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  1. Sectorslayer

    What are you?

    Vectigalia solvo, ergo sum.
  2. I’m totally into that 😉
  3. Sectorslayer

    Knee Deep Again - Episode 1 reimagined [WIP]

    Bumping the thread, because this project is still running in the back of my head. Just too many things happening in life and everywhere. I just seem to not be able to make some Doom time. I tried to build the E1M5 replacement. And while if have some ideas, I just can't find a way to express them properly. I even deleted a whole section because it did not have the desired Knee Deep theme. Something I've never done before. I don't have much time, so I have to map in between things for an hour or just fifteen minutes a day. Not enough to get my Doom vibes up at the moment. So I'm stuck with some experiments... But I'm not giving up. Drawing lines and sectors - until it is done!
  4. Awesome project! What’s the up-to-date way to playtest deathmatch? You all hang out on servers or is there a bot implementation somewhere?
  5. Sectorslayer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Thanks! Don’t forget to check the finished product: I’m always glad about videos and demos of people playing through. So don’t forget to hit the record button! 😅
  6. Sectorslayer

    "people don't know how to make good doom1 wads"

    And I always get very constructive playtester support by @Biodegradable and the @Clippy gang! 👍❤️😊
  7. Sectorslayer

    VibesPlane Overflow: A Chill LetsPlay Channel for Doom

    I've created a GitLab project. You can place the resource files there: https://gitlab.com/classic-doom/medieval-japan-resourcepack I suggest keeping monster, texture and map WADs separated.
  8. Sectorslayer

    VibesPlane Overflow: A Chill LetsPlay Channel for Doom

    Hi, I'm back at the PC and had a look on your file. It has some nice monsters and stuff. I also googled around a bit but could not find a nice texture pack easily. @innerethos posted about Makkon, yet a .pk3 file seems only about ZDoom ports (not my port of choice) and Quake actually. Long story short, assembling a small resource pack is not something I'm particular familiar with. Seems that a bit more research is needed...
  9. Sectorslayer

    2 kinds of vanilla 3D bridges example wad

    Here is a video of my building a basic vanilla bridge in SLADE3: Sector Slayer Doom Dojo - Invisible Bridge I’m not speaking very fast. But I don’t know if it makes up for my strong accent. 😏
  10. Thanks @EliDoesStuff and @Sneezy McGlassFace for checking! I wasn’t aware that this is a GZDoom thing. Dropped it forPrBoom, Crispy and Chocolate only recently. 👍
  11. I have to agree with most of the comments so far. It’s definitely a playstyle issue. As for the secret tags: They are in the original game design. And correct me if I’m wrong: The end screen stats would show 100% secrets if there is no tagged sectors, right? Gameplay wise, there is always the Computer Area Map item to pickup! Look at all the undiscovered areas! 😅 I followed the principal of putting one near the exit in most of my techbases. Putting that one into an unmarked secret from now on. Because deliberately unmarked secrets might be a great idea for exploration heavy maps actually. 🤔
  12. Sectorslayer

    VibesPlane Overflow: A Chill LetsPlay Channel for Doom

    I’m a very slow mapper. And your taste for exploration rules out the short-and-punchy kind of maps. Either way, there will be a medieval japanese map at some point this year. Gonna watch your streams to develop the feel… 😏
  13. Sectorslayer

    VibesPlane Overflow: A Chill LetsPlay Channel for Doom

    Lovely! I’m not able to map for about two weeks. So no need to rush it… 😅
  14. I have created a Chocolate Doom music pack for Abscission to enjoy the high quality eerie soundtrack while playing vanilla. It has quite the size, so I hope the download works: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x_L_hbHroWV4TJA327mLDJQ4FBOguKo0/view?usp=sharing You will need to extract the file in Chocolate Dooms music pack directory. It replaces all DOOM2 *.mus files and plays the Abscission soundtrack instead.
  15. Continuously descending into the dark on Chocolate Doom with my headphones on. Jesus Christ, my nerves...