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  1. It's easy to find some minutes to play. But it's hard to find an hour to build. Fixed some problems and prepared the entrance to the second of three level sections. Still no detailing or texture work. Plus, I learned that revenants fit in tiny tunnels. Crazy boneheads. :D


    1. LordEntr0py


      Are those teleport closets at the top? You don't need a long connecting corridor for the sound to travel, only a little one stuck to the closet which is "joined" to one on the main part of the map.

      I recommend this guide by Nine Inch Heels, which taught me a lot:


    2. sectrslayr


      Yes, they are. I will definitively check out the tutorial. Thank you!

  2. sectrslayr

    My First Attempt at making a map

    Your skidding skills are amazing.
  3. Now that I have got all the Doom IWADs, I did not play yet. Building seems more fun to me. Got some Doom II Monsters running and gunning after the player, exploring combat situations. Just layout, no design. It's challenging, mean and.... ugly. A present design idea is somehow influencing the map layout. Does this mean a techbase plays different than some hellish place or castle? I think this is gonna come out as tech-hell-castle. This is all so weird...


  4. Well, the way Doom mapping works is obviously not a very good fit for touch UIs. But this is basically a challenge for creative developers! What I would like to have is a way to edit on a tablet or without a mouse when I’m not at my desk. This way one could a t least sketch some map flows...
  5. Testing a new design approach. Simple combat focused layout without any decoration. Also checking on all kinds of traps. The entire Ultimate Doom bestiary might be available in this remotely fair experimental map.676738524_Screenshotfrom2021-02-1822-54-54.png.3fa70be3c09a3ae454a1b758e1a6e741.png

    And I finally bought Doom II + Final Doom. Need Windows to unpack it though...

  6. sectrslayr

    Looking for playtesters for bucket.wad

    My opportunity to get my hands on this DOOM II IWAD the easy way. 😏
  7. sectrslayr

    Visual design and the iterative process

    That is definitely an impressive level of detailing and lighting! I noticed that I started the same way, thinking about the design and architecture, shaping the rooms as I go before putting in any things. I also had the feeling that a nice starting area kind of sets the tone for the rest of the level. And from there map flow and progression emerges. However, I’m currently trying to break this pattern. Focusing on encounters and flow. It’s hard, to be honest. I look at the sketched out map and its just not appealing. I want to see if I can make it fun just in terms of gameplay. After all, putting monsters shouldn’t be some sort of random decoration, right? But I already look forward to detailing the heck out of it. Vanilla style, of course. 😏 Thanks for the video!
  8. I’m guessing you’ve got some Bluetooth issues? Or maybe it’s just Windows trying to settle. It likes to take everyone’s time...
  9. sectrslayr

    My very first (short and simple) wad

    I can spot @DavidN's tutorial ;)
  10. sectrslayr

    Another newcomer's first Doom level.

    That is a very solid first-timer! The detailing is to the point, almost no texture misalignments, proper lighting and item placement, no boxy rooms, tidy automap lines. One thing I noticed is that the switch that lowers the bars has no indication on what it is triggering. Players might get confused on bigger and more intricate layouts. Good work! Keep on mapping!
  11. Operations Facility (E1M5) is a really good episode one level. Warm welcome, nice secrets, nice traps, nice progression and map flow. The fake exit got me jumping. Chapeau, @Miss Bubbles!


  12. Casually working my way through Lunar Catastrophy:

    The first episode seems very vanilla so far. Great stuff from 2018!

  13. I just fired up windows to check out Ultimate Doom Builder. Strange, but I didn’t like it. A lot of features though. Maybe I’ll use it occasionally for reworking things...

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    2. sectrslayr


      Yeah, one probably needs UDB only for special GZDoom features. But I must say SLADE makes me miss copy pasting between maps, rotating stuff, building stairs, curved halls and doors... Doing all this by hand is tedious. 

    3. LordEntr0py


      UDB has some very nice features to benefit from whether or not you use UDMF. I map in Boom and Vanilla formats and love the feel of UDB.


      Things like aligning grid position and direction to a linedef or vertex, the streamlined UI... I drew a lot of complex geometry on my last project which I couldn't have done without.


      The stair builder must be the single most powerful tool for mapping. It's not just for stairs. It's also perfect for light gradients, detailing etc (adding a trim, or concentric ceiling effects, or floor patterns).


      Hmm. This turned into a harder sell than I meant it to be. 😆



    4. Misty


      UDB has some small learning curve(nothing way too difficult), but once you get used, things become really easy and it supports most of popular mapping formats. I started with gzdoom builder, I could understand it better than slade or db2. I'd suggest keep trying, udb has discord server if you might need some help. 

  14. sectrslayr

    What's the hardest part of making a map for you?

    To me, it seems, is how to go from a blunt room sketch that I threw in for testing progression to a detailed and challenging combat area. As soon as an ugly room is there, it sort of disturbs my vision.
  15. Second map is out, third will have to wait. Maybe I should also play some doom? Lack of time, watching playthroughs is fine... ;-)


    Playtesters got me thinking: Having a low tier enemy roster seems to become a little boring. Especially when there are hundreds of monsters to dispatch! Reducing ammo and health is one way. But without shotgun and chaingun it's just more tedious.

    In my thinking the architecture needs to support better here. I think I'm going to do some experiments to see if I can make smaller numbers of zombies, imps and demons and actual threat...