyMan

    Asian Themed wads?

    There was also Assault on Ro Ho En
  13. We got the predators on the loose!!
  14. If only it's possible to leak it easily.


  15. Is there an option to eject the ammo manually?