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  1. Are you that guy from the SRB2 forums? Welcome to the Doom community!

    1. Solid SOAP

      Solid SOAP

      LOL yep. I'm trying to get into the modding community for Doom; I'm slowly exhausting all of the available content on the Switch version of the game and I'd love to be able to play the many WADs available.

    2. DoomedPerson


      Very nice! Do you use any source port?

    3. Solid SOAP

      Solid SOAP

      Yeah! I'm using GZ Doom right now, and it seems to work great. I got the image quality and hud looking exactly like I want it. My only hangup atm is I can't find any way to use gyro controls to aim. I'm a controller player myself (can't stand M&KB, I wanna play comfortably!), so gyro allows for a ton more precision than twin sticks allow for.