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  1. slugger

    How long was episode one?

    Canonically, he isn't healing because he always ends up on the next level in the exact same state. Doomguy values the safety of others above his own convenience.
  2. slugger

    Wide open spaces without combat - a good idea?

    Besides arachnotrons, there are two enemies that clog up tons of space without hitscan or bullet sponging: mancubi and pain elementals. You could teleport some in when the player completes a temple. The pain elementals could come in later for a nasty surprise, since they'll start filling the space regardless or whether or not the player is ready.
  3. I would love a "smart" enemy that fires AHEAD of you. If you stay still it fires directly at you; if you move without turning more than 90 degrees for a short interval, it fires at the space in your path, such that its projectile is timed to hit you unless you change your speed or direction. It would add a twist to the old "circle the crowd" strategy by moving a killzone into the circle. You'd have to add in a second movement, zig-zagging, reversing, or pausing. It would also let you force infighting by running directly at a monster, prompting the smartass to shoot it out of your path, which could be cool.
  4. slugger

    Do you have hotkeys for weapons?

    I never even thought about moving the plasma and BFG closer to WASD. Honestly, the annoying stretch is a fun part of the difficulty for me. In real life it probably would feel pretty awkward to pull a heavy firearm out of your ass while running.
  5. slugger

    Things about Doom you still don't understand

    Demons are a twisted mockery of humanity. They have everything Earth has, but designed for injury and confusion instead of comfort and convenience.
  6. slugger

    Doomguy Goes North

    I put my start locations facing all manner of directions, even arbitrary angles. I start with a room and decide doomguy's position afterward to give players the best introductory view.
  7. slugger

    Monster design changes

    The Doom designs take influence from spectacular stuff - you can see 80s and 90s heavy metal bands and HR Giger and the OG Star Wars trilogy and so forth, not to mention Christian art throughout the ages. Subsequent designers are less ambitious and visually literate. Instead of getting to create new designs, their job is to take the old designs and reskin them. I do like the Lost Head, though. I think it's the one design that legitimately captures the goofy-gross vibe of OG Doom, but with a 00s attitude.
  8. slugger

    what do you think is the most creepy doom sprite

    Sometimes children just get creeped out by random visuals. There are lots of harmless things I found viscerally disturbing as a kid that look fine now. The ouch face was one.
  9. slugger

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    This is lighting up all the parts of my brain that used to play ZZT.
  10. Buying cooked steaks at 300% markup is the truly annoying thing here. What, you lost the instructions to your skillet?
  11. slugger

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Trying to remember the name of a map on here I wanted to download. It was called something like "6spiders" and it had really unorthodox, weird puzzling gameplay. I remember a screenshot with a lot of nukage (??) and the intricate and unusual way it looked in an editor.
  12. slugger

    Mixed DooM

    Wolfenstein monsters in regular levels is a good idea.
  13. slugger

    These voxelized Doom sprites are incredible

    Anyone remember Voxelstein? It's got fully destructible environments!
  14. slugger

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    The wad itself is not lost, but afaik the author and provenance of YELLOW.WAD is a mystery.