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  1. Death Bear

    PUSS VIII: Speed Squared [ April Speedmapping Event ]

    Map Name: Deadengon Author: Death Bear Music: D_E1A7 Sky: Default (Custom Sky in Progress) Format: Square UDMF Difficulty Settings: Hardest (Rest will be likely implemented in later version) Build Time: 9 Hours Comments: Simple, really. But kinda not. No 666 tag, but 6 keys. Might want to pick everything up, but be careful when you do. https://www.mediafire.com/file/djptugdb9fh9j5p/DB.DnGv1.wad/file SCREEN: Map Name: Tricks and Trapezoids Author: Death Bear Music: D_E1A3 Sky: Default (Custom Sky in Progress) Format: Square UDMF Difficulty Settings: Hardest (Rest will be likely implemented in later version) Build Time: 10 Hours Comments: Get you some Sandy Peterson-inspired gimmicks. My last of three tributes to the iwads. This is accurate. https://www.mediafire.com/file/mw0nu88t16je6h0/DB.TnTv1.wad/file SCREEN:
  2. IDK. They have a certain kind of charm to them. (haha).
  3. Um, yes! Sign me up! Also, pretty much anything else goes, beyond the three rules? (I'm mostly thinking format and texture packs?)
  4. Death Bear

    PUSS VIII: Speed Squared [ April Speedmapping Event ]

    Map Name: Parallels and Paintballs Author: Death Bear Music: Default (Work in Progress) Sky: Default (Custom Sky in Progress) Format: Square UDMF Difficulty Settings: Hardest (Rest will be implemented in later version) Build Time: 6 Hours (After texture changes and fixes) Comments: E1M1 Meets E1A1. Square Up! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ruh0dmj5tgb220u/DB.PPv2.wad/file (Updated to v2)
  5. Just...wow. Really outdid yourself with this one, boss.
  6. Death Bear

    Rowdy Rudy Resource Pack

    Wait...you mean I can KEEP making Rudy maps? My day has been made!!!
  7. Map 2 Rudith Mountain (resubmit) @Telemassacre Here is an unedited video of my playthrough. Below is my feedback, for you. I'm not an expert, but I hope you find all of this helpful.
  8. "From the non-visionary PUSS director Deathael Beayr, who brought you gratuitous cell-spam in “Deck the Underhalls”, useless, overdone explosions in “Violence Inherent”, cryptic eye-shooting bullshit in “You Chose…Poorly” and 2 semi-adequate E4M2 reimaginings comes two liquid-filled story lines for Rowdy Rudy and the March of the Speeddemons. In the 3-part “Sludgeworks Showdown”, Rudy finds himself wading through literal shit to raise the speeddemon bodycount to upwards of 900! Part 1 features a near-hot start, followed by Part 2 with some cement and metal-studded arena combat with two roaming goat-legged monstrosities. It all comes to a head in Part 3, with not 1, not 2, but 8 cyberdemons (and a nasty flying spider) to finish us off like a champ! With more than enough opportunities to punch Pinkies, and even some Archviles, “Sludgeworks Showdown” is a knockout of a trilogy! Next Beayr takes you to a classic-ish looking nukage-filled techbase in “Nukage Knockdown”, and the sequel absolutely no one f***ing asked for, “Nukage Dragout”! In “Knockdown”, Rudy enters the base through the vent shaft, and is **starved for ammo** as he makes his way into, you guessed it, some more vent shafts! In a **VERY DEADLY HOT START** in “Dragout”, Rudy finds the ammunition he’s been waiting for, and finds himself toe-to-toe with another f***ing Cyberdemon! Your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to play through these maps and help Rudy put an end to the Speeddemons days before they destroy the world anymore than they already have! Take a look inside of the mind of a noob mapper and his psychotic attempts at speedmapping! This is the explosion-filled, bloody-knuckle, no-holds-barred slugfest/ shootout for the ages that you've probably not thought twice about been waiting for! " The following is a submission for 4 more maps: AUTHOR: Death Bear All 4 Maps are Doom 2 Limit Removing (Tested only in GZDoom, and contain a MAPINFO). There are no difficulty levels. All 3 Sludgeworks Maps have OSKY08 from OTEX by Ukiro; and both Nukage maps have ACIDSKY4 from Mek's Box of Skies. All Maps took 7 hours, minus Nukage Knockdown, which took 6 hours. MAPS: (1) Sludgeworks Showdown, Part 2 MIDI: Cover of Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth. Sequenced by Forensic Medicine/ Dennis Backer. Modified slightly by me. COMMENTS: Sludgy arena base with crates, with 300+ monsters. Yup. STORY: Vents. Always the damn vents. I mean...all the legends did it, didn't they? Why not me? So, I crawl through like McClane until I feed out into a room of crates. There are those weapons he was talking about. I spent too long pumping those fuckers full of lead, that I straight ran out of ammo. Better grab some more. Maybe a few rockets, too. Have a feeling I'm going to need it. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rt7jipo5mp5g92o/DB.SSP2.v1.wad/file (2) Nukage Knockdown MIDI: Know Your Enemy by Rage Against the Machine. Uncredited Sequencer. COMMENTS: Nukebase with limited ammo/ Tyson-ish inspired. Can be sped-run (I did it at about 3:15). Grab a berserk and go punch something. STORY: I get the call. This time looks like I'll be trudging through a base on the edge of a nuclear waste depot with limited ordinance. I throw the burner phone to the floor and smash it under-boot. I grab another beer, sling the rifle over my shoulder, and head out the door. "Best way in is through the ventilation shafts," he had said. Well, of course it is...Yippie-Ki-Yay. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/h3dtfma5yum361u/DB.NKDv1.wad/file (3) Nukage Dragout MUSIC: MIDI of Build Me Up, Break Me Down by Dream Theater. Unknown Sequencer. Modified slightly by me. COMMENTS: Sequel to Nukage Knockdown. Nukebase with arenas. Guns. Lots of guns. STORY: Well, wasn't that fun? I sure pissed ‘em off. Wiping some demon blood from my hands, I drop into the inner complex. Can you smell that? …Gunpowder. You boys better be hungry. It's lead for lunch. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/86xhumpf1s1k2x2/DB.NDOv1.wad/file (4) Sludgeworks Showdown, Part 3 MUSIC: MIDI Cover of Train of Consequences by Megadeth. Uncredited sequencer. Modified slightly by me. COMMENTS: Sludgy arena base. Cyby-heavy. This is a boss fight-y level. This is the grand finale. Get to it! STORY: Gotta hand it to 'em...the bastards can set up shop. I grab the arm off the flaming corpse of one of those yellow fuckers and hold it to my cigar. I take a few puffs and stick it in the bullet-filled hole where his “eye” used to be. Shame to waste a good Cuban like that...but I'll have a whole box waiting for me when the job is done. Sleep-tight, fucker. Time for me to tuck your friends in. All outta bullets again, I take the elevator down. The smell is worse this time. I smile. Let's end this shit. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c50rgoht6cp0mau/DB.SSP3.v1.wad/file
  9. Fairly certain the softlock was fixed in the final version.
  10. MAP NAME: Sludgeworks Showdown, Part 1 AUTHOR: Death Bear MUSIC: MIDI Cover of Angry Again by Megadeth. Sequenced by Mark (archvile@nownuri.net). Modified slightly by me. SKY: OSKY08 from OTEX by Ukiro FORMAT: Doom 2 Limit Removing (Tested only in GZDOOM). DIFFICULTY SETTINGS: None. BUILD TIME: 7 Hours. COMMENTS: Sludgy base with ~250 280 monsters. I would keep moving if I were you. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8d2y9209uor2dt2/DB.SSP1v1.wad/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/w4w4zmctvkxp90h/DB.SSP1.v2a.wad/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/hx6sdp2hopjmymb/DB.SSP1.v3.wad/file Update (v2) - Removed two secret tags and added alternate ways to reach two of them. - Added a considerable amount to the final fight, including a rework of the exit. This was to slow down the player and prevent a cheese-able exit. As such, there is a small number of supplies added. - Fixed teleporter closets not working. - Some texture fixes. - Fixed issues with skybox not wrapping, by adding a mapinfo. - Cleaned up automap, some. Update (v3) – Added some more ammo to first area. Fixed some textures. Fixed teleporter closet not working. STORY:
  11. As a new mapper getting his maps tested and recorded, I (and my son) have very much appreciated the criticism and feedback as I continue to build my skills and enjoy being in this community. I really appreciate your work, and hope the best for your future endeavors!
  12. Death Bear

    Show me your custom doomguy mugshot replacements

    It's like...simple chainmail. It's a castle-themed wad. Think Monty Python-ish.
  13. Death Bear

    Show me your custom doomguy mugshot replacements

    Here's the edit I did for @BluePineapple72's "Clandestine Castle Crashing" Speedmapping wad in January. Probably will update it at some point.
  14. Map: I Hate Thee, Perfectly Author: Death Bear Music: E5M8 (from Sigil) by Jimmy Sky: Default Format: DOOM 2 (Limit Removing) (Tested in GZDoom) Difficulty Settings: No Build Time: A very difficult but fun 6 Hours Gimmicks Used: A Cyberdemon Turret guarding a secret BFG, Circular Rooms with Barons on Perimeter, Central Platforming Area with access to multiple areas, damaging floor with only escape as back access to start, Pinky cave...(I included most of the gimmicks in some way). Comments: My Speed-tribute to John Romero, including inspiration from Perfect Hatred, Against Thee Wickedly, and Sigil. Super Shotgun is available but not on main path. Uses full spectrum of Doom 2 Monsters. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/43wafo3a28p6xn3/DB.IHTPv1.wad/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/njxnv7v8urqcq5u/DB.IHTPv2.wad/file v2 Updates: Texture fixes, realigned gunfire switch, removed incorrect damaging floor tag
  15. @Biodegradable, thank you so much for playing through my map! This is my third speedmap, and I was actually really proud of this one (and did the first half while having a fever); so I'm glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate the feedback, and definitely noticed some texture issues I need to go and fix now. I also appreciate the deal with the yellow key. I really had a hard time thinking of how to work around "press this for the yellow key!". I guess ultimately, you'd hope players would press a button if its available so I'll remove the little skulls. Thanks again!
  16. Map Name: Violence Inherent Author: Death Bear Music: MUS_E1M1 (from Heretic) Sky: OSKY18 (from OTEX by Ukiro) Format: UDMF Tested in: GZDOOM Difficulty Settings: Yes (Though built for UV. Probably needs better balancing for others) Build Time: 8 hours Comments: Castle halls and courtyards with secret pathways. Monster-heavy but tried not to make it slaughtery. (Beware of crushers). https://www.mediafire.com/file/6bz8zvrldu9x41c/DB.VI_v1.wad/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/jtbvbfnby72seow/DB.VI_v2.wad/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/dr1dowafw376ekr/DB.VI_v3.wad/file V.2 Update with some sector/ texture/ linedef/ vertex fixes. v.3 With even more texture fixes. Screenshot:
  17. My second speedmap. That was fun! Lemme know what you think. Title: Rocket Tears Author: Death Bear Enemies: Shotgunners, Revenants, Cacodemons Textures: BFALL1, BRICK5, MIDGRATE (EXITSIGN, DOORBLU2, DOORRED2, DOORYEL2) Flats: RROCK10, FLAT1_1, BLOOD1, (F_SKY1) Sky: HELLSKY9 (Mek’s Boxo’ skies) Music: D_SHAWN Difficulty Settings: UV MP: None Description: Plutonia-esque Bloody Hell Castle. Originally made with Chaingunners, but I couldn't finish it. There's a "chasm" (please don't hate me). I got around switch textures using a Sigil-esque mechanic. https://www.mediafire.com/file/0zmgfecoe42gxyf/Rockettears_v.1.wad/file
  18. Map Name: "Deck the Underhalls" Author: Death Bear (of Death) Music: "Deck The Halls" (MIDI from resource pack) Sky: none Format: Boom (DOOM 2) Difficulty Settings: UV-Only Comments: Christmas Slaughtery goodness in Underhalls-inspired speedmap. DB.DTUH.zip