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  1. slugger

    What do you think of Doom 2?

    I wanted maps that look like real-life cities, and now I have to walk outside for that! SUCH a disappointment!!
  2. slugger

    How do I encourage players to switch weapons?

    Chainguns make cacodemons helpless, and lost souls make rockets very risky. BFG is the only gun to kill a cyberdemon quickly (like in a few seconds, from full HP), and even then it's difficult to land the shots. These enemies will put strong pressure on you to change weapons. Plasma gun is the least brainy weapon. It kills everything fast and unlike the BFG you don't need any special maneuvering. In classic Doom at least, your enemies are also your weapons. Every projectile and hitscan attack is actually yours, because you control where it goes. Archviles, cyberdemon, and chaingunners are huge pains in the ass because their weapons are the hardest to manipulate. (They won't stop just because you shot them, they don't miss just because you took one step forward, and if the attack hits you don't get to just shake it off.) There's a map in some megawad (I forget which) where berserk packs are continually conveyed to a voodoo doll every 5 seconds, replenishing your health while simultaneously switching you away from the weapons you need to stay alive for 5 seconds. That's the most inventive use of the weapon switching mechanic as an obstacle I've seen. You can use DECORATE to replace each weapon and speed up their switching time, but I was never able to get it to work without unpredictable bugs (e.g. reloading animations playing when you switch weapons, the ammo check not working and letting you switch to empty guns, etc). The dehacked thing that Doomkid posted looks like the way to go.
  3. slugger

    rats learning how to play doom

    What if this is the experiment the aliens are running on us.
  4. slugger

    What makes a good player good?

    It might seem like a joke but this video is legitimately full of useful tips. I don't think any map has taught me more Doom skill in less time. I wouldn't have figured out a lot of this stuff on my own, and it totally changes the game when you understand there are simple strategies to dodge or mitigate every single enemy. Before then, I was a very weak player who would always run when I should've been pushing forward. Priority is also a super important skill that beginners haven't developed yet. If a bunch of different monsters appear, you don't just want to shoot the ones that are closest to you. You want to examine the environment and decide each group's ratio of threat vs. vulnerability. Sometimes you have to put up with a threatening monster because it's not vulnerable. Sometimes you counter-intuitively want to leave monsters alive because they'll block projectiles for you, or start infighting greater threats, or simply because it's not worth it to use up ammo on pinkies when there are chaingunners and archviles afoot. (Unless the pinkies are surrounding you and the chaingunners are helping you kill them and the archviles are distracted with something else - see, it's complicated!) Easy WADs give you a lot of wiggle-room on priority. The harder-than-hard ultra-WADs with impossible-seeming situations expect you to make elaborate priority judgments with future scenarios in mind.
  5. slugger

    Looking for doom level designer, „paid“ job

    If you just need one test level, and all the graphics are already made, you're the one who'll know how to make it best. It will take several revisions for a stranger to make a suitable map, and you'll need to guide them through it. It takes about an afternoon to learn how to use Ultimate Doom Builder. You shouldn't spend any money. It's not worth it for you. Conversely, if you need a whole suite of professional graphics, that's outside of your stated price range. Artists need $1k or even $10k to take their time and deliver consistent quality. That's why the Doom community subsists on hobbyist graphic packs, and why poor Freedoom is still struggling to get all their art finished even after many years.
  6. slugger

    Cursed Doom Images

  7. Before I knew about cybruisers, I shrunk a cyberdemon to fill the role of a rocket-firing hell noble.
  8. I love, love, love melee revenants. The normal revenant has such a great design, but their projectiles make them an aerial threat and a distance controller, and sometimes you just want the tall boxing skeletons without the homing missiles. I made a version with slightly less HP that punches in a quick combo (like one, one-two), which looks funny and kills you really fast if you don't take immediate action (as opposed to pinky bites, where you sometimes just let them hit you out of pity). I have a map where a huge crowd of melee revenants get released into an open setpiece once you've already finished it, so when you get back, it's suddenly peppered with angry skeletons making a beeline directly for you. Slow pinkies wouldn't be scary enough, fast pinkies would cluster up too quickly and become easy to dispatch, and regular revenants would make the encounter about managing missiles. Another idea that I like is subviles. These are wimpy archviles with no attack. They raise monsters much more quickly. They can also raise each other, so if there are just two of them, you're basically playing on sped-up nightmare mode until you manage to kill them both at the same time. If there are more than two the encounters rapidly become impossible unless you can distribute damage over all of them with crushers or BFG tracers.
  9. slugger

    Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka has passed away.

    Oh, the days I wasted reading about gross shit. I gained nothing but I wouldn't trade it for the world. If you're still active on SA when you die, your soul doesn't go to heaven or hell, you just filter into the internet and dissolve. It's the worst possible outcome for a person.
  10. slugger

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    A button to turn the Doomguy sideways, so your width is reduced, allowing tighter point-blank dodging and squeezing through tight tunnels and gaps. It's the same idea as crouching, only horizontally.
  11. I said "frankensteined out of unsourceable parts" because it sounds cooler than "Bobby Prince hollering into a sock", but you do you, man.
  12. I've still got my fingers crossed that one day we'll find out where the HOOOOOOOOOO!! sound comes from (the Baron wakeup sound). Since it hasn't been found yet in sample libraries, and it sounds unlike anything on the planet, I suspect it was frankensteined out of unsourceable parts.
  13. Christ no, private! We got robot monsters in hell and you're doing the military step with Captain Jack??!! That's a fireball up the ass, soldier!! Now strafe to that supercharge at 60 MPH or I'll frag you myself!!!!
  14. slugger

    What powerup would you want IRL?

    What if you fell in the middle of the ocean, watching the black inverted sunlight forever retreat as you helplessly wait for the timer to run out and drown!!
  15. Windows ME is fine. New Windows versions are always the devil incarnate, then five years later they're beloved and everyone's moved on to hating the new one. ME is atypical because its reputation never regenerated. It doesn't crash any more often than its contemporaries. It's just a minor entry without a lot of fans to defend it, so the memes stuck.